HTC Vive Black Friday 2018 Deals

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HTC has announced that they will discount their Vive Pro virtual reality headset for Black Friday. You can save several hundred dollars during the sale. This is the only Vive VR headset that will be discounted. There are other more affordable VR headsets that are being discounted.

These deals will start on Black Friday and continue until Cyber Monday or while supplies last. There are some digital deals that are also currently available for Black Friday:

  • Superhot VR, Accounting+, and The Wizards are on sale for just $1 for Viveport subscribers
  • You can subscribe to Viveport for 25% off for a 6 month plan and 50% off for a 12 month plan on Black Friday. You will also get a free Fallout 4 VR Steam code.
  • 100 games are discounted by up to 95%

HTC Vive Pro

Black Friday Price: $699 Retail Price: $799


The Black Friday price above is only for the headset. You can get a bundle for $1199 ($200 off for Black Friday) that includes two next-generation controllers, two Steam VR Base Stations 2.0, and a subscription to Viveport for 2 months. 

The HTC Vive Pro gives you a little piece of the future. The screen resolution is an incredible 2880 x 1600, which means that there are over 615 pixels per square inch (PPI). For comparison, the iPhone XS only has a 458 PPI screen. This will make your VR experience virtually indistinguishable from reality. This is a 37% PPI increase from the previous version.

The headphones offer 3D spatial sound that is designed to be true-to-life. They also have dual microphones that are used for active noise cancellation.

HTC recommends that you have the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480 or higher GPUs to use the device.

Overall, HTC’s Black Friday offer for the Vive is solid but this model is only for people who are serious about virtual reality. This headset is still extremely expensive, but it makes sense for people who want to taste the future before everyone else.