Best Hoverboard Cyber Monday 2018 Deals ($500 Off)

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Cyber Monday is here and there are even more hoverboards on sale than on Black Friday. Many models have been reduced by hundreds of dollars.

How to Shop for a Hoverboard

Hoverboards had a bad reputation several years ago from faulty batteries. The good news is that these problems have been fixed. All major retailers only sell UL2272 certified boards. This is a rigorous independent test to ensure that the hoverboard is safe. Only buy UL2272 hoverboards on Cyber Monday. All of the options we’ve listed above qualify.

The first thing to consider is the maximum rider weight. Your average hoverboard can only transport someone who weighs 220 pounds. If you are heavier than this you will need to get a heavier duty off-road hoverboard.

The battery life of  a hoverboard is important. Some models can go north of 10 miles without recharging. Think about what you will be using the hoverboard for and figure out if this is what you wan to prioritize. Cheap hoverboards have 400 or 500 watt motors. Looking at this is the best way to estimate the max speed. High-end models have 800 watt motors and they can run over anything thanks to their larger 8 inch wheels.

Larger wheels allow you to go off-roading with your hoverboard. You can find hoverboards with up to 10 inch wheels. Most hoverboards have 6.5 inch tires that are good for rolling around on pavement with. They can reach their target speed faster thanks to less rolling resistance. You can look at the maximum incline information to determine how well a hoverboard will perform off-roads.

Overall, there’s never been a better time to get a hoverboard. There are more options to choose from than ever before. This is your last chance to save big on hoverboards before the holidays. They are the perfect gift and they can provide endless hours of entertainment.