Best Hoverboard Carts for 2019

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Hoverboards are pretty fun to ride. They give you that feeling of gliding through the air. They don’t technically hover, but we all know that by now. Riding on them sure feels like you’re floating on air. Boards that behave similarly to those featured in Back to the Future may be years away. But today’s self-balancing scooters are enough to give you a ride you won’t soon forget.

You might think that there is only one way to ride a hoverboard, and that’s standing up. It’s the default way to ride it for sure, and everyone seems to use them that way. It is exciting, but after some time it can get somewhat stale, particularly when you use your board to commute to work. Sometimes all you need is a little change.

This is where hoverboard carts come in. During your off days, when you feel like riding your hoverboard for fun, you don’t really want to stand up and use it like you do every single day. The good news is that there is an accessory that’s going to change the way you look at your board.

Think of it like a go-kart attachment. This is what the hoverboard cart essentially is. Say goodbye to keeping your balance because you’ll be on your bum when you attach this to your board.

Why Get a Hoverboard Cart

Apart from the obvious fun factor, attaching a cart to your board can sometimes be safer. The risk of falling down and getting injured dramatically decreases in some cases. You’re seated and close to the ground. This is an enjoyable alternative to those who are new to hoverboarding.

Attaching a hoverboard cart also significantly increases stability. You practically go from two wheels to four. Now you’re providing a stable base so no matter what happens, you can be sure that you and the board are not going to fall over that quickly. There are different types of carts, and some come only with three wheels. However, it is still more stable compared to your regular self-balancing scooter.

The downside of using your hoverboard with a cart is that it won’t be that useful for commuting since you’ll be increasing your footprint. You won’t be able to zip through sidewalks with a cart attachment. But who says you’re getting them for your commute?

Choosing the Right Cart for You

There are a lot of hoverboard cart variations available. Some carts will transform your board into a four-wheeled vehicle, and some will make it a three-wheeler. Choosing the right cart for your board is not that difficult to make, especially if you already have an idea on what you’re looking for.

There are a few things to look out for, and it all depends on your preference. Do you want to ride high or low to the ground? Do you want a seat with suspensions for a more comfortable ride? How do you want to control your hoverboard cart?

When choosing the right cart for you and your board, these are some of the questions that you’ll want to answer, and we’re going to help you with that.

The Cart Framework

When it comes to hoverboard carts, one of the things that you need to take into account is choosing its framework. This is the sturdiness of the entire structure of the assembly. The stronger it is, the safer the rider.

This is crucial since carts have different designs. Some come with a standard four-wheel cart where you can attach a seat, while others come with fully retractable frameworks and emphasize portability.

If you’re buying a cart to fix to your hoverboard, you want to make sure that it will not break when you hit a hard bump on the road. You also want to know how the entire cart will be attached to your board so you can understand if it will be able to handle the extra load.

Ease of Installation

Different cart types mean various ways to get it attached to your board. That means that not every cart will be the same, and installing them will have their own set of challenges. If you’re choosing a cart, you want to make sure that you will be able to assemble it without difficulty. Apart from the installation, you also want to ensure that disassembly will be a breeze.

The harder a cart is to install means that you’re going to have a lot of chances to commit an error during the process. When that happens, you increase the risk of injury. The simpler the instructions and the lesser parts to bolt on means that you won’t forget to screw on something that will allow the cart to break unexpectedly.

More than making sure that your time is well spent, it is also to the safety of your riders, especially if you bought the cart for your kids.

Cart Seats

Selecting a cart also means choosing a seat. Now for hoverboard carts, there are two main types of seating attachments. The first one is the sport racing seat, which looks like a car seat. It looks slick and makes your cart look fast. The other type is more like a beach chair. It’s more comfortable and positioned higher up the cart compared to the sport seat.

One thing you have to note though is that the seat you’re getting needs to be able to accommodate yourself, so you always feel comfortable, every time you ride your cart. It also needs to be durable and sturdy so that it doesn’t break at the slightest bump, and you want it to last so you can enjoy it for a really long time.


