8 Best Accessories for the DJI Pocket 2

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All things considered, the DJI Pocket 2 is an across-the-board improvement over the original DJI Osmo Pocket. It has a wider camera sensor, a better array of microphones, and an interface that is more adaptable to accessories.

Just like the original Osmo Pocket, however, accessories play a central role in unlocking the maximum potential of the Pocket 2. If you want to improve the ease of use of the Pocket 2, then these accessories would make a great addition to your toolset. Listen up, vloggers and amateur filmmakers – your Pocket 2 can be so much better with these accessories.

1. DJI Do-It-All Handle

DJI Do-It-All Handle

The absolute best accessory you can get for the Pocket 2 is the aptly named Do-It-All Handle. The name may seem like an exaggeration, but this product almost lives up to the hype. To use the Do-It-All Handle, simply remove the endcap that comes with the Pocket 2 and place this bulkier handle in.

On the surface, the Do-It-All Handle already provides a benefit by making the handle longer and a little more ergonomic. However, this accessory does so much more. It is essentially a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dongle for the Pocket 2, allowing you to pair your phone with the Pocket 2 wirelessly. This means that you no longer need to have your phone physically connected to the Pocket 2 to access its more advanced functions via the DJI Mimo app.

The Do-It-All Handle has also been designed to work with the official wireless microphone transmitter, which we’ll get to later. Again, being able to record audio wirelessly is a huge quality of life improvement. Lastly, the Do-It-All Handle has a built-in front-facing speaker so you can listen to the audio of your videos if you want to play them back on the Pocket 2.

At the bottom of the Do-It-All Handle is a standard threaded connector for mounting the Pocket 2 on a tripod.

If you can only buy one accessory for the Pocket 2, then get the Do-It-All Handle.

2. DJI Wireless Microphone Transmitter

DJI Wireless Microphone Transmitter

The microphone array of the Pocket 2 has been massively improved in response to one of the most heavily criticized aspects of the original Osmo Pocket. Even with just the built-in microphones, the audio recorded in the Pocket 2 is crisp and clear. However, if you prefer speaking directly to a microphone, then the official wireless microphone transmitter is perfect for you.

Take note that you will need the Do-It-All Handle to use this transmitter. As the name implies, the accessory allows you to record audio wirelessly. You can speak directly to the transmitter or use the dead cat accessory if it’s terribly windy. The transmitter also has a 3.5-mm jack if you prefer speaking to a lapel mic. We find the audio quality to be best when using a high-fidelity mic to the transmitter.

This accessory is ideal for vloggers or for anyone who creates content that requires them to speak to the camera. Simply having a microphone closer to your mouth significantly improves audio quality and eliminates a lot of ambient noise.

3. STARTRC Tripod for Pocket 2

STARTRC Tripod for Pocket 2

The good news is that the Pocket 2 comes with an endcap that allows mounting to a standard tripod. The bad news is that the official DJI tripod for the Pocket 2 feels like it was just tacked on. It looks frail and doesn’t provide a lot of freedom for height and angle adjustment.

This version by STARTRC is a lot better. While it doesn’t quite have the same versatility as a Gorilla-Pod, it can provide an ample level of height adjustment and also doubles as an extended grip. In keeping with the portable design of the Pocket 2, the STARTRC Pocket 2 tripod folds into a thin and compact bundle, making it easier to carry around.

This tripod isn’t just for the Pocket 2. If you need to connect a smartphone to the Pocket 2 to access the DJI Mimo app, both devices can be mounted on the tripod. This eliminates the need for a separate smartphone mount accessory. A soft internal lining prevents damage for both the Pocket 2 and your phone.

The best thing about getting a third-party accessory for your Pocket 2 is that it’s very inexpensive – this tripod only costs around $10. That’s a lot of value for money considering how often we think you’ll be using this tripod.

4. Skyreat Osmo Pocket 2 Mount

Skyreat Osmo Pocket 2 Mount

It might seem redundant to be listing down to tripod and grip accessories consecutively, but this versatile Pocket 2 Mount by Skyreat is an excellent alternative to the previous one by Startrc. This is because of one crucial detail – the inclusion of a cold shoe mount.

Just like the previous entry, this versatile mount doubles as both a tripod and an extended grip. This takes a more traditional tripod form factor with its three legs, although this means that it’s slightly less compact. The Skyreat mount comes with a wrist strap and has a decidedly more premium feel on account of an aluminum and ABS construction. It is also slightly more expensive.

The Skyreat mount has room for both the Pocket 2 and a connected smartphone. Both clamps have been lined with a combination of rubber and EVA cotton, preventing damage to your devices while holding them firmly in place.

