6 Best Laptops with Full Sized Keyboards

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Computers are everywhere these days. Most of us work with computers every day. We go home, and many of us spend at least an hour or two on yet another computer. You probably pay your bills on your computer. You probably connect with friends and family over a computer.

It makes sense, when you spend that much time on one computer or another, to have particular requirements for a good computer.

I don’t know about you, but a full-size keyboard is one of the most important features I look for when I pick out a new computer. Comfort while you type can make a huge difference in the comfort and enjoyment you have when you use your computer.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best laptops with full-sized computers. We’ve picked a range of price points and purposes. We’re looking at fairly basic laptops all the way through to high end gaming computers – so we’ll also discuss many of the other important features along the way.

Acer Aspire E15
Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Processors: 2 Intel I-3 core processor
Memory and RAM: 6Gb RAM, 1000Gb Memory
Battery life: 13 hours
Highly affordable, up to date parts increase durability, good graphics.
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Best Value
LG Gram Thin and Light Laptop
Max Resolution: 2560×1600 pixels
Processors: Intel I-7 processor
Memory and RAM: 16Gb RAM, 512Gb Memory
Screen size: 17” screen
Extremely lightweight and slim design, purpose-built for busy professionals.
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Top Pick
ASUS ROG G703 Desktop Replacement Laptop
Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Processors: Intel i-7 or i-9 processor
Memory and RAM: 8Gb RAM, 2000GB Memory
Screen size: 17.3” screen
Powerful gaming computer, comfortable, fully lighted, customizable keyboard.
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6 Best Laptops with Full Sized Keyboards Comparison Table

ImageMake and ModelComputer TypeMemory and RAMPrice
ASUS ROG G703 Desktop Replacement LaptopHigh-End Gaming Computer8 Gb RAM, 2000 GB MemoryCheck Price
LG Gram Thin and Light LaptopGood, All-Purpose, Rounded Computer16 Gb RAM, 512 Gb MemoryCheck Price
Acer Aspire E15Word Processing and Internet Browsing Limited Computer6 Gb RAM, 1000 Gb MemoryCheck Price
Dell 2019 Inspiron 15 5000Professional Computer with Some Gaming Ability16 Gb RAM, 1 Tb MemoryCheck Price
ASUS Vivobook Pro Thin & Light LaptopProfessional Computer, Casual Gaming16 Gb RAM, 1000 Gb MemoryCheck Price
Alienware 17 RS AW17RSGaming Computer16 Gb RAM, 1,256 GB MemoryCheck Price

6 Best Computers: Detailed Reviews

1. ASUS ROG G703 Desktop Replacement Laptop (Top Pick)

ASUS ROG G703 Desktop Replacement LaptopView on Amazon

Editors Rating: 4.9/5

It would be hard to choose a different computer as our top pick for this list. The ASUS ROG is the most advanced computer on our list and is more than up to the challenges of modern gaming.

Gaming computers are also just well optimized, superior machines on average. Whether you’re a gamer or not, this machine will serve you well for years to come.

However, that kind of quality and performance also comes with a higher price tag. This is the most expensive computer on our list. But, we also think it’s worth it if you want to avoid the cycle of upgrade and obsolescence that plagues computers every couple of years.

Buying high-end once will keep your computer up to date and functional years longer than buying a cheaper model with less advanced hardware. So, lets talk hardware.

The ROG comes with two different processors. Choose between the i-7 and the i-9 intel core processors for your computer. The i-9 is the more advanced option, offering faster speeds and greater overall processing power. But, the i-7 is still more than up to most current generation gaming requirements.

The i-9 is also a factory overclocked device. While that means superior performance, overclocked processors tend to wear out sooner than other models. So, while you’ll get a true workhorse in that processor, you will likely need to replace it a year or two sooner than the i-7.

What about the keyboard? It is a full-size, LED backlit keyboard. The computer comes with the keyboard in a rainbow backlighting that’s both appealing and functional.

The lighting colors and configuration can be customized key-by-key. You can map your most important keys into a specific color or use the color arrangement as a finger guide for more effective typing. Whatever option works best for you, the ROG can support.

The keyboard is light-tap, for less stress on your fingers. It’s also a slightly softer sounding click. Quiet keyboard make a surprising difference in auditory stress when you’re typing for an extended period of time.

