GoPro Cyber Monday Deals

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GoPro has become an iconic brand that is well known for the action films that are captured using their devices of people snowboarding, biking, and more. The company makes high-quality cameras that are often a lot more money than the competition. Fortunately, GoPro has released a discount on select cameras that has been extended to Cyber Monday.

You can save up to 26% on a GoPro with these deals. Consider getting a GoPro if you plan on being outdoors this year and you want to capture unforgettable memories.

GoPro Hero5 Black

The GoPro Hero5 is one of the companies newest releases. This camera can take 12MP photographs and film in 4K. This camera is small enough to fit in your pocket which makes it convenient to bring it with wherever you go.

The GoPro Hero5 is a tough camera. The main thing that separates it from previous cameras is that you can submerge it in up to 33 feet of water without a case. This is a phenomenal feature since it means one less piece of equipment that you have to remember to take with you.

The Hero5 starts filming immediately with a single press of the shutter button. This lets you capture fast paced action at a moment’s notice.

A major upgrade in the Hero5 is also the focus this camera has put on image stabilization. Previous versions of the GoPro often received complaints that the footage looked shaky because of the high-speed action that was filmed. This GoPro can be carried by hand and still look great thanks to the hard work the company did here.

The Hero5 is an ultra-portable action camera with a 2 inch color screen. You can change settings and even watch and trim videos directly from the camera. This action camera can also be controlled with voice commands which makes it easy to take selfies.

The Hero5 has a battery life of 60 – 90 minutes of continuous 4k filming. This camera can also connect with your phone to attach GPS data to the footage. Additionally, the Hero5 has 3 microphones to cut down noise and get crisp audio.

GoPro Hero5 Session Bundle

The GoPro Hero5 Session is quite a bit smaller than the Hero5. It’s cheaper too and you can get it for Cyber Monday for as low as $249. This is a discount of up to $90 from its retail price of $339. The bundle kit comes with the camera, a headband to wear the camera, and a 16 GB MicroSD card.

The Hero5 Session still outputs 4K video. The photographs are slightly lower quality at 10MP. There is no touch display on this device, although it does have voice control still. This camera has the same one click record feature of its larger cousin.

The battery lasts up to 2 hours on the GoPro Hero5 Session. It has the same waterproof construction as the Hero5 with the ability to go 33 feet underwater by itself.

Many people were expecting GoPro to release discounts across a wider range of action cameras. The company did make a good choice on discounting the Hero5 though, because this is probably their best camera. The GoPro Hero5 is worth getting, but the Hero5 Session is pretty limited.

GoPro does not often release discounts on their products so now is your chance for a while to get a discount.