The biggest advantage of the Skyreat mount is the cold shoe adaptor which can be connected at the top of the smartphone clamp. As an experienced photographer can tell you, this is an excellent spot to attach a light for photoshoots. This is also great for attaching a boom mic to the Pocket 2 if you’re doing interviews or any sort of video where directional audio can be useful.

5. DJI Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel

DJI Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel

The Controller Wheel was one of the best accessories for the original Osmo Pocket. It provided a much more refined method for controlling the motion of the camera, allowing for more cinematic shots.

While the control stick or joystick that comes with the Pocket 2 may make most people feel that the Controller Wheel is no longer necessary, we feel like the motion of the joystick feels stiff and janky. Fortunately, the old Controller Wheel is still compatible with the Pocket 2.

Compared to the joystick, controlling the panning motion of the Pocket 2 feels more natural or intuitive when done via the wheel. This is ideal if you like showing off wide views and nature shots in your videos.

However, we must admit that it can be quite bothersome to have to press a button to swap between panning and up-and-down motions. This is the problem that a good joystick controller should have solved. Clearly, this was the intention for the new control stick accessory of the Pocket 2. Unfortunately, the execution was lacking.

The good thing about buying an old accessory like this Controller Wheel is that it’s now very cheap. If you happen to an owner of the original Osmo Pocket, then you probably already have one.

6. DJI Pocket 2 Charging Case

DJI Pocket 2 Charging Case

Unlike the Controller Wheel, the charging case of the old Osmo Pocket cannot be used for the new Pocket 2. If you were a fan of the old charging case, then you probably know exactly how valuable it can be. The good news is that the Charging Case has made a comeback for the Pocket 2.

The Pocket 2 charging case has an integrated 1500 mAh battery which charges the Pocket 2 during storage. This is ideal for when you have a shoot planned for the entire day, as the battery of the Pocket 2 only lasts for a little more than two hours. As any carrying case should, the charging case fully encloses the Pocket 2 and protects its fragile parts during transportation or storage.

The Charging Case also has space for four ND filters, two extra microSD cards, and some smartphone adapters. A lanyard can be connected to the charging case for carrying. Don’t worry about carrying it around – the Pocket 2 locks in place with a secure spin-to-open design.

7. DJI Pocket 2 Wide-Angle Lens

DJI Pocket 2 Wide-Angle Lens

Compared to the Osmo Pocket, the Pocket 2 already has an improved FOV of 93 degrees. If you want it even wider, then you can go up to 110 degrees with this small wide-angle lens. The lens has an equivalent focal length increase of 15 mm. This is perfect for those who like taking scenery shots of natural sights, although there’s no reason you can’t use it for casual vlogs, either.

The magnetic design of the wide-angle lens is perfect in making it very easy to use. It snaps on and off instantly and is small enough to be stored in the cover that comes with the Pocket 2. In fact, it’s so small that our biggest concern is dropping or losing it.

A wide-angle lens is not absolutely necessary for the Pocket 2. As mentioned, the Pocket 2 already has a fairly impressive FOV. The wide-angle lens is designed for those who want just a bit extra coverage for their shots. It’s also fairly inexpensive for such a useful accessory.

8. Smatree Pocket 2 Carrying Case

Smatree Pocket 2 Carrying Case

A good carrying case for the Pocket 2 is, of course, very important. Despite placing this Pocket 2 carrying case from Smatree as the last entry in this list, we acknowledge that it should be an essential part of your gear if you like bringing the Pocket 2 to your trips.

The carrying case is made with a durable EVA hard shell which prevents damage to your equipment, even if it falls or crashes into something. The inside compartment has a high-density foam cut for specific components. The case has room for the Pocket 2, the charging case, the Do-It-All handle, the wireless microphone, a bunch of adapters, and a handful of SD cards.

If needed, you can cut the foam to create more space for your accessories.

The case comes with a built-in carrying handle and a carabiner loop. One thing we like about the exterior of the carrying case is that it’s very unassuming. It does not look like a carrying case for equipment that costs several hundred dollars, which is a good thing in our book.

Final thoughts

With the Pocket 2, it appears that DJI has really gone all-in on the market for handheld gimbal cameras. The original Osmo Pocket was a successful and well-reviewed product, but the Pocket 2 seems to have improved on it in just about every aspect.

If there’s one thing that this generation has inherited from the previous one, it’s the many ways that the Pocket 2 experience can be enhanced with accessories. Owners of the Pocket 2 owe it to themselves to explore more of what this compact device can offer. We recommend getting at least the Do-It-All Handle.