For a cooling system it offers two anti-dust fans. While fans aren’t always the most effective cooling system, these are up the job of keeping your computer working smoothly without too much heat gain.

While this computer is our top pick thanks to it’s comfortable keyboard design, superior hardware and performance, and attractive design, we can’t spend too much time here. We’ll cover more of the hardware specifications in the specs section in a moment.

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Tech Specs
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
processor: Intel i-7 or i-9 processor
Screen size: 17.3” screen
Weight: Approximately 10 lbs.
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card
RAM: 8 GB graphics RAM
Ports: 4 USB 3 ports
The Pros
Powerful gaming computer
Top of the line processing power
Comfortable, fully lighted, customizable keyboard
Quiet typing
Beautiful graphics, high frame rate
High quality onboard speaker system
The Cons
Requires 2 chargers
Battery life is relatively short

Note: This computer would get a perfect 5 if it were slightly less expensive. However, since the price point of this computer significantly limits the market, we had to rate it slightly lower.

2. LG Gram Thin and Light Laptop (Best Value)

LG Gram Thin and Light LaptopView on Amazon

Editors Rating: 4.7/5

If you’re looking for something a little more utilitarian, but that still has impressive processing power and versatility, the LG Gram may be a good choice.

When you first look at this laptop it feels like a machine that’s built for professionals. Which it is. It’s a mid-range computer for price. It boasts one of the best processors, good graphics, and, yes, a full-size keyboard.

But, one of the biggest bonus features that comes with this computer is its sleek design. The whole computer weighs less than 3 lbs. While it’s a wide computer, in order to accommodate a large screen and the keyboard, it’s very thin. The computer is designed to slip in and out of bookbags and briefcases.

The Gram also features a fingerprint reader. If you’re someone who struggles to remember passwords, or who wishes you could access your computer’s system faster, this feature is meant for you. Program the computer to recognize your finger, or even a couple fingers, and you’ll quickly be able to access your computer’s main screen.

The battery is rated for 5 hours of continuous use. Of course, your mileage may vary. Gaming and other demanding tasks drain the battery much faster than typing on a word processor, or even browsing the web.

Like the ROG, the Gram boasts an Intel I-7 core processor. It improves on the RAM, with a full 16 GB instead of 8.

It does also come pre-loaded with Windows 10. That’s perfect for users on the cutting edge, but could be a hassle if you’re hanging on to an earlier version. (We know, at least a few of you are still running Windows XP, we get it.)

Overall, this is a solid computer choice. It’s not flashy, but it is incredibly functional. The Gram was designed with business professionals and students in mind. But, you can use it to stream, game, code, whatever you need the Gram can handle.

It made our Best Value designation, despite being a little more expensive than a true middle of the road computer, for a couple reasons. It’s supremely functional. If you need a dependable computer on the go, the Gram can do it.

The Gram is also only slightly more expensive than most mid-range computers but features high-end hardware. The additions of a top-of-the-line processor and increased RAM make this computer a powerhouse, as well as comfortable and convenient.

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Tech Specs
Resolution: 2560×1600 pixels
processor: Intel I-7 processor
Screen size: 17” screen
OS: Windows 10 Home pre-loaded
Weight: 2.95 lbs
Hard disk: 512 GB Memory
Ports: 3 3.1 USB ports
The Pros
Extremely lightweight and slim design
Purpose-built for busy professionals
Includes a great deal of processing power
Fingerprint reader for easy access
Large screen – Good Graphics
The Cons
Speakers aren’t very good

3. Acer Aspire E15 (Best Budget)

Acer Aspire E15View on Amazon

Editors Rating: 4.2/5

Of course, you’re not always looking for a high-end computer. A lot of the time you just need something that will get the job done.

But, less expensive computers often mean smaller keyboards, since cheap computers tend to be very small.

Fortunately, that general rule isn’t absolute. The Aspire is a good computer if you’re looking for fairly basic functionality with some limited bells and whistles. And, of course, a comfortable full-sized computer.

This computer is really designed for people who need word processing power, internet browsing, and some gaming and entertainment ability. If you’re looking for a gaming computer, this probably isn’t it. But it’s a good choice for a new student, and for business professionals who only need some basic functionality.