The hoverboard is controlled using your center of weight or the sensors on the foot pad. So if you’re sitting down on a chair that’s on top of the board, how do you control it? Well, for most carts, this is achieved by using handlebars that are located on the sides of the cart. These bars are linked to the board’s foot pads. Push the bars to the front, and they drive the entire assembly forward. Braking and going in reverse is the opposite, so all you need to do is pull the bars back.

Turning is done the same way, but with a combination of shifting and tugging on the handlebars. Basically, you can still do the spinning trick by pulling on one of the bars and pushing on the opposite bar. It takes a little getting used to, especially if you always ride your hoverboard the conventional way.

There are also some carts which use the hoverboard as a footrest, and you can control the entire cart that way. For these setups, you still maintain control via your foot, the only difference is that instead of standing up, you’re sitting down on a chair.

Compatibility with your Board

Most cart accessory kits are designed for different types of boards. However, there are kits exclusively made for a brand and model, this is what you should look out for. When you’re searching for the right kind of cart for your board, always make sure that the one you like can be installed properly.

This is a very essential step when you’re making that decision because sometimes, you might really like a cart, but it’s not compatible with the brand or model of your hoverboard. Sometimes the realization might be a little too late. Always check, so you can make the right purchase.

Hoverboard Carts for your Board

If you’re looking for a change when it comes to your hoverboard experience and you want to spice things up a little bit, then it’s time to get a cart. We have done the research and compiled a list of the best carts that you can get to attach to your board.

Now you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues since we’ll tell you right away what hoverboards you can attach a specific cart to.



Retail Price: $129

The HoverSeat XL is branded as a sitting attachment for your board. However, it does look a lot like a cart when attached to your cart. These accessory works are compatible on almost all hoverboards, there is only one requirement – your hoverboard pivot needs to be round. The reason for this is that its attachment clamp is round. So if it doesn’t fit, then it can’t attach to your board. The good news is that the pivots on most boards are round so you’ll be able to fix this to a lot of different types. The even better news is that there is an optional universal clamp available so you can fit this into virtually any board.

This accessory is made with a light aluminum frame and a built-in chair that sits on the frame. It looks more like an outdoor lounge chair with wheels rather than a sporty go-kart. The HoverSeat XL is made for total comfort. The built-in chair comes with a large storage pack at the back and lots of little pouches for your water bottle and phone. Other additional accessories can easily be attached to the frame, such as an umbrella and lights.

Setting up and fixing the cart to your board is easy. The entire frame can easily fit in the trunk of your car so you can take the HoverSeat anywhere. Installing it easy, all you need to do is attach the clamp to the center of your board, and that’s it. You’re ready to go and enjoy your cart.

The HoverSeat XL is not limited to just a sitting attachment. You can use it in many different ways such as attaching an extra cart for towing so you can carry bags, boxes, bulky tools, and even additional seats. You can join up to three HoverSeats together to pull an adult and two kids depending on the power of your board.

Controlling your cart with the HoverSeat isn’t awkward at all. Because of the way it’s set up, when you sit on the chair, your hoverboard is attached to your front. Your feet will rest on your board so you can control it by pushing your feet onto the foot pads. You won’t have to deal with handlebars. For the best experience, it is recommended to recalibrate your hoverboard so that the foot pads face you at an angle. Think of it like gas pedals on a car.

The whole cart is designed for maximum comfort. The wheels are designed to be used off-road, especially on grass, gravel, and sand so you can use it in the park or on the beach.



Retail Price: $79

The HoovyKart Go Kart Conversion Kit is an accessory that you can attach to just about any hoverboard. Compatibility is not really a problem for this cart since all you need to do is strap in the entire assembly to your board. The straps are adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about fitting them on different sized boards.

One of the most notable features of the HoovyKart is its ease of use. It is 90% fully assembled. The remaining 10% is all a matter of attaching the seat it comes with to the seat plate. You’ll be ready to ride your brand new cart in a couple of minutes. This eliminates all the guesswork, so you don’t have to read up on manuals or figure it out by yourself.

Attaching this add-on also makes your hoverboard safe for kids as they will be sitting down with their center of gravity very low, minimizing the risk of them falling down and injuring themselves. It also gives you more and better control of the board compared to standing up. Not to mention, it is an enjoyable alternative to enjoy your hoverboard.

