7 Night Flying Drones with Lights

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Read this guide if you want a drone with lights. LEDs are the new cool fashion accessory for all kinds of RC aircraft. There are also practical reasons to light up your bird. The obvious one is so that you can fly in the dark, but it’s not the only purpose. Lights also help drone pilots recognize the orientation of their craft. Ultra-bright LEDs can even serve that purpose in daylight.

Mini RC Nano Quad
Max Flying Time: 9 minutes
Max Range: Short range toy
Charging Time: 45 minutes
Bright Glowing LEDs, two speed modes and 1-button takeoff/landing.
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Best Value
HS160 Foldable Quad
Max Flying Time: 8 minutes
Max Range: 164 ft.(50 meters)
Charging Time: 60+ minutes
Bright LED navigation & warning indicator lights, one button start/land.
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Top Pick
Beta75X 2S
Max Flying Time: 5 minutes
Max Range: Depends on RC
Camera: Z02 VTX tiltable
Custom LED strip slot, powerful brushless motors, tiltable FPV camera.
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LEDs add a touch of bling to flying robots and give them an exclusive look. Drone lights are not all equal though. The built-in ones on toy-grade outdoor quadcopters are mainly for aesthetic reasons. They also add an exciting twist for younger operators who fly lightweight quads indoors. Some crafts sport multicolored lights and ones that flash. Flashing LEDs can be for show or warning indicators.

Drones without Lights

Plenty of quads don’t have lights, especially the mid-range models and above. Still, pilots can add custom lights to any drone with a little imagination. There are lots of options available from cheap to expensive. These lighting products come in different colors, brightness, and have different functions. I list a few examples at the end of this guide so you can see what’s involved.

Aerial LED systems come in three basic arrangements:

  1. Lights for aesthetics used for creative displays
  2. Adjustable headlights with maximum brightness
  3. Long duration overhead lights; think exploration and search & rescue

Note: The last arrangement is not typically for consumer use and therefore not covered here.

Most LED drones—though not all—are toy-grade quadcopters. It’s entirely possible to customize hobby-grade drones with different kinds of lights. Uses can be aesthetic and or practical.

Other Drone Considerations

You can light your drone up like a Christmas tree, but that doesn’t make it fly better. Drones with LED arrangements need to offer more than a touch of aerial bling. The list below breaks down other considerations that can help you make better decisions:

  1. Know your budget before you start
  2. Understand your skill level and look for drones aimed at that
  3. Do the flight and failsafe features meet your needs?
  4. Check any camera specs and First Person View (FPV) capability if applicable
  5. Check the maximum flight time on a single charge
  6. Look at how long it takes to recharge a flat battery
  7. Are the batteries swappable; how much do extras cost?
  8. How far can the drone fly from its controller if that’s important

Add anything else to the list above as it relates to you and your expectations.

About this Drones with Lights Guide

All drones in this guide are beginner-friendly quadcopters (four rotors). Every model reviewed comes with LED lights. These are also favorite models among LED enthusiasts. I have included something for everyone making sure to cover all budget levels. These picks are the result of personal research, user feedback, and the opinions of experts. The first three are Best Budget, Best Value, and the Top Pick.

All the mini-reviews are short and easy-to-read. They cover the 8 points above where applicable. The table below shows the LED drones as they appear on the page.

Best 7 Night Flying Drones with Lights Comparison Table

1. Mini RC Nano Quad W/ Glowing LEDs (Best Budget)

Mini RC Nano Quad W/ Glowing LEDsView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5.0

The Best Budget pick goes to a playful, brightly lit flying drone for kids. This little quad has a bunch of novice-friendly features that make it easy to fly with zero skills.

  • Best feature 1: Bright glowing LEDs
  • Best feature 2: Two speed modes
  • Plus points: Headless mode, 1-button takeoff/landing, altitude hold, bonus battery
  • Minus points: Short playing time, tiny size, lightweight

This tiny quad has bright blue& green LED lights surrounding each of its props. They add a touch of bling for youngsters and make flying in low light a lot more fun.

Mini RC Nano Key Attractions

The features packed into this tiny quadcopter are incredible considering its price. There’s a headless mode that allows flying without knowing the craft’s orientation. And the one button takeoff and landing is child’s play—literally. The altitude hold function hovers the drone at a set height. This handy feature works the moment the pilot removes their hands from the controller. That’s great in a panic.

