DJI Releases Spring Sale on Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, Spark, and Phantom Drones

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DJI has just released the Mavic Air 2. See all of the specs here.

DJI, the largest drone manufacturer in the world, has released a Spring Sale on their most popular models. The sale comes with a maximum discount of 20% across a range of products. The sale ends on April 14th at midnight PST.

Discounts on Mavic Drones

DJI is discounting their Mavic series of drones as part of the sale. The Mavic Pro has been reduced by $100 and it also comes with a free battery. This is a savings of $189 from the retail price. The Mavic Pro Fly More Combo had a $150 price cut to $1149.

The Platinum version of the Mavic Pro is also on sale. You can save $150 when you buy the drone with the DJI Goggles for $1398. The recently launched Mavic Air has also been discounted if you purchase the bundle deal which includes DJI Goggles. The price of the bundle is now $1298, down from its retail price of $1448.

Discounts on Spark Drones

DJI has dropped the price on the Spark drone by $100. You can get it for $399 for the next few days. The DJI Spark Fly More Combo has been lowered by $50 to $549.

Discounts on the Phantom 4 Drones

The Phantom 4 drones are larger and more powerful drones than others in the DJI fleet. The Price of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Advanced versions have both been reduced by $150 when you buy them with the DJI Goggles. This brings the price to $1798 for the Phantom 4 Pro and $1498 for the Phantom 4 Advanced.

The difference between the Phantom 4 Pro and Advanced versions is that the professional version has 360 degree obstacle avoidance sensors. Both have a 20 MP camera compared to the 12.4 MP camera on the base model of the Phantom 4.

Other DJI Discounts

You can buy the DJI Goggles as a standalone product as part of the sale. The price tag has been lowered by $100. This brings the cost to $349.

The only other item that DJI is reducing for the sale is the Osmo+ handheld camera. The price is being dropped from $649 to $499 for the sale. That’s a savings of $150. The camera offers 4K quality and it has an integrated gimbal to give you clear footage when you move about.

DJI does not often reduce the prices on their products. Overall, the sale has cut the costs of some of their most popular items considerably.