8 Best Electric Cars for Kids

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Electric cars for kids are nothing new. Lower prices and higher quality are new though. They are no longer the toys of rich and famous families. This guide looks at the 8 best electric cars for kids and from across the price spectrum. There’s everything here, from country jeeps to the latest 12V sports cars.

Goplus Electric Mercedes
Max speed 1.86 mph (3 km/h)
Max running time 1 hour
Comfortable seat & safety belt and two control modes.
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Best Value
Power Wheels Dune
Max speed 5mph (8 km/h)
Charging time 18 hours
Drives over different terrains and metal hand supports.
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Top Pick
Mercedes SLS AMG
Max speed 5mph (8 km/h)
Charging time 12 hours
High torque motors, electronic soft start, soft leather bucket seat.
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It wasn’t so long ago when all ride-on vehicles for kids used peddles. The peddle-power models still exist today and continue to be popular. But most kids want a toy car that drives and resembles something like what mom and dad have—given a choice. Well, now they can, if you let them.

Memories for a Lifetime

Any kid that gets an electric-powered car as a gift is going to remember it for a lifetime. It’s one of those toys that comes up in, ‘do you remember when…’ conversations years later. The reason is simple: ride-on electric cars are visually striking and provide so much fun. They’re not the kind of toy that children cast aside and forget about the day after a birthday or Christmas.

A decent model can drive over different terrains including lawns. It can also keep going for an hour or more on a single charge. Some models come with radio transmitters. These remotes let parents control the car if the child is too young or nervous to drive themselves. Parental control also means mom or dad is part of the memorable experience as they share in the fun.

Let the Kid Choose

Maybe you know what kind of electric car your child wants? If not, then let them at least have some say. Or, you can play a sort of game to get some idea if you prefer to make it a surprise gift. Think about colors as well as the design and specs.

Here are a few of the types of electric cars available for kids:

  • Jeeps and Land Rovers
  • Luxury electric toy cars, e.g., Mercedes, BMW, Jaguars, etc.
  • Sports coupes
  • Dune Racers
  • Pickup trucks
  • Other products

About My Electric Car for Kid’s Guide

This no-nonsense guide is for parents, grandparents, and anyone else shopping for kid’s electric cars. Each mini-review gives a simple description that highlights the toy’s main features. These include running times, battery charging times, and the recommended minimum age among others. There’s also a quick-glance table at the end of each piece that lists basic specs, pros, and cons.

The table below shows these eight incredible toys as they appear in the guide. They are the result of personal research that includes the opinions of industry experts and real user reviews. The top three are in order of Best Budget, Best Value, and Top Pick. I’ve arranged the electric toy cars under those in price order from the least to most expensive.

8 Best Electric Cars for Kids Comparison Table

Make and ModelCharging TimePlaying TimePrice
Goplus Drivable Kids Electric Mercedes Benz15–20 hours50+ minutesCheck Price
Power Wheels Electric Kid’s Dune Racer18 hoursNot specifiedCheck Price
Limited Edition Mercedes SLS AMG Kid’s Car12+ hoursNot specifiedCheck Price
Costzon Electric Mercedes Benz ML3508–12 hours1+ hourCheck Price
Uenjoy 4-speed Electric RC Jeep for Kids8–12 hours1 hourCheck Price
Uenjoy Jaguar F-Type Roadster Electric Car8–12 hours1+ hourCheck Price
2-Seater Motorz Dune Runner Space Adv..8–10 hours50–60 minutesCheck Price
Licensed Electric Maserati Alfieri Kid’s Car8–10 hours1–2 hoursCheck Price

1. Goplus Electric Mercedes Benz for Kids

Goplus Electric Mercedes Benz for KidsView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5.0

Never underestimate the influence of vivid colors in gifts for kids. The eye-catching bright red design of the Goplus Electric Mercedes Benz guarantees to put a sparkle of delight into any child’s eyes.

  • Best feature 1: Eye-catching bright red design
  • Best feature 2: Comfortable seat with safety belt
  • Plus points: MP3 player with built-in speakers, two control modes, working LED lights
  • Minus points: A tad underpowered

This baby car has the bling that kids love. The model is easy to assemble out of the box thanks to the clear instructions. The Benzhas all the usual working parts and lights that add to its ‘real car’ appeal. Toddlers can adjust the wing mirrors, open and close the doors, and sound the horn just like mom and dad do. The only problem for parents is trying to get their little ones OUT of the driving seat.

