DJI Spark vs Mavic Pro: Best Black Friday Drone

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DJI has just released the Mavic Air 2. See all of the specs here.

DJI is the world’s biggest drone manufacturer. They are leaving the industry in the dust with their superb drones. When you talk about DJI there’s almost no one to compare them to right now.

DJI has released a Black Friday deal for their latest drones: the Spark and the Mavic Pro. These are the best consumer drones that you can purchase for Black Friday by far. You have until November 27th to get $100 off either of these drones. So how do these drones compare?

The Price

The first point of comparison is the price. The DJI Spark is on sale for $399 for Black Friday. In comparison, the DJI Mavic Pro is on sale for $899. That means the DJI Spark is $500 cheaper than the Mavic Pro.

Update: AmazonThe Mavic Pro is currently selling for $888 on .

This is obviously a significant price difference so we would expect a huge difference in features. Luckily, there are a lot of differences.

Mavic Pro vs Spark Features

The Mavic Pro has professional in its name for a reason. This is truly a drone that you could use to get pro-level aerial footage. The Spark on the other hand, is more of a beginner drone designed for maximum portability.


The DJI Spark is about the size of an iPhone Plus when you fold in the propellers. This makes it easy to pack the drone with on any trip. While the DJI Mavic Pro is significantly larger, it is also designed from the ground up to be light-weight and easily transported. The propellers on the Mavic Pro fold in and it is about the size of a water bottle when packed away.

Although the Spark is clearly smaller than the Mavic Pro it doesn’t win many points in this category simply because the Mavic Pro is so small already.

Battery Life

The Spark only has a maximum flight time of around 16 minutes. The Mavic Pro can stay in the air for up to 27 minutes. The clear winner is the Mavic Pro. Few drones have a battery life this long. In fact the average drone has 10 minutes or less of flight time.

Flight Range

The Spark does not come with a controller by default, so it’s limited to around 100 meters in range. You can pay extra to get a controller to extend the range to 1.2 miles (2 km). The Spark Fly More Combo has a controller. The Mavic Pro can fly a maximum of 7km or 4.3 miles. This is outstanding.

Camera Quality

There’s no contest in this category. The DJI Spark has a 2-axis gimbal capable of 12MP photos and 1080p videos. The DJI Mavic Pro has a much less blurry 3-axis gimbal with 4k video and 12 mp stills.

Ease of Flight

The Spark is designed for beginners. It has a ton of features made for beginners including gesture control. Gesture control lets you control the drone just by moving your hands. For instance, you can tell the drone to take a picture just by holding your hands in a square.

The Mavic Pro doesn’t have this yet – but it might be added with a simple software update in the future. For now, the DJI Spark wins for ease of use and flight. They are both easy enough to learn though.

These are both fantastic drones. The DJI Mavic Pro has enough extra features to justify the added $500 for many people. It all depends on your needs and the reason you are purchasing the drone.

DJI’s newly released Black Friday deals are fantastic. If you purchase it on the DJI site, they will add in a few gifts.