GoPro Hero 9 Black Friday 2020 Deals

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GoPro is discounting the newly released Hero 9 for Black Friday. The price has been reduced by $50 on Amazon to $399.  Additionally, if you want to spend less money you can get the Hero 8 Black for $299.

The Hero 9 is the first GoPro capable of 5K footage. It’s capable of 20 megapixel photos, which is an improvement from 12 MP on the Hero 8 Black. It can also be used as a webcam, which is perfect for zoom meetings when you want a crisper and more professional look.

The Hero 9 is larger and heavier than it’s predecessor, but the increased performance more than makes up for this. It has a longer battery life of 2.5 hours, which is a full 30 minutes longer than the previous model. It also has a full color screen on the front for the first time. This makes it easier to vlog and see yourself in the camera view.

There are numerous mods that can attach to the camera. You can easily install a microphone mod to improve the sound quality. In addition, there are mods that offer light and much more.

If you purchase the Hero 9 on GoPro’s website, you can save up to $200 and get additional accessories. They are bundling the camera with a 32gb memory card, floating hand grip, spare battery, and a camera case. The price is reduced to $349, but it comes with a subscription to GoPro’s software cloud.