Hoverheart 6.5-inch Standard Hoverboard Review: Is it worth it?

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Although hoverboards have become extremely popular gift items for kids and young adults, many of the models can be a little too expensive. However, going for very cheap models could mean compromising on safety and durability. What’s the use of saving $100 to $150 for a cheap hoverboard that wouldn’t even last a month or two?

Luckily for shoppers on a tight budget, we have come up with a detailed review of the 6.5-inch Hoverheart hoverboard, one of the best-selling and most popular hoverboards in the $200 price range. Does the Hoverheart really give good value for money? Can it be considered a high-quality product despite its low price?

Design and build quality

The 6.5-inch Hoverheart standard hoverboard is the most basic model in Hoverheart’s lineup. However, it looks far from basic. Hoverheart hoverboards have a penchant for visual flair, and this model is no different. The Hoverheart comes in a variety of solid colors and print designs, and each one of them comes with a gorgeous chrome finish that gives it a premium look. The chrome job of each Hoverheart hoverboard looks exceptionally good and is sure to make it stand out in a crowd. In terms of design choices, the Hoverheart probably has one of the widest selections out of all hoverboard models.

One problem with the overly flashy exterior of the Hoverheart is the fact that it will highlight any damage the hoverboard will endure. Considering the amount of punishment that hoverboards go through, the chrome finish will inevitably peel off. However, this is a minor quibble which should not distract from the Hoverheart’s overall quality.

The visual appeal of the Hoverheart does not end with just its finish. It is outfitted with an array of LED lights both on its front panel and above the splash guard. The lights look very impressive and also make the Hoverheart safe to ride even at night.

The Hoverheart comes with standard 6.5-inch wheels coated in solid rubber. The rubber coating feels suitably durable, and the non-inflated build means that the wheels have no issues with punctures and are essentially maintenance-free.

The casing of the Hoverheart is primarily made of plastic, which is not surprising considering its price tag. It’s not as durable as higher-end models made with metal alloy frames, but it is also not as heavy. At only 22 lbs., the Hoverheart is lighter than most hoverboards but does not feel flimsy. Its lightweight build, which makes it easy to carry around, is one of the biggest strengths of the Hoverheart.

The Hoverheart comes at a standard size which should fit most third-party accessories such as protective skins and carrying cases. It does not come with any waterproof rating, so it can be reasonably concluded that the Hoverheart is not designed with water resistance. We would recommend packing up the Hoverheart at the first sign of rain.


The Hoverheart exhibits ample power provided by its twin 200W motors. Although not impressive, these motors give the Hoverheart a standard 220-lb. capacity. This is more than enough for young riders, which is the primary market of the Hoverheart. Bigger and heavier adults are better off getting higher-end models such as the Halo Rover.

On flat surfaces, the Hoverheart can move with speeds between 6 mph to 10 mph. The Hoverheart is surprisingly very stable even when you push it to its maximum speed. The controls are sufficiently responsive, although the Hoverheart struggles in making sudden direction changes or rapid back-and-forth movements. It also feels a little underpowered when climbing up inclined surfaces.

The wheels of the Hoverheart are made for smooth surfaces. Indoors and over paved trails, this hoverboard performs exceptionally smooth and hardly struggles. However, there may be times when you have to go off-road. The Hoverheart performs reasonably well over grass and packed dirt but will probably run into problems on softer surfaces such as snow or sand. The 6.5-inch wheels also tend to get stuck in cracks and potholes, so it would be better to avoid them altogether.


The Hoverheart is equipped with a 25.9V 4000mAh battery that gives it a range of up to 7.5 miles. This range is a little shorter compared to higher-end models, which is just another quirk of this budget hoverboard. Although it seems underpowered, the Hoverheart is still UL 2272-certified. This means that it has gone through a battery of tests that ensure that it will not spontaneously catch fire or explode even when it endures the roughest conditions. Charing the Hoverheart’s battery from 0% to full takes around 3 hours.


Although the Hoverheart does not come with a mobile app that offers advanced controls, it still has built-in high-quality Bluetooth speakers. This is a welcome feature that does not typically come in hoverboards in this price range. A favorite among young riders, the provision of Bluetooth speakers allows you to cruise along on the Hoverheart to the tune of your favorite songs.

The Bluetooth speakers also give off an audible alarm to warn you when the battery reaches critically low levels. In the absence of a mobile app and other visual battery indicators, this audible alarm is a safety feature that you will come to appreciate.


The biggest selling point of the Hoverheart is its price. At only around $200, the Hoverheart is in the lower end of the price spectrum. Despite the huge selection of hoverboards in this price range, the Hoverheart manages to stand out because of its visual flair, high-quality build, and fun features. Despite being an old model, the Hoverheart remains one of the best-selling hoverboards in Amazon.

Is it worth it?

To be honest, shoppers looking for a hoverboard in the $100 to $200 price range are spoiled with choices. However, choosing the best one out of all these options can prove to be difficult. After all, buying a budget hoverboard typically comes with the usual suite of low expectations: they might be unsafe, the controls might not be smooth, or they may end up breaking down in just a few weeks.

The Hoverheart strikes the perfect balance of affordability and quality. It may not come with the advanced features of the higher end models but makes up for it with visual flair. Despite the low price, the Hoverheart is the type of hoverboard that is sure to make a few heads turn.

The Hoverheart is not just about the looks, though. Used in smooth surfaces (as it was intended), the riding experience with the Hoverheart leaves little else to be desired. It’s smooth, responsive, reasonably powerful, and comes with all the usual safety features. The inclusion of Bluetooth speakers is a huge plus, as many cheap hoverboards tend to forego this feature.

Out of all its shortcomings, the lack of any water resistance and less than satisfactory performance in off-road conditions hurts its overall impression the most.

Another benefit of the Hoverheart is the fact that it’s manufactured by a US-based company. The customer support of Hoverheart is also US-based, ensuring that they respond to your concerns quickly and reliably. If you’re on a tight budget, then you probably will not find a better-quality product than the Hoverheart near its price range.