15 Best Accessories for the DJI Osmo Pocket

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The Osmo Pocket is the best example of DJI using their experience in developing drone technology to create products that appeal to a wider audience. With the Osmo Pocket, amateur photographers and YouTube vloggers can have the benefit of gimbal-stabilized video at an affordable, pocket-sized bundle. Compared to the original Osmo, the Osmo Pocket makes it very apparent just how far the technology of DJI has come.

The DJI Osmo Pocket is an excellent product on its own and it comes with everything you need to get started. However, making the most out for your DJI Osmo Pocket will involve getting a few accessories. Below is a list of accessories for the Osmo Pocket that we have carefully curated for having the best value-for-money.

1. CASEMATIX Waterproof Case

CASEMATIX Waterproof Case

While the Osmo Pocket is an excellent product that seems to be designed for rugged use, it is still no GoPro action camera. This means that you will have to handle it with a little more care. For traveling or storing of your Osmo Pocket, we recommend this waterproof case from CASEMATIX. The external hard plastic material will keep your Osmo Pocket safe from the outdoor elements, while custom-shaped internal foam pads absorb impact from drops and bumps.

The opening of this case is lined with a solid silicone base, keeping the contents waterproof with the help of its heavy-duty latches. The waterproof case is sufficiently small to fit into any bag. It also has a provision for a carabiner clip if you want to attach it to your bag for easy access. In any case, you can rest assured that your Osmo Pocket will be safe with this waterproof case.

2. Osmo Pocket Wireless Module

Osmo Pocket Wireless Module

One of the best features of the GoPro cameras – a frequent point of comparison for the Osmo Pocket – is its ability to wirelessly tether to a smartphone and be controlled remotely. This is also possible with the Osmo Pocket, but you will need to get the Osmo Pocket Wireless Module accessory. This dock provides both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options for the Osmo Pocket, allowing you to seamlessly control the camera remotely.

The Wireless Module also acts as a base so you can set the Osmo Pocket down on any level surface. This essentially puts the Osmo Pocket on a less stable tripod mode. For YouTube vloggers, this feature allows you to shoot videos of yourself while you talk. With the Follow Me mode and various framing options, the subject can even move around in frame while the Osmo Pocket maintains good shot composition.

In addition to massively increasing the flexibility of the Osmo Pocket, the Wireless Module can also act as a charging hub via its USB-C port. In fact, this may be one of the most essential accessories you can get for the Osmo Pocket.

3. Osmo Pocket Smartphone Adapter

Osmo Pocket Smartphone Adapter

As you would expect, the extremely small design of the Osmo Pocket makes accessing its control quite challenging. Although it features innovative touchscreen controls on its LCD screen and two multi-purpose physical buttons, the truth is that there is no way that you can access all the camera control features without connecting a smartphone to the Osmo Pocket. To do this, you will need to get he Osmo Pocket Smartphone Adapter which comes in both Lightning and Type-C options. Currently, there is no adapter that supports mini-USB ports but DJI should come out with one eventually.

Using the Smartphone Adapter, you can expand the controls of the Osmo Pocket using the DJI Mimo app. Through the app, through the app you can adjust brightness and exposure settings, activate any of the smart shooting modes, or customize the framing of your shot. The app is so expansive that using the Osmo Pocket in standalone mode can feel like having a handicap.

4. Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel

Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel

To keep the Osmo Pocket compact and pocket-sized, the user controls are limited to a small LCD screen and two buttons. While it is possible to expand the controls of the Osmo Pocket by tethering a smartphone, this will greatly increase the size and weight of your handheld gimbal setup.

The official DJI Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel is a small accessory that slides right into the accessory mount of the Osmo Pocket. It comes with a dial that allows you to precisely control the pan and tilt of the camera, as well as two additional buttons that greatly enhance shooting composition controls.

Admittedly, one of the drawbacks of making a pocket-sized stabilized camera is the lack of space for more complex controls. While DJI has done an admirable job with the default interface of the Osmo Pocket, controlling the Osmo Pocket using the tiny LCD screen can feel very imprecise most of the time. The Pocket Controller Wheel solves this problem while retaining the lightweight and compact appeal of the Osmo Pocket.