This toy quad even has a low battery power alarm. The Mini RC Nano descends to a gentle landing about one minute after the alarm if the pilot ignores it. That means no crash landings. And the high/low-speed modes are perfect for learner pilots. The battery only takes 45 minutes to recharge, so you’re never out of action for long.

The Not So Good

The playing time is short at only 9 minutes max. The good news is the bonus battery doubles the flying fun to 18 minutes. Just remember to allow a few minutes for the motors to cool down between battery swaps. The quad is tiny hence its name and lightweight. Be extra careful when flying outdoors as a sudden gust of wind could whisk it away forever.


Tech Specs
Lighting Type: Glowing LEDs
Dimensions: 9.4 x 6 x 2.3”
Product Weight: 8 OZ.
Max Flying Time: 9 minutes
Max Range: Short range toy
Battery: 3.7V 450mAh LiPo
Charging Time: 45 minutes
The Pros
Bright Glowing LEDs
Two speed modes
Headless mode
1-button takeoff/landing
Altitude hold
Bonus battery
Fast charging
Low battery power alarm
The Cons
Short playing time
Tiny size, lightweight craft; not good in winds

2. HS160 Foldable Quad W/ Bright Headlights (Best Value)

HS160 Foldable Quad W/ Bright HeadlightsView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5.0

The popular Holy Stone brand gets the Best Value pick. This quad is their HS160 foldable WiFi FPV 720p camera drone. It’s a palm-sized app-controlled model with a lot of features.

  • Best feature 1: LED navigation & indicator lights
  • Best feature 2: Foldable and portable
  • Plus points: 4 speeds, headless mode, altitude hold, Gravity Sensor, 1-Key start/Land, FPV
  • Minus points: Short flight time, not stable in winds

The Holy Stone HS160 has bright front and rear LED navigation lights. These are controllable by remote control (RC) and great for flying in the dark. Blinking LEDs warn of a low battery.

Holy Stone HS160 Key Attractions

Holy Stone’s HS160 is affordable, foldable, and ultra-portable, making it easy to take anywhere. The little 720P Wi-Fi FPV HD Camera takes aerial video and photos, but that’s not all. This WiFi camera drone also offers First Person View (FPV) real-time transmission. A regular mobile screen displays the real-time video via the flight app. It’s so easy to capture aerial footage and save it to a smartphone.

The quad comes with plenty of beginner-friendly modes and functions. It has 1-Key takeoff & Landing and an Altitude Hold function to keep the craft steady. A Headless Mode lets pilots fly without knowing the orientation (nose direction). There’s also a Gravity Sensor Mode. That allows users to control the course of the quad by moving a smartphone. And the 4 speed modes cater to users at all levels.

The Not So Good

The battery life is just 8 minutes and typical for a camera quad in this category. There’s a bonus battery included that helps to lessen the short flight time frustration. However, it’s vital to allow a few minutes for the motors to cool down between battery swaps. Charging time is around 1 hour. The other downside is the craft’s lightweight that makes it unusable in winds. It can fly indoors, though.


Tech Specs
Lighting Type: LED navigation & warning
Dimensions: 7.1 x 7.1 x 1.2”
Product Weight: 2.88 oz.
Camera: WiFi FPV 720p
Max Flying Time: 8 minutes
Max Range: 164 ft. (50 meters)
Battery: 3.7V 500mAh LiPo
Charging Time: 60+ minutes
The Pros
Bright LED navigation & warning indicator lights
Foldable and ultra-portable
Indoor/outdoor capable
HD FPV camera
4 speed modes Low-High
Headless mode
Altitude hold
Gravity sensor mode
One button start/land
Live streaming
Custom carry case
The Cons
Short flight time
Not usable in winds

3. Beta75X 2S Brushless Whoop LED Ready (Top Pick)

Beta75X 2S Brushless Whoop LED ReadyView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5.0

The top pick goes to the Beta75X 2S Brushless Whoop (FrSky). It performs like a larger quad but with the convenience of being much smaller, quieter, and safer.

  • Best feature 1: Custom LED strip slot
  • Best feature 2: Durable and lightweight
  • Plus points: Tiltable camera, powerful brushless motors, bonus canopy, online communities
  • Minus points: Bind-N-Fly, brittle canopy, short flight time

This brushless Whoop comes with a custom LED strip slot. That gives pilots the freedom to add a custom, programmable LED light strip. LEDs bring this bird to life when flying or racing in the dark.

Beta75X 2S Whoop Feature Highlights

The Beta75X 2S attracts a niche market,and it’s not for newbie pilots. Don’t buy this quad if you’re not a tinkerer and have no interest in flying micro drones on steroids. It appeals to folks who love high speeds and acrobatics. The powerful brushless motors transform this Whoop into a tiny monster.