Driving the Goplus Electric Mercedes Benz

The recommended age range is from 37–72 months depending on the size of the child. There’s plenty of space inside the toy vehicle with a comfortable seat and a seatbelt for extra safety. The mp3 auxiliary jack and built-in speaker has kids bobbing to their favorite tunes as they ride along.

The car has two driving modes, much to the relief of concerned parents. Kids can drive independently after a little practice. Until then, parents can maneuver the car remotely using the controller. The remote control also makes this an interactive toy as parents and kids play together.

The Not So Good

The only real downside to this electric car for kids is that it’s a tad underpowered. At just 1.86 mph, it’s slower than the average walking speed. It’s something that’s likely to frustrate older children. It’ lacks any kind of torque too. That means no grass or other uneven surfaces or inclines. Parents with kids at the younger age range are more appreciative of the vehicle’s slowness.


Tech Specs
Maker’s recommended age: 37–72 months
Dimensions: 43 x 25 x 19″
Approx. Weight: 22 lbs.
Max speed: 1.86 mph (3 km/h)
Battery: 6V 4AH
Battery charging time: 16 hours
Max running time: 1 hour
The Pros
Eye-catching bright red design
Easy to assemble
Simple to operate
Comfortable seat & safety belt
MP3 player w/ built-in speakers
Two control modes
Flashing lights
Moving doors and wing mirrors
The Cons
A tad underpowered

2. Power Wheels Electric Kid’s Dune Racer

Power Wheels Electric Kid's Dune RacerView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5.0

The Power Wheels Dune Racer is perfect for kids who want those off-road adventures. The two seats make this electric kid’s car extra special as friends and siblings can share in the fun.

  • Best feature 1: Awesome looking buggy with high appeal for kids
  • Best feature 2: Two comfortable bucket-style seats
  • Plus points: Storage area, dives over various terrains, metal hand supports, power lock brakes
  • Minus points: Takes a while to assemble, slow

Power Wheels’ Kid’s Dune Racer guarantees to keep young rascals entertained for ages. The well-designed front bucket seats are comfortable and practical. The car is faster and has more torque than the previous pick. Its Monster Traction system lets youngsters drive it over different terrains, including grass. The makers designed this robust little vehicle purposely for off-road fun.

Safety-First Features

The intro makes it sound like a mean machine, dangerous even, but it’s none of those things. The baby buggy’s a car for kids as young as 36 months up to seven years. It has a sturdy steel frame and metal hand supports at the sides. The shell has smooth contours and rounded edges for comfort and added safety. The two restricted forward speeds are 2.5 and 5-mph maximum.

There’s also a slow-moving reverse speed and a power-lock braking system. Power lock braking ensures the vehicle stops the moment the driver removes their foot from the pedal.

The Not So Good

The biggest complaint about the Power Wheels Electric Kid’s Dune Racer is from parents. Many find the assembly more time-consuming than they thought. Consider putting it together at another location if it’s to be a surprise gift. That’s better than trying to assemble the buggy in a rush the night before the surprise. The other gripe is that the vehicle’s a little slow for the older kids (6–7 years).


Tech Specs
Maker’s recommended age: 3–7 years
Dimensions: 52 x 35 x 24″
Approx. Weight: 78 Lbs.
Max speed: 5mph (8 km/h)
Battery: 12V rechargeable
Battery charging time: 18 hours
Max running time: Not specified
The Pros
Awesome looking buggy (even better than the photos)
Sturdy steel frame w/ smart chrome grille & wheels
Durable build
Comfortable bucket style seats (seats two people)
Drives over different terrains
Metal hand supports
Storage area
Power lock brakes for added safety
The Cons
Takes a while to assemble
Slow speed will frustrate some

3. Limited Edition Mercedes SLS AMG Kid’s Car

Limited Edition Mercedes SLS AMG Kid's CarView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5.0

You have to see the kid’s Limited Edition Convertible Mercedes SLS AMG to believe it. My Top Pick has as much bling as the real thing and oozes luxury from the inside out.

  • Best feature 1: High torque motors
  • Best feature 2: Electronic soft start
  • Plus points: Soft leather bucket seat, 5-point seatbelt, open doors & trunk, MP3/MP4 system
  • Minus points: Fiddly assembly, poorly translated instructions

All the kid’s electric cars in this guide look fabulous, but this Benz has extra appeal. The Mercedes SLS AMG ride-on car has a full-color LCD touchscreen MP3+MP4 music system. The makers aim this Sports Roadster at kids between the ages of 2–5 years. It’s also an excellent model for younger children under parental supervision. It has plenty of workable parts too, i.e., doors, mirrors, and trunk.