The HoovyKart uses steering bars that are located on either side so you can speed up, brake, and turn comfortably and in full control. It is so intuitive that even kids won’t have a hard time adjusting.

As for the seat, it is designed to be comfortable. Excellent lumbar support and ergonomic seat contours that follow the shape of your back and legs make this effortless and a joy to ride at any time. It also comes with adjustable foot pedals so that a rider of any height can be comfortable.

The HoovyKart is an excellent hoverboard cart with a strong base that can support a rider of any build. It is not complicated to attach to your board, and it is compatible with almost any self-balancing scooter in the market as it uses straps to fasten the frame.



Retail Price: $105

The HiBoy HC-02 Hoverboard Cart is one that puts a premium on safety and ride comfort. It is one of the few carts in the market that’s equipped with rear suspensions. It is a solid, reliable conversion kit that is capable of carrying a passenger up to 270 pounds.

Similar to most carts that use a strap to attach to the hoverboard, compatibility is not really an issue with the HiBoy as you can clip it to any board and you’ll be sure that it’s going to work. You can easily attach this to 6.5, 8, and 10-inch boards. There are few boards that you can’t fit this to like the Swagtron T6 because of the carrying handle in the middle of the board. Installation is quick as it comes almost fully assembled and you can get going in under 15 minutes.

The HiBoy comes with two control sticks located on either side of the seat, which makes it easier for you to steer the cart. As for the controls, you push the bars to move forward and pull it back to brake and reverse.

The seat is something unique to this board as it comes with suspension springs that make it a much more comfortable ride compared to other carts. Attach this to a board with excellent off-road capabilities for a unique riding experience. The cart also comes with adjustable foot pedals to give you that next level of comfort.

The HiBoy HC-02 is a cart that you can use on a lot of different types of hoverboards. As long as your board doesn’t have a carrying handle on the pivot, then you will be able to enjoy this cart. It’s safe and will surely give you a different driving experience and is a fun accessory to have, especially for kids.



Retail Price: $75

The Kraulwell Hoverboard Cart is an excellent accessory that can be used on boards between 6.5 and 10 inches. It attaches to a board via adjustable straps so you can be sure that your board is likely to be compatible with this cart.

Adding this cart to your board makes it more stable, which is perfect for kids. Apart from a new way to enjoy riding a hoverboard, it is also a safer alternative to standing up. It is easy and intuitive to control using two steering levers that are located to either side of the seat. Controlling the board with your hands instead of your feet make it safe and stable.

Ease of installation is always a tricky subject when it comes to hoverboard carts, and the good news is that the Kraulwell takes very little time to install. Out of the box, it almost comes assembled, so you eliminate the guesswork and ensure a safe installation every time.

The Kraulwell comes with comfortable ergonomic seats that aim to hug your body as you sit. This ensures a smooth and relaxed ride every time. It also has an adjustable foot support so that anyone from a kid to an adult can enjoy riding the cart without worrying about keeping yourself comfortable for long periods.



Retail Price: $49

The Vevor Hoverboard Cart is an accessory that transforms your self-balancing scooter into an electric go-kart. It’s not only for looks, but it also adds to the function as you will be able to control the cart while sitting down, making it safer for both kids and adults alike.

This cart can be installed on most hoverboard models ranging from 6.5 to 10 inches. It is compatible with most models, and you can definitely get this for your existing board. The cart is built using aluminum alloy and plastic to make it sturdy, so it withstands larger bumps on the road.

When it comes to controlling the cart, it has two pull rods that are situated on either side of the seats to give you full, accurate control of the entire board and cart. To control the speed, you need to hold the rods and push to accelerate or pull to slow down and reverse. These control rods allow you to do a variety of tricks like turning on a dime.

The Vevor hoverboard cart is a safe and comfortable alternative to standing up. Installation is quick, and using it is easy and is a suitable accessory for kids.

Final Thoughts

Getting a hoverboard cart means that you want to explore a variety of ways you can ride and enjoy your board. This is especially true if you rely on your board for your daily commute. Use the cart attachment to wind down and have a lot of fun.

What’s interesting about these carts is that they’re remarkably easy to use and install. It’s like their manufacturers have thought of everything to make sure that anyone who uses them doesn’t make any mistakes that might put those using the cart in danger.