5. Skyreat Tripod Mount Stand

Skyreat Tripod Mount Stand

Another drawback of the small size of the Osmo Pocket is that there is hardly any space on it to add more accessories. If you want more professional-looking videos, then we recommend getting this multi-purpose tripod mount stand from SKYREAT. This is a well-known brand of camera accessories, and this particular item may be one of the most versatile and useful accessories you can get for the Osmo Pocket. Made from lightweight but durable aluminum, the grip of the mount doubles as a tripod stand and directly supports a smartphone bracket.

The smartphone bracket has a cold shoe interface at the top that can be used to mount a microphone or LED lighting. If you need more accessories, you can also use the 1/4” screw hole located right behind the smartphone. All brackets are internally lined with EVA cotton and soft rubber to protect your precious Osmo Pocket and smartphone.

6. STARTRC Accessories Bracket with Backpack Clip

STARTRC Accessories Bracket with Backpack Clip

A strong selling point of accessories made for action cameras such as the GoPro Hero is the fact that they greatly augment the mounting options for the camera. This is probably the reasoning behind the STARTRC accessories bracket for the Osmo Pocket that comes with a multi-purpose mounting clip. If you want to capture video taken from a first-person perspective, then this is one of the best accessories for you. The multi-purpose clip can be attached to the strap of your backpack, to a chest pocket, or to the wind flap of a jacket. Videos taken from this angle have a unique and immersive feel, which is a welcome departure from the typical handheld perspective.

7. Expand Stand and Phone Holder for the Osmo Pocket

Expand Stand and Phone Holder for the Osmo Pocket

This custom mount extends the reach of your Osmo Pocket, just in case you’re going for a unique high angle shot. The Osmo Pocket is not beyond being used for selfies, so this extendable mount can also be used as a glorified selfie stick. It comes with a spring-loaded bracket for your smartphone, an extendable bracket for the Osmo Pocket, and a grip that can open up and convert into a tripod. Anti-slip rubber pads on the handle give you a firm grip on all the equipment, and a mostly aluminum build keeps the entire setup lightweight.

8. Car Mount with Bracket Holder

Car Mount with Bracket Holder

Although you probably won’t be comfortable mounting the Osmo Pocket on the hood of your car as you would a GoPro Hero, this suction cup mount for the Osmo Pocket can still be used on the inner side of your windshield. There are probably only a few perspectives more dynamic than shooting a video right at the front of your moving vehicle. The suction cup is very strong but can be easily installed and removed without the aid of tools.

The suction cup mount does not have to be limited to mounting on your car. With this versatile accessory, you can capture stabilized videos mounted on any smooth surface – walls, window, basketball backboards, or even from the deck of a boat. At less than $10, it’s also one of the cheapest accessories you can get. Considering the many mounting options and how many times you’re bound to use this suction cup mount, buying this accessory truly gives you value for your money.

9. DJI Osmo Pocket Bicycle Holder

DJI Osmo Pocket Bicycle Holder

Continuing our drive to increase the mounting options for the Osmo Pocket, we recommend the Bicycle Mount for the Osmo Pocket from STARTRC. This allows you to mount the Osmo Pocket on your bicycle handlebars, producing truly action-packed footage using an incomparable perspective. The grip of the mount can be fully rotated, allowing you to change up the angle of the Osmo Pocket to whatever suits you. The handle bracket fits all handlebar sizes between 0.78” and 1.18” and can be installed and removed without tools.

To keep your device safe, both the accessory mount for the Osmo Pocket and the grip mount are lined with durable rubber pads. Aside from keeping the components from sliding around, the rubber pads also dampen the impact that the mount will have to inevitably endure.

10. Skyreat 6-Pack ND Filter Set

Skyreat 6-Pack ND Filter Set

If you want to capture video in the outdoors using the Osmo Pocket, and you want the video to be professional-level in quality, then you will need this set of 6 ND filters from Skyreat. Natural density (ND) filters limit the amount of light that enters your camera lens, making it possible to avoid overexposed photos and videos even when shooting under harsh lighting conditions.

In addition to standard ND filters, this set also has polarizing filters that are used to suppress glare from reflective surfaces. If you want to shoot videos of a sun setting over the sea, then these ND filters and polarizing filters will be absolutely essential to manage glare directly from the sun and from the sun’s reflection on the water.

The aircraft aluminum material of the Skyreat ND filters helps keep them durable while still being lightweight. They attach to the Osmo Pocket’s camera magnetically, making them easy to switch out when needed.

