DJI Osmo Shield Insurance Review: Is it Worth it?

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DJI further reinforced their position as a leader in the technology industry with their Osmo series of handheld gimbals. Using the gimbal technology that they have perfected with their drones throughout the years, Osmo products make it possible to capture stable video using a device small enough to be held in one hand. The unique combination of portability, video quality, and stabilization technology have made Osmo products a big hit for both amateur and professional filmmakers.

Being a handheld device, you may be tempted to bring your Osmo gimbal on trips or outdoor adventures. While these events offer great photography opportunities, they also expose your Osmo device to harsh conditions and other hazards. Fortunately, DJI offers its very own in-house insurance plan for the Osmo devices – the Osmo Shield. Is the Osmo Shield something you should consider getting?

What is Osmo Shield?

Osmo Shield’s is DJI’s in-house comprehensive insurance plan for their Osmo devices. It can be used on top of the standard warranty. With the Osmo Shield, the standard 12-month warranty will be extended by another 12 months. You will also get a one-time Accidental Damage Coverage that is valid for 2 years.

What devices are supported by Osmo Shield and how much does it cost?

Almost all the Osmo handheld gimbals are supported by Osmo Shield. The prices vary with each model, with more expensive models commanding a higher premium.

ModelPurchase cost of policy
Osmo Pocket$29
Osmo Mobile$39
Osmo Mobile 2$15
Osmo +$65

The prices of the Osmo Shield plans are probably some of its biggest selling point. For the benefits that the plans provide, they are considerably inexpensive. For instance, insuring the Osmo Pocket will only set you back $29. The Osmo Pocket costs around $349, meaning that the cost of insuring it is less than 10% of the purchase price.

How is it different to the standard warranty?

The standard warranty that comes with any Osmo device only has a validity of 12 months after purchase. With the Osmo Shield, this warranty can be extended by another 12 months. In terms of coverage, the standard and extended warranties have no difference. They only cover product failure during normal use due to manufacturing or material defects.

The major feature of the Osmo Shield is the one-time Accidental Damage Coverage. With this benefit, you are eligible to a one-time free repair service should your Osmo suffer water damage or accidental damage. Take note that accidental damage is NOT covered by the standard warranty.

What are its benefits?

1. Extended warranty

As mentioned, Osmo Shield extends the standard warranty of your Osmo device by another 12 months. This means longer coverage for any failure to a product defect.

2. Accidental damage coverage

Osmo Shield gives you the benefit of claiming a one-time free repair service should your Osmo be damaged accidentally. This is not a benefit normally offered by third-party insurance companies, making Osmo Shield a truly unique insurance plan.

3. Free shipping

Getting your Osmo repaired will involve sending the unit to DJI’s repair facilities. With Osmo Shield, DJI will even take care of the two-way costs for shipping your Osmo. However, this benefit does not cover international shipping.

4. Expert repair services by DJI

If you are sending your Osmo in for repair, who else will you trust but the very company that manufactured it? With Osmo Shield, you know that your Osmo is in good hands when you send it to DJI’s repair facilities.

What parts are covered by Osmo Shield?

Osmo Shield will cover the repair of the following parts of your Osmo should they get damaged:

  • Gimbal
  • Buttons
  • Handle
  • Camera (for all except Osmo Mobile models)
  • Mobile device holder (for Osmo Mobile models only)

Take note that this list does not include the Osmo battery, charger, and other accessories.

What conditions are NOT covered by Osmo Shield?

Keep in mind that although Osmo Shield is an excellent product that provides extra coverage for accidental damage, DJI will still be discerning when it comes to the circumstances of the damage and how the drone was used. The following circumstances will NOT be covered by the extended warranty nor the Accidental Damage Coverage:

  • Loss of the device or a part of the device (including theft)
  • Shell damage that is cosmetics and does not affect the performance of the device
  • Damage incurred outside of the period of validity
  • Damage incurred due to the use of 3rd party accessories, batteries, or software
  • Damage incurred due to improper circuit alteration
  • Personal injury or property damage brought about by use of the device

How do I get Osmo Shield?

If it’s starting to sound like the Osmo Shield is a good idea, then you can buy it using either of two ways:

  1. You have the option of getting Osmo Shield when you buy your Osmo on the official DJI website or in-store. The validity of the Osmo Shield will start two days after shipment.
  2. You also have the option of buying the Osmo Shield separately if you feel like mulling over the decision. Just remember that you only have 30 days after you activate your Osmo to buy the Osmo Shield insurance. Unlike DJI Care Refresh (DJI’s in-house insurance for drones), there is no provision to allow an Osmo owner to buy Osmo Shield after the prescribed window has passed.

I already got the Osmo Shield. How do I check its status?

If you already have an active Osmo Shield plan, you can easily check its status via the DJI website. You will only need to input the serial number of your Osmo device to get the details of your Osmo Shield.

If an Osmo changes ownership, does it have to be renewed?

Upon activation, an Osmo Shield plan becomes bound to a particular Osmo serial number. This means that Osmo Shield remains active regardless of who owns the device. Simply put, there is no need to take action when the Osmo device changes hands.

Can the validity of the Osmo Shield be extended?

There is currently no provision that allows for an extension of the validity of the Osmo Shield plan. Considering that the Osmo Shield effectively gives 2 years of insurance protection, there is probably very little chance of DJI offering an extension.

Is it worth it?

The question of whether it’s worth it to get Osmo Shield comes down to how much you are planning to use your Osmo handheld gimbal. If you are an adventure junkie and you got this gimbal specifically for documenting your outdoor exploits, then the Osmo Shield is probably a good buy. Keep in mind that the Osmo devices are no GoPro cameras – they are not shock-proof, dust-proof, or waterproof. Gimbals are particularly fragile and high-precision devices that need to be handled with care.

If you are an avid vlogger who relies on your handheld gimbal to generate content, then your device probably undergoes more wear and tear then usual. In this case, having an Osmo Shield will give you more peace of mind knowing that your most critical piece of technology is insured against accidental damage.

However, if you only plan on using your Osmo device on the odd road trip or on family events and will probably keep it hidden in storage most of the time, then you might have to reconsider before jumping the gun on the Osmo Shield. The 24-month validity can fly by rather quickly if you are not using your Osmo regularly.

In any case, offering the Osmo Shield insurance plans is a welcome move from DJI. Recognizing that these handheld gimbals can be put through some harrowing conditions, DJI has provided a way to maintain peace of mind with the Accidental Damage Coverage. With the increased confidence that the Osmo Shield affords amateur and professionals alike, they have more room for creating interesting and high-quality content.