Another standout feature is that its First Person View (FPV) capable. It also has an impressive acrobatic capability like power loops and rolls, etc. The Beta75X 2S sports a tiny Z02 VTX wire-connected camera that supports SmartAudio. The camera has adjustable output power and a tiltable 35° angle.

Crashing is all part of the Whoop learning process. This flying missile can withstand moderate prangs, at least from a mechanical perspective. There are plenty of video tutorials from the online support communities too. They show how to tweak, maintain, and repair the Beta75X 2S.

The Not So good

This model is BNF which stands for Bind-N-Fly. BNF means there’s everything in the box aside from the transmitter. The other con is the quad’s brittle canopy. The model is mechanically robust, but its canopy is prone to breaking upon hard impact. That’s probably why they include two in the box. All Whoops have short flight times, and this one is no exception at just 4 minutes on a full charge.


Tech Specs
Lighting Type: LED strip for custom lights
Dimensions: 5.1 x 5.1 x 2.4”
Product Weight: 6.4 oz.
Camera: Wire-connected Z02 VTX tiltable
Max Flying Time: 5 minutes
Max Range: Depends on RC arrangement
Battery: 2S 7.4V 350mAh LiPo
The Pros
Custom LED strip slot
Durable and lightweight
Tiltable FPV camera
Powerful brushless motors
Bonus canopy
Online support communities
The Cons
Brittle canopy
Short flight time

4. Dwi Dowellin D6 Nano Drone W/ LED Lights

DwiDowellinD6 Nano Drone W/ LED LightsView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5.0

Meet the Dwi Dowellin D6 Nano Drone—a brilliant first-time indoor quadcopter for kids. This model has lots of novice-friendly features that make it an ideal gift for younger pilots.

  • Best feature 1: Bright neon-style LED lights
  • Best feature 2: Crash-resistant construction
  • Plus points: 1-key takeoff/landing, headless mode, 1-key return, altitude hold function
  • Minus points: Short battery life, built-in battery

The DWI D6 Mini has bright blue & green neon style LED lights that surround its four props. Its colorful LED display adds an exciting twist that kids love when flying in low light.

Dwi Dowellin D6 Feature Highlights

All the features of this affordable kids drone support safe, easy flying. Crashes are inevitable at any level, but especially among younger pilots. This tough mini quad stands up to prangs well thanks to its sturdy props and motors guards. They also help to protect little fingers from the whirling blades. The one-key takeoff & landing needs no skill to get this bird airborne and bring it back down safely.

The 3 speed modes are helpful for new users. Headless mode lets kids focus on the controls without thinking about orientation. The one-key return function auto returns the model to base (you). Young pilots can let go of the throttle at any time to take the drone into altitude hold safe hover mode. The Altitude Hold is also handy for stabilizing the quad before performing showoff 1-button flips & rolls.

The Not So Good

The flight time is only 7 minutes on a full charge and guaranteed to upset the little ones. The bad news is that the battery is built-in and so not swappable. Charging takes about an hour. The only ways around this frustration is patience or to buy extra quads.


Tech Specs
Lighting Type: Neon-style LEDs
Dimensions: 4.9 x 4.9 x 2”
Product Weight: 1.76 oz.
Camera: None
Max Flying Time: 7 minutes
Max Range: 230 ft. (70 meters)
Battery: 3.7V 450mAh Lipo (built-in)
Charging Time: 60+ minutes
The Pros
Bright neon-style LED lights
Crash-resistant build
One key takeoff/landing
One key return
Headless mode
Altitude hold function
The Cons
Short battery life
Built-in battery (not swappable)

5. Force 1 UFO 4000 Bright LED RC Kid’s Drone

Force 1 UFO 4000 Bright LED RC Kid's DroneView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.2/5.0

This is the UFO 4000 by Force1, another easy-to-fly drone for kids and beginners. The quad comes with a simple 4-channel transmitter that sits comfortably in the hands.

  • Best feature 1: Vibrant blue, red, and white LEDs
  • Best feature 2: Built-in propeller guards
  • Plus points: 2 speeds, 1-key lift/land, headless mode, altitude hold, 360° flips, bonus battery
  • Minus points: Short flight time, fragile

You can fly during the day or in darkness of the night with the UFO 4000’s LEDs. The four full-frame lights give off an ultra-bright red, white, and blue glow.

