Drone Launch Academy is Offering $50 off Coupon

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DJI has just released the Mavic Mini. See all of the specs here.

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Drone Launch Academy offers a popular course that will help you pass the Part 107 test. The course usually sells for $179, but we have reached out to them and received a coupon code for $50 off. This brings the cost down to $129. You can get this discount instantly by using this link.

Drone Launch Academy offers a money back guarantee if you don’t pass the Part 107 test. The Part 107 test costs $150 to take, so it’s great to know that you can try again essentially for free if you fail on the first try. Fortunately, very few people fail the test after using the course so this is not likely to be a problem for you.

Drone Launch Academy is unique in that it has a FAA-Certified Advanced Ground Instructor, an attorney, and a meteorologist that teach parts of the course. This means that you are learning from an expert on each portion of the test.

The Part 107 course that they offer also comes with 200+ questions that you can use to prepare for the test. Additionally, they have a 75 page ebook that serves as a study guide that you can cram with the night before the exam.

Overall, we think that Drone Launch Academy offers a great course at a reasonable price. You can save 28% using the discount that we have for our readers.