Extending Your Warranty with DJI Care Refresh +

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Owning a DJI drone has a couple of really nice perks. Aside from owning a drone from the most popular drone brand worldwide and having access to market-leading technology and functions, DJI also provides a measure of security for the buyers of their drone products. In this article, we break down the newest warranty product released by DJI, the DJI Care Refresh +. How exactly does it work? Is it worth it to get one? Read on and find out.

What is DJI Care Refresh + ?

We have written in detail about DJI’s very own insurance plan, DJI Care Refresh. This plan goes above and beyond the usual coverage of costs for repairs and replacement of parts. Basically, the plan allows you to purchase a new or equivalent to new drone should your drone be damaged beyond repair. With DJI Care Refresh, you will only need to pay a fraction of the actual retail price for the replacement drone.  The benefits don’t end there, as the plan actually allows you to buy up to 2 replacement drones, although the second replacement will be a bit more expensive.

The DJI Care Refresh plan proved to be so popular that drone owners clamored and appealed for an extension to its original 1 year coverage duration. Finally, DJI relented and released the all new DJI Care Refresh +. For an additional cost, drone owners can now extend the coverage of their existing DJI Care Refresh Plans for an additional year.

How do I get a DJI Care Refresh + plan?

DJI offers the option to purchase the DJI Care Refresh + at any point from your purchase of the initial DJI Care Refresh plan. They can even be purchased at the same time, for added convenience. It is ideal to purchase the extended DJI Care Refresh + plan while your DJI Care Refresh is still active. You do not have to worry about the coverage periods of your two plans overlapping, as the extended warranty will only take effect once the original plan expires.

What does the plan cover?

The DJI Care Refresh + has the same coverage as the original DJI Care Refresh. Although we have already written about the benefits of the DJI Care Refresh in the past, we feel that it bears emphasis again. The DJI Care Refresh warranty plan covers drone damage due to operator error, drop damage, signal interference, accidents, and collisions. DJI Care Refresh also covers water damage, but only as long the drone is recovered, so make sure you don’t lose your drone out in the ocean.

One thing to take note when deciding whether or not to get the DJI Care Refresh warranty plan is the fact that not all of these reasons are covered by the limited warranty that comes automatically with your DJI drone. You can consider purchasing a DJI Care Refresh plan as investing on your peace of mind that even if something goes wrong during your flight, you will be fully covered and may even have a brand new replacement drone.

Recently, DJI has updated their DJI Care Refresh plan policies with the option to replace your replacement drone within 15 days of receipt if you find that there are manufacturing defects with your unit. This is a welcome addition to what is already a comprehensive warranty plan, as it means that you will not get stuck with a sub-standard replacement drone.

How much does it cost?

The DJI Care Refresh + warranty plan is available for all models for which the original DJI Care Refresh plan was offered. The list includes the Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro Platinum, Spark, Phantom 4 (Pro and Advanced), Phantom 3 SE, Inspire 2, and the Inspire cameras (Zenmuse X4S, Zenmuse X5S, and Zenmuse X7). This is a pretty exhaustive list which covers the latest and most popular DJI drone models.

The table below summarizes the cost of buying a DJI Care Refresh plan for each of these drones, the cost of extending the warranty with the DJI Care Refresh + ,and how much you will have to pay to get a replacement drone under these warranty plans.

ModelCare RefreshCare Refresh +Replacement fee
Mavic Pro$99$79$79
Mavic Pro Platinum$129$99$89
Phantom 4 Pro$149$119$119
Phantom 4 Advanced$139$99$99
Inspire 2$299$249$229
Phantom 3 SE$59$49$49
Zenmuse X7$499$229$229
Zenmuse X4S$59$49$49
Zenmuse X5S$189$159$149

An interesting observation from this list is the fact that buying the extended DJI Care Refresh + will certainly be much cheaper than the original Care Refresh plan. This is a good show of faith in the part of DJI, as it appears that they have more trust in long-time drone owners to not be involved in accidents during flight.

In this regard, the very notion of an extended warranty period seems to show that DJI believes that its drones will continue to function normally even after more than a year of use. It is this commitment and belief in the quality of their products that helped propel DJI to the top of the drone market. This belief in the quality of their products will surely translate to the confidence of buyers that when they buy a DJI drone, they are buying a drone that has passed through the stringent standards of DJI.

Is it worth it to get one?

If you are a DJI owner that has already availed of the DJI Care Refresh plan, then we are quite confident that you do no convincing to get the extended Care Refresh +. After all, the extended warranty already costs less than the original insurance plan, and the peace of mind that the warranty provides is practically priceless.

As many seasoned drone pilots will probably tell you, crashes are par for the course when you regularly do drone flight. Strong gusts of wind, unexpected obstacles, birds, and other insects can all interfere during drone flight which may result in disastrous drone crashes. Having DJI Care Refresh gives you a good amount of peace of mind during flight. it can also give you the confidence boost needed to push the limitations of your drone and your drone flight skills.

What we really like about the concept of the DJI Care Refresh + extended warranty plan is that it shows how confident DJI is about the quality of their products. It shows that DJI believes that their drones will last well beyond the 1 year duration of the original DJI Care Refresh. This is a mindset that no other drone manufacturer has, so it really is no wonder how and why DJI has managed to stay at the top of the market for drone manufacturers.