Fitbit Black Friday 2019 Deals (Ionic, Inspire, Versa, Ace, Charge)

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Fitbit has released their Black Friday deals for 2019 and many of them are live right now. This means that you can pick up a fitness tracker before the rush and avoid the lines. Let’s take a look at Fitbit’s discounts below:

As you can see, Fitbit is discounting a wide range of models this year and the savings are steep. There is a model for everyone depending on your budget and needs.

Choosing a Fitbit

Fitbit designs their fitness trackers for specific use-cases. The Versa series of smartwatches is for people who want the functionality of an Apple Watch at a lower price and a much longer battery life. The Fitbit Versa Lite is a budget smartwatch with a 4 day battery life. The newly released Versa 2 has a 6 day battery life and it’s the only Versa that’s capable of storing up to 300 songs. Music storage allows you to wirelessly connect headphones to the watch and listen to songs without having to bring your phone.

The Inspire HR is a cheap fitness tracker that has a heart rate monitor, step counter, and sleep tracker. The advantage that the Inspire has is that it has a small profile that makes it easy to forget that you are wearing it. Like the Versa, the Inspire HR allows you to use GPS to track pace and where you run via your phone.

The Fitbit Ace 2 is a brand-new fitness tracker that’s designed for kids. Unlike the original Ace, this version is now waterproof. It is also cheaper which is a fantastic combination. You can setup a family dashboard and compare steps taken per day if you’d like. This fitness tracker is a good way to motivate kids to get away from technology and explore the outdoors.

Overall, Fitbit has great Black Friday sales for 2019. They are not discounting the Ionic this year but the Versa 2 has almost all of its features. They are also not discounting the Charge 3, but the Inspire HR can stand side-by-side with it when it comes to specs. Fitness trackers have gotten better and it’s hard to say no at these prices.