How To Extend Drone Battery Life?

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Drones are just brilliant when it comes to photography and videography, but one thing that concerns all drone owners is the battery life of their UAVs. Most drones usually last 10 to 20 minutes in flight which means that you have a very short span of time to get the rights photos of a place before your drone returns to the ground.

Needless to say, the limited battery life of drones has encouraged users to carry more than one battery. So let us first take a closer look at our battery choices:

1. Capacity – larger capacity translates to longer flight times. So check the capacity of your battery which is usually mentioned in mAh and then look for replacement batteries of a higher or equal capacity.

2. Composition – All batteries are not manufactured using the same procedures. This results in various compositions of the batteries. LiPO batteries are most popular and are known to be better than NiCad batteries. Investing in LiPO replacement batteries will allow you to enjoy longer battery life since they can store more power.

3. Charging time – Another thing to consider when buying batteries is the charging time. If you are investing in a drone then ask how long it takes for the batteries to be charged. This will give you an idea how long you will end up charging your battery every time your battery returns after a flight.

Keeping these things in mind will help you buy a battery that gives you drone a chance to stay in the air for a little longer. It may after all be the time you need for the perfect shot!

Let us also look at the factors that affect the battery life of your drone. Knowing these can help you be more alert while flying your drone resulting in better batter life.

1. Weather conditions

Weather conditions play a big role in deciding how much power your drone needs to exert to stay in flight. A windy day will require your drone to push through the wind which needs more effort and hence saps the battery more quickly. A sunny day with fair weather is an ideal time for flying your drone.

2. Flight styles

If you like to fly your drone in ways that can push it to use more power then you will end up experiencing lower flight times. Flying very fast, doing flips in the air and changing the direction of the drone suddenly are some reasons why your drone may draw more power from the battery.

3. Reason for flying

If your drone is recording then the battery will drain very fast. If you are clicking photos from it, then the drone’s flight will last a little longer, and if you are flying your drone without a camera and less weight then you will enjoy an even longer flight time.

4. Weight

Always consider buying a drone with a removable camera. This allows you to reduce the weight of the drone when it is not shooting videos or taking pictures. Lower weight means that the drone draws lesser power to stay in the air.

Bonus Tip: Never let your drone run out of battery life while it’s in flight

As much as you enjoy seeing your bird in the air till you could tap into the last bit of battery, it is best to consider returning your drone to ground when the battery reaches 20%. Charge the battery till 50% to 60% and store it. Then before starting for a flight, charge it to full and take your drone out. This will help your drone battery last longer.

Always check with your manufacturer to see how long it’s safe to use a battery. Never overcharge batteries, use a reputable charger, and never leave them unattended while charging. Batteries can be dangerous and can cause fires or explosions.