Hoverboard Deals for Black Friday 2019

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Hoverboards are an extremely fun way to get around. For adults, you can go off-roading with them and enjoy yourself. For kids, you can use it as a way to motivate them to get away from electronics an in the outdoors. Black Friday is the best time by far to get a hoverboard and there are more options than ever in 2019.

It’s now possible to find a hoverboard for under $100. Of course, price isn’t everything and you may prefer a hoverboard with more advanced features. Let’s take a look at what’s out there for Black Friday 2019:

How to Choose a Hoverboard

As you can see, there are numerous hoverboards to choose from and one that will appeal to everyone depending on their needs. Picking one is straightforward as long as you know a few things. The best info to start with is the hoverboard’s weight capacity. Most hoverboards, especially cheaper ones, cannot hold heavy riders.

Another consideration is the wheel size. Hoverboards usually have 6-inch wheels. 8-inch wheels are available on more expensive models that will give you the clearance you need if you want to go off-roading.

It’s also a smart idea to look at how many watts the motors have and the estimated range. Of course, the range estimates can vary wildly between manufacturers so be sure to read reviews for real-world conditions. Finally, check to see if the hoverboards have beginner-friendly modes if that’s what you need.

Overall, there’s never been a better time to get a hoverboard and the savings that you can get for Black Friday are unreal.