Earl Stewart Uses A 3D Printer To Create Shoes

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Earl Stewart has created a couple of different shoes using a 3D printer. The ‘bits shoe’ and the XYZ shoe are printed because it allows Stewart to create more flexible and rigid shoes in a single seamless form. Stewart uses a 3D scanner in conjunction with a 3D printer to allow him to create shoes that exactly matches an individuals foot.

One of the two shoes, the ‘bits shoe’ was made of a Selective Laser Sintered nylon sole with leather pieces placed on top. Stewart scanned the wearers feet and then printed out the nylon part. He then cut the leather pieces with a laser cut. once laser cut, the component is hand sewn and processed according to traditional techniques then combined with the rapid-prototyped sole.

earl-stewart-3d-printed-shoe-4 earl-stewart-3d-printed-shoe-5 earl-stewart-3d-printed-shoe-7

The second shoe is the XYZ and Stewart has considered cultural and biological values whilst designing it. A Multi Material 3D printer from Objects Connex allowed Stewart to print the entire XYZ shoe in a single piece. The Multi Material 3D printer also allows him to make multi coloured shoes.

Earl Stewart is a designer with experience across a diverse range of disciplines which include Industrial, Graphic, Fashion & Branding. His skills extend across the whole ADOBE suite family, SolidWorks studio, 3DS Max , Rhino + Grasshopper, and skills in Processing.

Take a look at Earl Stewart’s website for more information on his shoes and other designs that he is currently making.

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Warning; 3D printers should never be left unattended. They can pose a firesafety hazard.