It does feature an 8th generation Intel core processor, but not a high-end version. It runs on an i3 2.2Ghz processor. The processor won’t run a high-powered graphics card or support too many simultaneous tasks.

That said, the Aspire does what it does exceptionally well. Acer is well known for producing good middle of the road computers that last and serve a specific purpose.

If gives you 13 hours of battery life. That’s enough to get you through most, if not all, of the day on a single charge. Since this computer doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, that 13-hour number should be accurate for to user experience.

You also get reasonable graphic quality and picture on the screen, along with Acer TrueHarmony audio. If you’re looking for a streaming device without a high price tag, the Aspire can do it.

It’s our Best Bargain pick because it’s a solid performance option and is about as cheap as you can go without sacrificing durability and part quality. The Aspire will serve you for several years, without any trouble at all.

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Tech Specs
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
processor: 2 Intel I-3 core processors
Hardrive: 1,000Gb
Battery life: 13 hours
Weight: 5.27 lbs
OS: Windows 10
RAM: 6 Gb computer memory
The Pros
Highly affordable
Up to date parts increase durability
Good graphics
TrueHarmony audio
13-hour battery life
Option of including Microsoft Office Suite, or other functional additions
The Cons
Not a good gaming computer
Processing speed is only so/so

4. Dell 2019 Inspiron 15 5000

Dell 2019 Inspiron 15 5000View on Amazon

Editors Rating: 4.6/5

The latest Dell Inspiron continues the line’s reputation as good middle of the road computers. They’re something of a Jack of All Trades computer. They aren’t the best computer for any single purpose, but they can get the job done on a wide variety of tasks.

The 2019 Inspiron is another 15” screen laptop with a full size, backlit, keyboard. The backlighting on this computer is standard bright white, with the usual brightness controls.

But, it’s biggest advantage as a computer is the option to switch out a standard disk hard drive for a solid state drive. Both drives are featured at 1Tb.

Solid state drives are more expensive than disk hard drives. But, in exchange for the additional cost, solid state drives are more durable. Minor bumps and drops can spell disaster for dish drives but would have to be much more serious to cause problems for a solid state drive.

Solid state is also significantly faster. Data writing and retrieval, the basic background processes needed to access all your computer’s files, are much quicker with a solid-state drive.

However, it’s a little weak when it comes to ports. The 2019 Inspiron has 1 x HDMI, 1 x USB 2.0, 2x Type-A ports, and an audio jack. For many people this won’t be a problem, but USB ports are getting increasingly necessary for computer accessories.

If you want to use a wireless mouse, for instance, that eats a USB port.

The 2019 Inspiron runs on an Intel i-7 processor and an Intel HD 620 graphics card. While the graphics card is a good middle of the road card, it’s not a great card for gaming purposes. This computer can work as a gaming computer, especially with the solid-state drive, but it isn’t the best.

If you’re looking for the target purpose for this computer, it’s another good student and business computer much more than a gaming computer.

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Tech Specs
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
processor: 2.7 GHz Intel i-7 core processor
Screen size: 15.6-inch
Hard disk: 1 Tb memory
Weight: 4.85 lbs.
Graphics card: Intel HD 620 graphics
The Pros
Option of upgrading to a solid-state drive
Large, 1 Tb memory
Runs Windows 10 Home
Reasonably good graphics card
Top of the line Intel core processor
The Cons
Limited USB and other connection ports

5. ASUS Vivobook Pro Thin & Light Laptop

ASUS Vivobook Pro Thin & Light LaptopView on Amazon

Editors Rating: 4.8/5

ASUS is one of the masters of computer design, today. The Vivobook is one of their latest installations in functional multi-purpose computers for middle class consumers.

Like many of the computers on our list, the Vivobook is really targeted toward professionals and college students. It features the top of the line Intel i-7 core processor that’s made several appearances on our list. But, short of the ROG, this one has the highest processor counts, although a slightly lower speed.

It’s a 4-processor system, with a max speed of 1.8 GHz. At 4.6 lbs. it’s not too heavy, but not a true lightweight computer despite its name. The Vivobook is comfortable in your bookbag or briefcase, but a good bit heavier than many lightweight competitors.

The Vivobook also comes with a slightly larger screen, 17.3”.

