HyperX Gaming Headset Black Friday 2018 Deals

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HyperX has discounted a variety of their products for Black Friday. HyperX is a well-known maker of gaming peripherals. The company is best known for the high-quality gaming headsets that they make. They also make keyboards and mice.

We expect these sales to continue through Cyber Monday, although quantities may be limited.


Gaming headsets are what made HyperX its name. The company produces superb headsets that are comfortable and made from durable materials. They also have great sounding microphones, which means other players will be able to easily understand what you are saying.

At just $25, the cheapest HyperX is affordable for most gamers. You’ll need to pay a bit more if you want more advanced features like 7.1 surround sound so you can tell the direction enemies are approaching from.

Keyboards and Mice

A mechanical keyboard with programmable keys can take your gaming up a notch. Mechanical keys are more precise, which will lead to less accidental presses and fewer presses without a response. This can mean the difference between winning and losing games in high risk situations.

HyperX also makes a fantastic mouse that has up to 16,000 dots per inch (DPI). This means that it’s extremely accurate and responsive when you move it to take aim. It also has programmable buttons on the site that can trigger different functions.

Overall, HyperX is offering great Black Friday deals this year. You can save up to 43% as you upgrade your gaming gear.