Force 1 UFO 4000 Feature Highlights

The built-in propeller guards and two speed modes are good news for parents. The UFO 4000 has some pretty cool beginner-friendly modes as well as safety features. The one key lift & land gets novice pilots off to a confident start. There’s also a Headless Mode that orients the quad to the remote controller (RC). That means users can fly the drone without knowing the way its nose points.

Altitude Hold is another handy feature that keeps the drone in a steady hover at a fixed height. That’s helpful in all kinds of situations and especially indoors. The quad also sports one button 360° flips that add an exciting dimension to the flying fun.

The Not So Good

The 9 minute flight time is average for a quad in this class, but it’s still short when you’re having fun. There’s a bonus battery in the box, so that helps. Just remember to allow a cooling off period between flights. The other negative is that the quad is quite fragile compared to some other models.


Tech Specs
Lighting Type: Multi-colored LEDs
Dimensions: 8.3 x 7.1 x 4.2”
Product Weight: 13.6 oz.
Camera: None
Max Flying Time: 9 minutes
Battery: 3.7v Lithium (x2)
Charging Time: 60+ minutes
The Pros
Vibrant blue, red, & white LEDs
Built-in propeller guards
Two speed modes
One key lift/land
Headless mode
Altitude hold function
360° flips
Bonus battery included
The Cons
Short flight time
Quite fragile

6. Holy Stone HS220 FPV RC Quad W/ LED Lights

Holy Stone HS220 FPV RC Quad W/ LED LightsView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5.0

This is a camera quadcopter by the popular Holy Stone brand. It’s their HS220 RC quad that’s First person View (FPV) capable. That means pilots can enjoy the views from a smartphone screen.

  • Best feature 1: Ultra-bright LED night and warning lights
  • Best feature 2: Four speed modes
  • Plus points: 2 flight modes, 1-key takeoff/landing, headless mode, altitude hold, full app control
  • Minus points: Short flight time, long charging time

The Holy Stone HS220 comes equipped with ultra-bright front and rear LED lights. The LEDs also act as a battery warning system and start to blink when levels get low.

Holy Stone HS220 Feature Highlights

The Holy Stone HS220 has a lot going on for such an affordable quad. The 720P HD WiFi camera offers an excellent introduction to First Person View (FPV). It can also shoot aerial photos and video of reasonable quality. The quad has four speed modes to oblige beginners and advanced pilots. There’s also two flight modes, Wing (skilled) and Folding (safer), plus an Emergency Stop function.

One key takeoff and landing lets anyone launch the HS220 and bring it down safely. The headless mode allows operators to fly without worrying about the nose direction. Altitude Hold brings the quadcopter to a fixed height hover when it’s activated. And the Android/iOS app gives control of the primary functions with any WiFi-enabled smartphone.

The Not So Good

The maximum flight time averages at around 8 minutes. You can double that with the bonus battery, but pilots must allow the motors to cool down between flights. The charging time is a terrible 150 minutes (2.5 hours). That forces some HS220 owners to invest in more batteries.


Tech Specs
Lighting Type: LED night & warning
Dimensions: 7.67 x 7.67 x 1.57”
Product Weight: 2.85 oz.
Camera: 720P HD WiFi
Max Flying Time: 8 minutes
Max Range: 196 ft. (60 meters)
Battery: 3.7V 750mAh LiPo
Charging Time: 150 minutes (2.5 Hrs.)
The Pros
Ultra-bright LED night and warning lights
Four pilot speed modes
Emergency stop
Two flight modes
One key takeoff/landing
Headless mode
Altitude hold function
Full app control
3D flips
Bonus battery
The Cons
Short flight time
Long charging time

7. DEERC HS200D FPV Camera Drone W/ LED Lights

DEERC HS200D FPV Camera Drone W/ LED LightsView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5.0

Last on the list of LED drones is the DEERC HS200D HD camera quadcopter.

  • Best feature 1: Bright LED navigation and warning lights
  • Best feature 2: 720P HD WiFi camera
  • Plus points: 5 speeds, 1-key start/landing, headless mode, altitude hold, app control
  • Minus points: Short flight time, long charging

The bright down-facing LED navigation lights make the drone easy to see in the dark. The lights also work as a low battery indicator so that pilots can land the bird before it loses power.

Name Feature Highlights

The HS200D comes with a 720P HD WiFi camera and a 120° lens. The image and video quality are only average, but it’s still perfectly viewable. The quad delivers First Person View (FPV) live video feed to the screen of a regular smartphone. The DEERC HS200D makes an excellent choice as an introduction to FPV, aerial photography, and videography. It’s a cracking little selfie drone too.

