DJI Mavic Pro and Mavic 2 Black Friday 2018 Deals

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DJI has just released the Mavic Air 2. See all of the specs here.

People have been eagerly waiting to see what DJI releases for their Black Friday sale. The wait is over because the company has recently announced what will be on sale. The sale will start on November 18th and go until November 27th. Unfortunately, those hoping that the Mavic 2 would be on sale are going to be disappointed.

The Mavic 2 will not be discounted this holiday season. This is to be expected since the drone was only released a month ago. DJI never puts their newest models on sale.

Last year, DJI discounted the Mavic Pro for Black Friday. The discounts were roughly $100 off the retail price. DJI has opted to discount the recently released Mavic Air this year instead. The Mavic Air will be selling for $699, down from its retail price of $799.

Update: The Mavic Air is already on sale on Amazon early.

The Mavic Pro Platinum has been reduced by $100 this year. The Platinum edition is an updated version of the Mavic Pro. It has a superior flight time of 30 minutes, compared to 27 minutes for the original. It also has redesigned Electronic Speed Controllers which have resulted in a sound decrease of 4 decibels or 60% lower. It will be selling for $999, down from the $1099 retail price.

Is the Mavic Air worth it?

The Mavic Air is better than the Mavic Pro in some ways. First of all, it has rear obstacle avoidance. In addition, it’s a lot more portable and lightweight. It is 300 grams lighter at a total takeoff weight of 430 grams. It’s so small and portable you won’t have to think about bringing it along.

The camera on the Mavic Air is every bit as good as the Mavic Pro, so if you don’t need to fly super long ranges (4.3 miles vs 2.5 miles for the Air) or the extra 7 minutes of battery life, then you might as well get it.

What other deals does DJI have?

DJI will also discount the Spark for Black Friday 2018. The sales price is $359, down from the retail price of $399. It will also come with a controller. Believe it or not, but the Spark is less portable than the Air because the wings don’t fold into the body. The flight time is 16 minutes and it has a 1080p camera with a 2-axis gimbal.

The DJI Tello is also on sale for $79. This is $20 off the retail price. You can get the Boost bundle which comes with two more batteries for $99. This is a $50 savings from the regular price. The Tello has a flight time of 13 minutes and the best feature is that it’s programmable.

The DJI Goggles RE will be on sale. These are the best FPV goggles you can buy and they will let you use the drone’s camera as your eyes. They have a super fast refresh rate and can work at long distances. They have been reduced by $100 and you can get them for $449 for Black Friday.

Finally, DJI has discounted the Osmo Mobile 2 by $20. The normal price is $139, but you can pick one up for $119. This is a gimbal stabilizer that will make your smartphone images less blurry.

Overall, the deals that DJI has this year are solid. The Mavic Air is our favorite drone for everyday users. It has the perfect mix of power and portability and the sales price makes it even more worthwhile.