DJI Spark Black Friday Drone Deal

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DJI has just released the Mavic Air 2. See all of the specs here.

The DJI Spark is selling for $399 in honor of Black Friday. The normal retail price is $499, so this is a 20% savings on the drone. You can get it from Target, Kohl’s, or Best Buy from November 23 – 24.

If you purchase it from DJI’s website, then they will give you a free landing pad, propeller holders, and a hand guard. You can get the DJI Spark for this price until Cyber Monday.

Update: You can now buy the DJI Spark from Amazon for $399.

DJI is the Apple of drones and they almost never release discounts. Even though they only discounted two drones, the Spark and the Mavic Pro, it is still fantastic to be able to get industry leading quality for a cheaper price. Now is your chance for the year to get a DJI drone for under retail.

The Spark is DJI’s latest offering and it is an ultra-portable drone that is not much larger than an iPhone Plus. Despite it’s small size, it takes 12MP photos and 1080p videos on a 2-axis gimbal. The quality is great from a drone of this size. The Spark is so small you could fit it in your pocket.

The drone can be controlled with your phone and it has a range of 100 meters. With an optional controller the range is much farther. The best part about this drone is that it has a ton of beginner friendly features. It might just be the easiest drone for beginners to fly. It has gesture controls, which allow you to instruct the drone to take a picture of you just by forming a square with your hands. It also has phenomenal follow me technology, where the drone will lock onto you and film you doing stunts.

The Fly More Combo for this drone comes with a remote controller, spare propellers, removable propeller guards, a spare battery, a battery charging hub, and a bag. The retail price for the combo package is $699, but you can get it for $599 at Sam’s Club and Newegg.

Spark vs. Mavic Pro

DJI is also releasing a deal for their larger Mavic Pro. It’s on sale on Amazon right now for just $905 (it retails for $999). This drone has a lot more power than the DJI Spark while maintaining much of the portability. When the propellers are folded, this drone is not much larger than a water bottle.

It has a flight time of up to 27 minutes and it can fly for speeds approaching 40 MPH at ranges close to 7km (4.3 miles). The specs for the Mavic Pro verge on the unbelievable. It has a much better camera than the DJI Spark that is capable of 4k video and 12 mp still on a 3-axis gimbal. The extra axis on the gimbal stabilizes the video quite a bit more.

The Mavic Pro is a big jump up from the Spark, but the price tag is also quite a bit higher. The DJI Mavic Pro is probably the best consumer drone in the world right now, so seeing a discount on it is nice.

The Black Friday deals that DJI is releasing are really good and will be sure to let more people afford their drones than otherwise would.