How quiet is the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum?

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DJI released the Mavic Pro Platinum in August 2017, claiming it to be an improved version of the Mavic Pro. The Mavic Pro in its original form is already an all-around excellent drone with a high-definition camera, good flight intelligence, and impressive flight time and range packed in highly portable build. This makes you wonder: what improvements could DJI have added to the new Mavic Pro Platinum?

In addition to the increase in battery life from 27 minutes to 30 minutes, let’s focus on another advantage of the Mavic Pro Platinum. DJI claims that the Mavic Pro Platinum is a quieter version of the Mavic Pro. In fact, DJI claims that the Mavic Pro Platinum is quieter by about 4 decibels (dB).

4 dB? Sounds like a small improvement

Yes, 4 dB seems like a small figure but keep in mind that the decibels are not measured on a linear scale. Rather, they are measured on a logarithmic scale, meaning that the 4 dB correspond to about 60% noise reduction. In this context, the 4 dB sound reduction appears to be quite significant.

Now, a 60% noise reduction is a pretty bold claim from DJI. Does the Mavic Pro Platinum deliver on this promise? Based on our tests using a decibel meter, the original Mavic Pro emitted noise in the neighborhood of 70 dB. Surprisingly, the Mavic Pro Platinum emitted noise only slightly above 66 dB, almost exactly according to the claims of DJI.

From the actual experience of flying each drone, we can say that the 4 dB noise reduction is easily discerned. For context, a 70dB noise would be akin to the sound of a vacuum cleaner, while a 66dB noise would be well within the range of standard office chatter.

Why is the Mavic Pro Platinum quieter?

The secret behind the noise reduction of the Mavic Pro Platinum is two-fold. First, the Mavic Pro Platinum is equipped with the more aerodynamic 8331 propellers. Second, the electronic speed controller (ESC) of the Mavic Pro Platinum has been upgraded with Field Oriented Control (FOC) technology.

The new ESC technology uses a sinusoidal wave drive instead of the older square wave drive. In addition to being more efficient, sinusoidal wave drives reduce the characteristic buzzing sound of square wave drives. The combination of the upgraded propellers and ESC is also responsible for the improved battery life of the Mavic Pro Platinum.

Will 4 decibels really matter?

Let’s admit it: the buzzing sound that drones constantly emit can be downright annoying. Using a significantly quieter drone is a step in the right direction, and the people around you will certainly thank you for it.

If you’re a professional photographer who is using a drone for capturing aerial photography, then you will probably get the most utilization out of the noise reduction of the Mavic Pro Platinum. Covering intimate events, such as weddings or family parties, will now be less awkward without the disruptive buzzing sound of your drone.

Is the Mavic Pro Platinum worth the upgrade?

The Mavic Pro Platinum comes with a price tag that is $100 higher than the original Mavic Pro. Is it worth the higher price? In our opinion, the upgraded technology alone is worth the price of the Mavic Pro Platinum. The increased battery life and the reduced noise may come in handy, especially if you are using your drone for professional photography.

We like the direction that DJI is going with the improvements implemented in the Mavic Pro Platinum. Instead of releasing a drone that merely comes with a higher capacity battery, the popular drone manufacturer came up with innovative ways of extending battery life. We look forward to seeing the upgraded ESC technology on all the future drones from DJI.

Not only does the Mavic Pro Platinum come with upgraded technology, it also has a sleek, chrome-like finish with gold accents on the propellers and the propeller arms. It is arguably an improvement over the design of the Mavic Pro, which is already one of the best-looking drones in the market today. Even before taking off, the Mavic Pro Platinum will certainly be the center of attention.