Doodle3D Bundled With Ultimaker Original For Free

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Doodle3D Ultimaker Bundle 2

Ultimaker and Dooddle3D have partnered up to bring Doodle3D’s Wi-Fi box and sketching tool to the wider market. The Doodle3D box allows you to draw, design and print objects with a simple, intuitive interface, letting users without experience in complicated 3D modelling software create models.

Doodle3D ran a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2013 to develop the Doodle3D Wi-Fi box. The box connects your 3D-printer wirelessly to your laptop, computer, tablet or smart-phone. The Doodle3D software runs on the Wi-Fi box and you just have to connect through your browser, make a 2D sketch, convert it to 3D through the user-friendly interface and simply press Print.

Doodle3D Ultimaker Bundle 3

Starting from February 7th, Ultimaker will be offering the Doodle3D for free with the purchase of every Ultimaker Original DIY-Kit through their online store. You will also get the UltiController for free with an Ultimaker Original.

“I started the Doodle3D project because I wasn’t happy with the complexity of most 3D design programs. I wanted to make 3D drawing and printing so simple a 5 year old is able to use it, but also my grandparents would not be afraid of it. Anyone can make a drawing on a smartphone or tablet, the Doodle3D WiFi-Box converts your simple drawing to a unique 3D printable sculpture.” says Doodle3D founder Rick Companje.

Doodle3D Ultimaker Bundle

”This package is the most accessible way to get into 3D printing.” says Ultimaker co-founder Erik de Bruijn. “Getting something you’ve personally designed out of a 3D printer is a magical experience. Doodle3D accelerates going from idea to reality in minutes, without special skills. And it’s incredibly fun!”

The bundle is priced at  €995 and is available on the Ultimaker store until the end of February.

Warning; 3D printers should never be left unattended. They can pose a firesafety hazard.