DJI Phantom 4 (Advanced and Pro) Holiday Sale

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DJI has just released the Mavic Air 2. See all of the specs here.

The Phantom 4 series are arguably the best consumer drones that DJI makes. They have powerful cameras and an array of features that makes it easy to get gorgeous aerial images.

DJI is having a holiday sale on the Phantom 4 Advanced and Pro versions through December 31st. DJI is offering a free battery worth $169 with the purchase of the Pro and Advanced versions of the Phantom 4. You must make the purchase directly from their site to qualify.

Phantom 4 Pro and Advanced

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro cost $1499. It has the most obstacle avoidance sensors of any DJI consumer drone. It provides full 360 degree protection with front, back, and side sensors. This allows you to fly confidently in enclosed environments. The obstacle avoidance sensors make costly repairs a thing of the past.

The DJI Phantom 4 Advanced is selling for $1199. It is the same as the Phantom 4 Pro except for the lack of 360 degree obstacle avoidance. It still has forward obstacle avoidance sensors to avoid flying into something.

The Phantom 4 Pro and Advanced versions have incredible camera quality that very few drones can match. They take 20 MP stills and they have a 4K camera that can film at 60 FPS. With a flight time of 30 minutes, you can take to the skies for a long time.

Phantom 4 Standard

The Phantom 4 Standard costs considerably less at around $850, but the camera quality is much worse at 12.4 MP. It also captures 4K video but at 30 FPS. The Pro and Advanced versions fly for 2 minutes longer than the standard version. They also have a max range of 4.3 miles compared to 3.1 miles.

The free battery that DJI has announced for their Christmas deal is a good offer because the company does not allow for the use of 3rd party batteries for their products. DJI claims this is because they want to exclude the possibility of battery failure in the event of an accident. So you are stuck paying full retail price for a battery anyways. Having multiple batteries is a must-have accessory for a Phantom 4 drone.

The Phantom 4 series provides the biggest bang for the buck for professional photographers. The Mavic Pro is also nice but the camera for the Phantom 4 Pro and Advanced is far superior. You won’t be disappointed with the high-quality footage your Phantom gives you.