This quad has plenty of user-friendly features. There are 5 speed modes to match skill levels and flying styles. It also has a one-button Quick Start/Landing and a Headless Mode. The latter lets pilots fly the quad without knowing the front from the back. The drone also hovers at a set altitude when the pilot’s hands are off the controller. Altitude hold is a great way to steady the craft before taking selfies.

Flying this drone and operating its camera is easy with smartphone app controls. It’s even possible to fly the quad using phone movements when connected to the Gravity Sensor Mode.

The Not So Good

DEERC’s HS200D FPV camera drone comes with a few extras, but a battery is not one of them. That’s a shame considering the flight time is only 9 minutes with a 2 hour charging time.


Tech Specs
Lighting Type: LED navigation & warning
Dimensions: 16.5 x 11.3 x 4.1”
Product Weight: 5.22 oz.
Camera: 720P HD WiFi
Max Flying Time: 9-10 minutes
Max Range: 328 ft. (100 meters)
Battery: 3.7V 1000mAh Li-Po
Charging Time: 120 minutes (2 hours)
The Pros
Bright LED navigation and warning lights
Easy to fly FPV camera quad
5 pilot speeds
One key start/landing
Headless mode
Altitude hold function
Android/iOS app control
Extra props & landing feet
The Cons
Short flight time
Long charging time

Custom Drone Lighting Kits

This short section introduces a few examples of drone lighting kits. The options here range from cheap and cheerful to the costlier, more powerful lights for specific quadcopters.

1. FPVKing RGB 5050 7 Color LED Light Strip Board

FPVKing RGB 5050 7 Color LED Light Strip BoardView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5.0

This inexpensive LED strip is suitable for various multirotor, RC airplane, helicopters, etc. These LED lights can switch between 7 colors for customized effects. Pilots can be creative how they attach them to their models, but double-sided tape is the most common. The LED board has three RGB 5050 lamp beads and onboard DIP switches. The working voltage is 10-13V DC.

2. RC Night Flying Super Bright LED Head Lights

RC Night Flying Super Bright LED Head LightsView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5.0

This 4 piece LED lamp has ultra-bright 12V 1.5W bulbs and is ideal for night flights. They not only light up the drone, but they also help control the quadcopter’s orientation in the dark. These units are for carbon fiber multirotor quadcopter racing frames. Compatible models can include QAV250, Tarot 250, ARRIS FPV250, F450, and F550 among others.

3. Super Bright 12V Quadcopter LED Headlight

Super Bright 12V Quadcopter LED HeadlightView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5.0

Next is a 3W headlight that sells as a single unit and is ideal for night flying. The bulb has a built-in CNC aluminum alloy radiator that does an excellent job at cooling. That’s significant as it reduces the risk of overheating that occurs with some bright bulbs. The light helps pilots keep track of orientation as well as highlight the drone in the night sky. Check quadcopter compatibility before buying.

4. DJI Dual CREE Strobe Light KIT W Spotlight

DJI Dual CREE Strobe Light KIT W SpotlightView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.2/5.0

The FAA has approved this 5W dual strobe light kit. There are three colors, white, red, and green. The lights are incredibly bright and visible from 3 miles away in the dark. The navigation strobe is suitable for various enclosed drones. Some models include 3DR Solo, Walkera, DJI Phantom, and DJI Inspire among others. The kit comes with a charger, cord, and some mounting tape.

So, why does this strobe light kit cost more than others? Well, aside from being much brighter than other lights, it also has its own power source. That means there’s no drain on the drone’s valuable battery. Nor is there any messy wiring to contend with. It’s a clean setup that attaches to the craft using glue or Velcro. There’s zero impact on flight dynamics or the flight time.

5. Drone Dual Headlight DJI Mavic Pro & Platinum

Drone Dual Headlight DJI Mavic Pro & PlatinumView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.2/5.0

The last sample light arrangement is by ROBOTERWERK which has stable flight characteristics. The product comes as a singular or a dual headlight/nightlight. It’s aimed specifically at the DJI Mavic Pro and Mavic Platinum drones. The LEDs are intensive (720 lumens) and super-lightweight at just 25 grams. They can shine at full brightness for around 1.5 hours and charge quickly via Micro USB.

These headlights are precisely engineered and secured in stainless steel brackets. The light holders adjust in a vertical direction and fit between the quad’s cooling ribs. They’re the costliest drone lights of these samples and you’ll see why if you read the full specs.

5/51 rating