Gotrax Releases New Off Road Hoverboard

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Gotrax has expanded their product line with the release of the Hoverfly XL. The Hoverfly XL is an off road hoverboard with rugged 8-inch tires. The Colorado based company is celebrating the launch of the Hoverfly XL with a 30% discount from its $299 retail price.

The Hoverfly XL is selling for $229 with a $70 off discount. For the next few days you can get another $20 off using the coupon code ‘hover20’. This brings the price down to $209.

Gotrax first gained notoriety with the Hoverfly Eco, which is one of the best selling hoverboards on Amazon. The Hoverfly Eco is currently selling for $179, which means you can get the Hoverfly XL for just $30 more.

The Hoverfly XL features dual 350 watt motors, which are more powerful than the 250 watt motors on their base model. Fortunately, this extra power has not changed the specs and the Hoverfly XL comes with the same 12 mile range and 7.4 MPH max speed.

All Gotrax products are UL 2272 certified. This means that the products have gone through rigorous testing from an independent agency to ensure that they are safe. This is great to know since it wasn’t that long ago that hoverboards were getting bad press from poor manufacturing practices.

Hoverboards are a lot of fun to ride. A lot of companies have entered the space and there are a ton of choices for consumers to pick from. This has reduced prices across the board but with that has come some companies that have cut corners in product quality. Gotrax is not one of them in our experience. They provide some of the cheapest hoverboards on the market, but they still are well-built and long lasting.

Hoverboards were expensive and unreliable just a few years ago. The technology is maturing fast thanks to companies like Gotrax. The company is rapidly growing and they have recently expanded their product line to also include an electric scooter and electric ATV for kids.