11. VILTROX Slim LED Light Panel

VILTROX Slim LED Light Panel

To get truly professional-looking photos and videos with the Osmo Pocket, you will need to attach your own light source to the handheld camera. Although this super slim LED panel from VILTROX weighs only 260 g, it can deliver up to 987 lumens and 5600K color warmth LED lighting. Provisions for adjusting the brightness and color temperature of the light allows you to set the mood for your shots.

The VILTROX LED light panel comes with a 2200 mAh Li-ion battery that is charged via its AC adapter jack. A small LCD display shows the remaining battery power, as well as the current brightness and color temperature settings. It comes with a hot shoe adapter for easy mounting.

12. Ofeely Flexible Microphone

Ofeely Flexible Microphone

For vloggers, the audio quality is just about as important as the video quality. After all, how you recount the things as you experience them adds a lot of value to your content. You need a microphone that is sensitive to your voice and can keep out all the unnecessary noise. The Flexi Microphone from Ofeely may just fit the bill, with its -32-dB sensitivity and very high signal-to-noise ratio. Best of all, this is a relatively fuss-free microphone that convenient connects to the standard 3.5mm audio jack of your smartphone.

The microphone has omnidirectional sound sensitivity, so you need not worry about directing where the microphone points. However, the flexible mic stand still gives you this option. It’s a very small and very affordable mic that barely adds any weight to the whole Osmo Pocket setup. The sound quality is not perfect, but for its price, the Ofeely Flexi Microphone truly gives bang for the buck.

13. SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSD Card

SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSD Card

If you plan on capturing several hours of 4K video using the Osmo Pocket, then it is essential that you get one or two extra micro SD cards. We are partial to the 64GB SanDisk Extreme microSD cards which can store up to 100 minutes of 4K video. With write speeds of up to 60 Mbps and read speeds of up to 100 Mbps, the SanDisk extreme is especially appropriate for action cameras and hand-held cameras. Outdoor and other challenging conditions are not a problem for the SanDisk Extreme, as it was made to be shockproof, waterproof, and temperature-resistant.

This microSD card also comes with the RescuPRO Deluxe software that makes it easy for you to recover files that you have accidently deleted. This is a massive additional value, especially considering how precious the footage shot from the handheld Osmo Pocket can be. The Sandisk Extreme is not a particularly expensive microSD card, so we recommend getting several pieces for your peace of mind.

14. Ximandi Gimbal Protector for Osmo Pocket

Ximandi Gimbal Protector for Osmo Pocket

Anybody who has any experience with the DJI drones know that the gimbal is often one of the fragile parts of any drone. After all, they are made with very small moving parts and the whole setup can be ruined with just the smallest damage. Keeping this in mind, we recommend getting this gimbal protector from Ximandi that you can install on the Osmo Pocket while it is being stored or transported.

Made of durable plastic, this simple accessory locks the gimbal in position while giving it a measure of protection against accidental bumps and scratches. It is lightweight and very easy to install. It is also a very cheap accessory compared to the price of a new Osmo Pocket or the costs of having your existing one repaired.

15. Waterproof PVC Carbon Fiber Skin

Waterproof PVC Carbon Fiber Skin

With its plain black color, the Osmo Pocket can look dull and impersonal. With the range of waterproof PVC skins from Mayunn, you can give your Osmo Pocket a dash of color and personality while giving it an additional layer of protection. These PVC wraps come in a range of colors. They are very flexible, waterproof, dustproof, and scratch-resistant.

Installing these PVC wraps is a no-brainer. They are very flexible and stretchable, and each piece has been carefully cut to fit the shape and the various ports of the Osmo Pocket. With their selection of colors, gorgeous patterns, and form-fitting design, these waterproof PVC skins will truly make your Osmo Pocket stand out.

Final thoughts

The Osmo Pocket is one of the most popular tech products today. At such a small size, it is almost unbelievable how much high-quality technology DJI has managed to fit inside it. In fact, some critics have the opinion that the biggest flaw is that is too small. Its size does it make a little too hard to grip and limits its as-is controls.

The true potential of the Osmo Pocket can only be realized with the right accessories. It can even be argued that using the Osmo Pocket without any accessories would be a waste of its capabilities. Wireless remote control, additional mounting options, high-quality lighting and audio – these are just some of the enhancements you can get with the Osmo Pocket accessories we have listed above.