One of the standout features, and one that adds a great deal of functionality to this laptop, is it’s dual hard drive design. Standard in the Vivobook, you get both a solid-state drive and a disk hard drive.

Like most computers that feature a dual drive system, the solid-state drive is meant to run the operating system and other core computer processes but isn’t meant to store your other files and apps. While this means that your computer is drawing from two different drives for most functions, it significantly increases processing speed and reduces your load time.

While the Vivobook wouldn’t be on our list if it didn’t have a full-size keyboard, the keyboard itself isn’t really anything special. It has the standard backlighting, low-profile, quite key design.

Whether you’re a professional, a casual gamer, a coder, or just someone looking for a good computer to browse the internet and steam entertainment on the go, the Vivobook has you covered.

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Tech Specs
Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels
processor: 4 Intel i-7 core processors
Screen size: 17.3-inch display
Battery life: 8 hours
Weight: 4.6 lbs.
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB graphics card
OS: Windows 10
The Pros
Comes with both a solid state and a disk drive
Top of the line components for greater durability
17.3” screen
Good graphics package
Faster loading times than similar computer model
Includes a USB C connection
The Cons
Few USB and other connection ports
A little heavier than most “lightweight” computers

6. Alienware 17 RS AW17RS

Alienware 17 RS AW17RSView on Amazon

Editors Rating: 4.8/5

Alienware has had ups and downs as a producer of gaming computers, but the 17 RS is a signal that they are still producing high-quality machines. The company has always specialized in gaming computers for casual games and professionals alike.

For us, a gaming computer has to be able to do significantly more than just game. They must have superior processing power, great graphics, great audio, and good ergonomic design. And yes, they need to have a full-size keyboard for ease of use.

The 17 RS delivers on all counts, without the sky high of a truly premium gaming computer like the ROG.

This computer has 16 Gb RAM, 6 Intel i-7 core processors, and a maximum processor speed of 3.5 GHz. That’s enough speed for almost any game, coding, image and audio processing and editing, and much more.

The shining feature of this computer is it’s 4K Ultra HD screen.

That means that this computer can run the best graphics in the gaming industry, straight out of the box. No need to go out and get expensive graphics card upgrades or other improvements.

However, it is one of the heavier laptops on our list. Slightly under 10 lbs., this isn’t a computer you want to be hauling from place to place on a regular basis. It’s enough by itself to weigh down your book bag significantly.

With that weight, though, comes increased durability. If you are someone who is constantly traveling, and don’t mind paying a little extra for your airport luggage, the 17 RS is likely to see you through many journeys entirely undamaged.

The one issue this computer has for gaming purposes, is it’s sound. The sound quality is fine, but it isn’t anything special. If you have a high-tech sound system for gaming, or even high-end headphones, you’ll likely want to purchase a separate sound card for this computer.

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Tech Specs
processor: 6 Intel i-7 core processors, 9MB Cache, up to 4. 1GHz W/ Turbo Boost
Screen size: 17.3-inch display
Battery life: 8 hours
Weight: 9.7 Lbs.
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
Hard disk: 256GB Pie Solid State Drive + 1TB 7200Rpm HDD
OS: Windows 10 Home
The Pros
Some of the best graphics in the business
Impressive processing speed
Plenty of RAM
4k Ultra HD Screen
Comfortable full-size quiet keyboard
6 processors to handle the most demanding programs
The Cons
10 lbs is far heavier than most laptops
Sound system is only so/so
Gaming cuts the battery life significantly


So, we’ve now run through a wide variety of different computers from bare basics internet and word processing computers, through to some of the best gaming laptops you can get. Every computer on our list has a full sized keyboard, some with additional keyboard features.

While this list is a good representation of the best computers for a variety of purposes, they’re far from the only laptops with full sized keyboards out there. One of our primary goals was to make sure we discussed some of the most important features.

Even if keyboards are at the top of your list, you should also be looking at processing speed, weight, battery life, and graphics as a bare minimum check list for what you need in a computer.

What’s within your budget, additional important features, and whether the computer travels well, are other important considerations. At the end of the day, look for a computer that checks as many boxes as possible.

The more your new computer does what you need it to, the less likely you are to turn around and buy another within a year or two. We’d recommend being open to computers that are a little more expensive, if they look like a good return on investment. Look for recently released components, durability features, and other indications that your computer will last.

3/52 ratings