Fitbit Ace vs Ace 2: Which one is better for kids?

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Fitbits are phenomenal tools to make staying in shape fun. You get what you measure and tracking your steps per day can make a big difference in your motivation.

The Fitbit Ace family of activity trackers are designed for kids age 6 and up. It can be difficult to get kids away from their electronics such as their phones and gaming consoles. That’s why getting a Fitbit Ace may be the solution since it turns fitness into a game.

There are currently two versions of the Ace. The original Ace costs approximately $99 while the newly released Ace 2 is just $69. That begs the question: which fitness tracker is better?

Shared Features

Neither of the Ace fitness trackers measure age-inappropriate stats like calories burned. They also don’t have heart rate monitors. They do both track steps and they can track sleep, set bedtime reminders, and silently wake up kids by vibrating.

Young children are encouraged to have 3 hours of active play a day, while teenagers should aim for at least 60 minutes. Both watches allow you to create a family fitness dashboard. This allows you to compare your fitness results with the rest of the family and it keeps your kid’s data more secure.


The original Ace looks much more like a traditional Fitbit. It has a brushed aluminum design that’s similar to the adult-geared Alta series. The Ace 2 has a much more rugged plastic case on it. The design of the Ace 2 will appeal to younger kids more, while older children may prefer the classier feel of the original Ace.

The Ace 2 comes with colorful designs that kids are sure to like. It also has been redesigned to have include more child-friendly software that’s complete with monsters, rocket ships, and plants.


The original Ace fitness tracker is splashproof, but you can’t swim with it. This is a big limitation, especially since kids are rarely concerned about keeping things safe. Ideally, you should avoid showering with this watch either.

Fitbit learned a lot from the original Ace and they made the Ace 2 waterproof. In fact, you can swim up to 50 meters below the surface with it. This gives it the same waterproof rating of all of the latest Fitbit models.


For many people, improved water resistance and a lower price settles the matter and they will opt for the Ace 2. The Ace 2 is really an improvement in almost every way, except for the design for some people. The original Ace will appeal to older children more, but it does come at the cost of a design that’s not waterproof. You really do get more for less with the latest version.

If your kid is almost 13 years old, it may be better to wait. Once they turn 13, they can setup an account on Fitbit and use a more well-designed watch that has heart rate monitoring like the Inspire HR.