Best Hoverboard Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals

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Black Friday is over but some hoverboards are still on sale. This is your last chance to pick up many of these hoverboards. We don’t know when these sales will end, but it’s possible that some of them will continue through Cyber Monday.

Hoverboards are great Christmas gifts. When they first came out, they were super expensive. Hoverboards have never been cheaper as a lot more competition has entered the space. You can now find decent hoverboards for under $200. It’s even easier to do so during Cyber Monday.

How to Shop for a Hoverboard

Hoverboards had a bad reputation two years ago because of issues with their batteries. Every major retailer will now only sell UL2272 Certified hoverboards. UL2272 is set of tests done by independent company that ensure that the product is safe. Look for this in any hoverboard that you purchase.

The very first thing to look for when purchasing a hoverboard is the maximum rider weight. Most hoverboards can only handle riders up to 220 pounds. Some like the Segway miniLite are only rated to 175 pounds. If you are weigh more than this, you will have to pay a bit more for a hoverboard that’s made from heavier duty materials.

One of the biggest differences between hoverboards is the size of their wheels. Most hoverboards have 6.5 inch wheels. You should look for larger 8.5 or even 10 inch wheels if you want to ride over uneven terrain. Look for “off-road” in product descriptions.

Cheap hoverboards have low watt motors. Looking at the number of watts the motors have will tell you a lot about its max speed and overall performance. Cheap hoverboards have 400 or 500 watt motors. If you want better performance look for models with 700 – 800 watts.

The final factor to consider is the battery. Always choose a model with a lithium ion battery. These last longer and provide more power for the weight. Pay close attention to the maximum range that’s listed in the description.

Overall, hoverboards are a ton of fun and they are a great way to get people outdoors. With these Cyber Monday deals, you can save money on a hoverboard ahead of the holidays.