Driving the Mercedes Benz SLS

The comfortable seat is an adjustable Soft PU leather. There’s also a 5-point seatbelt that works like those in baby strollers. The imitation LED headlights and taillights add to the fun as the toddler drives around. The soft start ensures smooth, gradual acceleration and the effective electric braking system provides reliable stopping every time.

Parents have 3-controls that they can operate via the parental long range 2.4Ghz remote. Parental control includes a STOP option. Kids who can drive themselves have two speeds that can take them from 3–5mph. The maneuvers are simple and straightforward, i.e., forward, park, and slow reverse. There’s so much to love about this car—aside from its highish price tag.

The Not So Good

Some of these electric cars for kids are quick and easy to assemble. Others are awkward and time-consuming. Alas, this Limited-Edition Mercedes SLS AMG fits into the latter category. The poorly translated manual only adds to the frustration. My advice is to find a helpful YouTube video for anyone who runs into problems at the assembly stage.


Tech Specs
Maker’s recommended age: 2–5 years
Dimensions: 49.2 x 5.5 x 7.9″
Approx. Weight: 39.7 Lbs.
Max speed: 5mph (8 km/h)
Battery: 12V rechargeable
Battery charging time: 12 hours
Max running time: Not specified
The Pros
All the bling you could ask for
High torque motors
Electronic soft start
Soft leather bucket seat
5-point safety belt
Adjustable side mirrors, functional doors & trunk
MP3/MP4 sound system
The Cons
Fiddly assembly
Poorly translated instructions

4. Costzon White Electric Mercedes Benz ML350

Costzon White Electric Mercedes Benz ML350View on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5.0

The Costzon White Mercedes Benz ML350 doesn’t have the bling of the previous model. It’s still a Benz, though. And that means this ride-on car has heaps of eye-catching attractions for kids.

  • Best feature 1: Two control modes
  • Best feature 2: Auto power-off protection system
  • Plus points: Comfy seat w/ safety belt, antiskid tires, working doors & lights, MP3 music system
  • Minus points: Vague assembly instructions

The white electric Mercedes Benz ride on car is another functional model. It has working lights and doors that give a ‘real car’ feeling to young drivers. Charging can take as little as eight hours which is faster than a lot of models. A full battery should keep the kids driving around for at least one hour. The car has a quality safety belt that helps youngsters form the habit early on.

This Mercedes Benz ML350 comes equipped with antiskid tires that add to its safety. Okay, so the top speed is only around 5mph, but it’s still vital to make the driving experience as steady as possible. The working foot pedal and the steering wheel is more than enough for kids to focus on at this age. There’s also parental remote control if the offspring are too young or not ready to drive themselves.

The Not So Good

The only negative for this electric car for kids is the all-to-familiar poorly written guide. The quick assembly instructions are small and vague. Assembly is not overly complicated, but YouTube is probably going to help you more than the manufactures manual.


Tech Specs
Maker’s recommended age: 3–6 years
Dimensions: 40 x 21 x 14″
Approx. Weight: 30 lbs.
Max speed: 5mph (8 km/h)
Battery: 6V rechargeable
Battery charging time: 8+ hours
Max running time: 1 hour
The Pros
Two control modes
Auto power-off protection
Comfy seat w/ child safety belt
Antiskid tires for better grip
Working doors & lights
MP3 music system
The Cons
Quite small compared to some baby ride-on cars
Unclear instructions

5. Uenjoy 4-speed Electric RC Jeep for Children

Uenjoy 4-speed Electric RC Jeep for ChildrenView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5.0

The Uenjoy 4-speed Electric RC Jeep is a mid-range choice of ride-on vehicle for kids aged 1–4 years. It’s also available in eight exciting colors and designs including blue and green camouflage.

  • Best feature 1: Non-toxic plastic body
  • Best feature 2: Four manual and three remote (2.4G Bluetooth) speeds
  • Plus points: 8 colors, simple to ride, safety wheels, 15m control range, music player, LED lights
  • Minus points: Assembly may take a few hours, vague instructions

The cute electric LED jeep is an excellent toy for kids between the ages 1–5 years. It doesn’t have any of the bling or glamor of other models on this page, but that’s the point—it’s a jeep. It’s more at home with country life than inner city posing. It’s not good off-road, though, so don’t buy it for that purpose. It’s also slow with a top speed that barely reaches 4mph.

