Black Friday Garmin Deals

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Garmin is a major brand in the sports tech wearables. The company is offering major discounts on its products for Black Friday. Fitness trackers and smartwatches are hot holiday items. If you are scooping up gifts for your loved ones or just shopping for yourself, now is the time to take advantage of some great discounts.

Below are the smart watches that Garmin has released sales on for Black Friday.

Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker + Heart Rate

Garmin’s Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker is now available for only $69.99. It has a retail price of up to $108.99. It’s part fitness tracker, part smartwatch. It can measure daily activities, heart rate throughout the day, and can also automatically track sleep at night.

The Vivosmart HR activity tracker has a rugged design and is equipped with a heart-rate monitor, GPS, accelerometer, barometric, altimeter, and more. Furthermore, it is water resistant and can survive submersions at depths of up to 5 ATM.

In addition, you can also skip music from your wrist and the watch works well with music playing apps. A big part of the Vivosmart HR’s feature set is the smartwatch notifications. It is the perfect smartwatch for athletes.

Garmin Vivoactive HR Smartwatch

Garmin has its Vivoactive HR Smartwatch on sale right now for just $119.99 ($130 off retail price). Garmin’s Vivoactive HR is unlike many of Garmin’s other products. It’s an everyday fitness band, not just made for athletes.

The Vivoactive HR smartwatch tracks your activity all day such as your steps, floors climbing, calories burned, and even sleep. You can get smartphone notifications from your iPhone or Android device on your smartwatch. It even has a built-in optical heart-rate sensor and GPS tracking.

The watch can categorize exercise for you to get the maximum accuracy in calories burned. Garmin’s Vivoactive HR Smartwatch is great gadget for people with active lifestyles.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch

Garmin’s Vivoactive 3 smartwatch is now available for only $249. It has a retail price of up to $299.99. The Vivoactive 3 smartwatch is one of the most advanced sports smartwatches on the market today. For all the tech and fitness lovers out there, this wearable is your dream come true.

The new Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch is thinner, lighter, and generally better-looking. The watch has more than 15 built-in apps that provide stress tracking, fitness monitoring, and GPS tracking. You can even use the smartwatch for mobile payments through Garmin Pay. Moreover, you can download different watch faces to suit your personal style.

In addition, if you have an iPhone or Android, you can also connect your phone to your Vivoactive 3 smartwatch and access your phone from your wrist. From your watch, you can even see who’s calling you and either answer or decline the call, receive and respond to text messages, follow social media updates, and keep track of your emails.

Garmin Fenix 3 HR Smartwatch

Garmin lowered their price of their Fenix 3 HR Smartwatch from $549 to just $299.99. The Fenix 3 HR has a bold, hunky, and strong outdoor action watch case and a silicone strap that’s rugged yet sophisticated enough to be worn with formal attire.

The Fenix 3 HR smartwatch is equipped with a round 218 × 218 pixels transflective color display which is protected by Garmin’s top-of-the-line Sapphire lens. The lens is surrounded by five buttons: three on the left and two on the right. The case of the watch is also water resistant. The back of the watch features Garmin’s Elevate tech which is an optical heart rate monitor that records and logs your heart rate 24/7.

Aside from telling the time and displaying sunrise and sunset times, the smartwatch also has other features including GPS, barometric altimeter, barometer, electronic compass, accelerometer, and a thermometer. It even tracks and logs daily quantified life metrics like steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, and sleep quality. It’s like a fitness science data center on your wrist.

Garmin Vívofit jr. 2

Garmin’s kid’s activity tracker, the Vívofit Jr. 2, is on sale right now for just $79.99 ($20 off of retail price). Parents can now buy their kids a Vívofit with Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel-themed bands, thanks to a licensing deal with Disney. Characters include Minnie Mouse, BB-8, and Marvel’s Captain America.

It is equipped with a replaceable battery which is designed to last at least a year. In addition, each tracker comes with one of two band options. You can either get a stretchy band for smaller wrists or an adjustable band for older kids. The Vívofit jr. can tracks steps, sleep, and 60 minutes of daily recommended activity which unlocks a new adventure in a corresponding Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel mobile app experience.

Parents can assign and reward chores from the mobile app, set up scheduler alerts, view steps, and see sleep information. Furthermore, Kids can initiate timed step challenges with their nearby friends. The app allows for multiple profiles so parents and siblings with compatible Garmin devices can also have their steps listed on the step leaderboard to promote healthy competition.