DSLR Camera Cyber Monday 2018 Deals (Nikon, Canon)

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Cyber Monday is your last chance to save hundreds on a new DSLR from the world’s best brands including Sony and Canon. Many models are actually selling below what they were on Black Friday.

DSLR Comparison

Overall, Nikon offers a lot more value per dollar in the entry level range. In fact, the Canon EOS Rebel T6 has an 18 MP sensor, compared to 24 for the Nikon D3500. It’s not just the resolution either because the D3500 has a maximum ISO range of 25600, which compares favorably to just 6400 in the T6. This means that the D3500 is at least four times better in low light conditions.

Canon’s offerings start to match Nikon in the intermediate range. The T7i is a great example of this because it has a similar 24 MP resolution as the D5600. The sensors and ISO range are similar across these models. The T7i has 45 autofocus points, which compares nicely to just 39 in the D5600. This means that it can latch onto an object faster and that means less blur. This makes it better for sports photography.

You can also get a full frame DSLR on Cyber Monday. The Canon 6D and the Nikon D750 have sensors that have 2.5x the surface area of normal DSLR. This allows a lot more light onto the sensor which is great for low light photography. The Canon 6D has a slightly better 26 MP sensor.

You should consider which lens your camera comes with. Cheaper bundles come with two lenses, one that does short range and another long range photography. This is not convenient because you have to swap lenses. You can purchase a lens that can do both, but they often cost as much as the camera.

Overall, Cyber Monday is your last chance to score an amazing deal on a Nikon or Canon camera. Inventory has already run out on some Nikon models on Amazon. We recommend ordering soon to ensure that you get it.