Driving the Uenjoy 4-speed Electric RC Jeep

The car comes witha wireless Bluetooth remote control for parents. The 15m remote is ideal for driving younger kids and anxious first-time drivers. Manual driving—foot pedal& steering wheel—has four speeds, two forward and two reverse. The two forward speeds are 2.5mph and 4mph. The 14-inch traction wheels have spring suspension to make the ride as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Other safety features include the adjustable seatbelt and the toy’s non-toxic plastic body.

The Not So Good

New users complain that the assembly is fiddly and time-consuming. It’s made even more difficult by the vague instructions. This model also comes with an assembly video, but it’s not much better than the written instructions. Assembly isn’t impossible—it’s just unnecessarily awkward.


Tech Specs
Maker’s recommended age: 18 months up
Dimensions: 49.2 x 31.5 x 31.5″
Approx. Weight: 69.3 Lbs.
Max speed: 2.5–4mph
Battery: 12V/ 7AH rechargeable
Battery charging time: 8–12 hours
Max running time: 1 hour
The Pros
Eight colors/designs to choose from including camouflage
Non-toxic plastic body
Four manual and three remote speeds (includes reverse)
Simple for baby to ride
Safety wheels
15m control range
Music player (mp3)
Bright LED lights
The Cons
Assembly may take a few hours
Vague instructions

6. Uenjoy 12V Jaguar F-Type Roadster Electric Car

Uenjoy 12V Jaguar F-Type Roadster Electric CarView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5.0

This is the Uenjoy 12V Jaguar F-Type Roadster for baby posers. Jokes aside, it’s a gorgeous looking ride-on electric toy car that comes in four striking colors.

  • Best feature 1: 5-point seat belt for added safety and age adjustment
  • Best feature 2: Interactive parental control
  • Plus points: Manual operation, key start + shift lever, power display, rear suspension, storage
  • Minus points: Remote steering takes some practice, vague manual

Any kid who demonstrates a sporty streak is sure to love the Jaguar F-Type Roadster. It makes an excellent gift for children aged 1–6 years. They can bob to a few favorite tunes or listen to a story using the Jag’s built-in MP3 player. Kids love to honk the car’s horn to let others know they’re coming through. And parents can take control via remote if youngsters are too young or anxious to drive.

Driving the 12V Jaguar F-Type Roadster

This electric Jaguar has a key-start, working front and rear LED lights, and doors that open and close. Adult control is via Bluetooth remote which has three driving modes—two forward, one reverse. The forward speed options are 3–5mph, which is average for a toy in its category. That may seem slow for little Jimmy, but it’s more than fast enough for concerned parents.

Kids can drive themselves using the simple foot pedal and steering wheel. The Jag F-Type Roadster has EVA tires and rear spring suspension that provide a smooth, safe ride. The 5-point seatbelt is comfortable to wear and adjusts for kids of different ages and builds. This model is not for off-road use, though, but it drives well on smooth surfaces indoors and out.

The Not So Good

Some parents have found the remote control to be fiddly to master compared to rival models. There’s also the usual gripe with the assembly guide being too vague. These are not complaints shared by all users, but there’s enough feedback to know they’re issues for some.


Tech Specs
Maker’s recommended age: 12 months up
Dimensions: 47.2 x 28.2 x 19.5″
Approx. Weight: 48 Lbs.
Max speed: 3–5mph
Battery: 12V 7Ah rechargeable
Battery charging time: 8–12 hours
Max running time: 1+ hours
The Pros
Head-turning baby car
5-point seat belt for added safety and age adjustment
Interactive parental control
Manual operations
Key start + shift lever
Power indicator display
Rear suspension
Storage compartment
The Cons
Remote steering takes some practice (inaccurate)
Vague assembly manual

7. Kid’s 2 Seater Motorz Dune Runner Space Adventure

Kid's 2 Seater Motorz Dune Runner Space AdventureView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5.0

The Kid’s Motorz Dune Runner Space Adventure sits higher off the ground than the previous picks. It’s another 2-seater version so young drivers can bring their buddy along for the ride.

