Home Security Camera Systems Cyber Monday 2018

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Cyber Monday is a fantastic day to get a new home security system or add new cameras to your existing one. Most of the deals from Black Friday have continued and there are plenty of options. You can easily save hundreds of dollars during the sale.

Single Camera

A single camera is perfect for apartments and small homes. Usually, they are best placed in the living room. Video doorbells are an increasingly popular option as well. They can send you alerts when someone approaches your door and you can even talk to them through the app.

Multiple Cameras

Multiple cameras are great for medium and large homes. People put the cameras around the exterior of their homes to cover the front door, back doors, and the driveway. Some people also use them to get a full perimeter of all windows.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are super convenient. You can enter your home without a key, so that’s one less thing to carry. Many models also let you assign one-time codes for friends or family. This allows you to not have to worry about someone losing or copying your key.

Sensors, Lights, and Control Panels

You can improve your home security system with other accessories like motion activated lights.

How to Choose a Home Security Camera

Look for a home security system that has a well-designed app first and foremost. There are security cameras that you can buy that store the footage locally, but thieves can just steal the hard drive. Plus, you won’t get alerts and you won’t be able to respond to things as they happen.

Look at the fees of online storage for security cameras before you buy one. Some are more expensive than others, and most will store a certain amount of footage for free.

Finally, consider the resolution of the security camera. Don’t settle for anything less than 1080p these days and make sure that they have infrared night vision so that you can capture footage without lights.

Overall, there are some phenomenal deals for security cameras this Cyber Monday. There’s never been a better time to get a system.