  • Best feature 1: Beginner and Advanced speed options
  • Best feature 2: Parental higher speed lock-out
  • Plus points: Cool sound effects, daytime LEDs, foldable mirrors, detailed dashboard
  • Minus points: Few hours to assemble, awkward battery access

The Motorz Dune Runner is for space enthusiasts, hence the name Space Adventure. It’s a futuristic-looking electric car that adds an extra dimension to the little one’s imagination. The ability to seat two kids is another huge appeal. The model has all the usual attractions such as LED lights, foldable mirrors, futuristic-looking dash, and special sound effects.

Driving the Electric Motorz Dune Runner

Kids can drive at two forward speeds, 2.5–5mph max. The reverse is a reassuring 2.5 mph. The car’s not suitable for the under-3s as there isn’t any parental remote control. Parents can lock the vehicle’s speed at 2.5mph until they’re confident the kids can ride safely at 5mph. There aren’t any side doors either because of the buggy’s style. No doors also mean there are two less things to break.

Kid Motorz’s Dune Runner Space Adventure is a fun vehicle that captivates young minds. It’s also super easy to control and should run for at least 50–60 minutes on a single charge.

The Not So Good

People who are not familiar with toys like this may find the Dune Runner a challenge to assemble. It could take anywhere from one to a few hours. Prepare time for this if you buy this Kids electric car as a surprise gift. The only other gripe is the awkward battery access as you have to remove the seat to charge it. That’s not a major hassle, but people would still prefer a more accessible battery.


Tech Specs
Maker’s recommended age: 3–9 years
Dimensions: 50.8 x 31.1 x 21.7″
Approx. Weight: 57.4 Lbs.
Max speed: 5mph
Battery: 12V lead-acid rechargeable
Battery charging time: 8–10 hours
Max running time: 50–60 minutes
The Pros
Futuristic space style buggy
Beginner/advanced speed options
Parental higher speed lock-out
Cool sound effects
Daytime LEDs
Foldable mirrors
Futuristic space dashboard
The Cons
Takes a while to assemble
Awkward battery access

8. Licensed Electric Maserati Alfieri Car for Kids

Licensed Electric Maserati Alfieri Car for KidsView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5.0

The final pick in this review guide is the Licensed Maserati Alfieri Ride-on Electric car by KidOne. It’s a pretty good replica too and economical—unlike the real deal.

  • Best feature 1: 2-hours of uninterrupted driving on a single charge
  • Best feature 2: Working front & tail lights
  • Plus points: Leather seat and seat belt, built-in sounds, MP3 player, parental controller (RC)
  • Minus points: Higher price tag

The Maserati Alfieri is a gorgeous model with a realistic—albeit miniature—design. The makers have aimed it at kids from 2–5 years of age or younger under supervision. It’s not the cheapest electric car in this guide, but then it does have a high-quality build that uses premium materials. It’s certainly one of those toys that’s sure to light up a child’s eyes and bring with it everlasting memories.

This car has front and rear LED lights, a leather seat, safety belt, and a working horn. The EVA, foam-filled rubber tires and spring suspension system keep the rides as comfortable as possible. The lively dashboard, built-in tunes, and integrated MP3/USB port entertain the little ones for ages.

Driving the Electric Maserati Alfieri Kid’s Car

Older and more confident kids can operate this beauty using the foot-pedal and simple steering wheel. There’s an RC parental controller so that adults can drive younger kids around in safety. The car comes equipped with a powerful 12V10A battery that provides around 2-hours of nonstop fun. That’s almost double what a lot of rival toys deliver. Charging takes between 8–12 hours which is average.

The Not So Good

There are no major complaints shared by reviewers for this electric car. The only real downside is its price, although it’s not the costliest in this guide. Even so, the Maserati Alfieri is almost three and a half times more than the best budget pick on this page. That’s going to put it out of budget for some.


Tech Specs
Maker’s recommended age: 2–5 years
Dimensions: 49.6 x 21.6 x 25.2″
Approx. Weight: 43 Lbs.
Max speed: 4mph
Battery: 12V10A rechargeable
Battery charging time: 8–10 hours
Max running time: 1–2 hours
The Pros
Design Inspired by Maserati Alfieri
Long uninterrupted driving on a single charge
Working front & tail lights
Leather seat and seat belt
Built-in sounds & MP3 player
Parental controller (RC)
Brightilluminating dashboard
Three gears (includes reverse)
Foam-filled rubber (EVA) tires
Doors and hood open/close
The Cons
High price tag
5/51 rating