6 Best In-Ear Monitor Systems

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Are you looking for an in-ear monitor system, but can’t find the one that matches your requirements? In this buyer’s guide, you’ll find a rich variety of in-ear monitors systems across three price categories. Therefore, you can buy an in-ear monitor system regardless of your budget size.

The buying consideration section allows you to figure out how to buy the right in-ear monitor system for your specific requirements. The buying factors you’ll encounter in this section includes audio quality, brand, comfort, and extra features. You have a great chance of ending up with the right product for your needs when you take all of these factors into account.

We had a fun time writing this buyer’s guide and are confident you’ll learn a lot. Read until the end to have a complete overview of the in-ear monitor system marketplace. Each review covers the features included and a few of the drawbacks.

Audio2000’S AWM6304U
Weight: 5.3 pounds
Frequency Response: 50-15KHz
It has 100 preprogrammed frequencies.
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Best Value
Shure P3TR112GR PSM300
Weight: 6.61 pounds
Frequency Response: N/A
Plenty of versatility to change the settings.
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Top Pick
Galaxy Audio AS-1100-4
Weight: 5.84 pounds
Frequency Response: N/A
Simple to setup and has a strong build.
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Buying Considerations

Items by price:

In-Ear Monitor System Comparison Table

Make and ModelWeightFrequency
Audio2000’S AWM6304U5.3 pounds50-15KHzCheck Price
Xtuga BK5105.51 pounds50-15KHzCheck Price
XTUGA EW2409.13 pounds50-15KHzCheck Price
Pyle Audio in Ear Monitor and Receiver System3.65 pounds50-17KHzCheck Price
Shure P3TR112GR PSM3006.61 poundsN/ACheck Price
Galaxy Audio AS-1100-45.84 poundsN/ACheck Price

Top In-ear Monitor System Under $200

Are you looking for an excellent deal that won’t put a huge dent in your wallet? Then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the value that’s offered in this price bracket. The execution of these in-ear monitor systems means you can accurately hear your instruments while on the stage. They are the complete package so you can get going from day 1.

1. Best Budget: Audio2000’S AWM6304U

Audio2000'S AWM6304UView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

The Audio2000’S AWM6304U is a highly rated in-ear monitor system that provides practicality and freedom of movement for the end user. You have a choice between one, two, or 4 receivers, and the one you buy should depend on the number of musicians in the studio. Delve deeper into the features to figure out the kind of value you can expect from this purchase.

A strong plastic carrying case is included that can be used to transport the monitor system from one studio to the next. The case reduces the chances of damage while on the move. Furthermore, the monitor system has a sturdy build, which means it can take plenty of physical knocks before wearing out.

The audio quality is excellent when you consider the asking price. You can switch between stereo and mono to match the type of audio that’s required. The good audio quality allows you to hear the music accurately, so the representation is lifelike.

The system is designed for freedom of movement. Therefore, you can hook up to the audio and move around the stage while taking in the music. The audio signal is consistent, and there are 100 adjustable frequencies. Furthermore, there are 4 equalization settings, and there is a built-in audio limiter on the receiver.

There are a few drawbacks to the Audio2000’S AWM6304U that should be considered before consider to click the buy now button. Firstly, the plastic carrying case cannot store more than one receiver, which means you’ll need to consider where to store them. Also, a choice of eartips would allow buyers to achieve the fit that best matches their ear size.

To conclude, the Audio2000’S AWM6304U is a good choice for the buyer that wants excellent value for money. It’s a highly rated entry to the marketplace, which means you can buy with confidence. You’ll love this in-ear monitoring system if you need a strong carrying case, 100 preprogrammed frequencies, wireless freedom, and good audio quality.

Tech Specs
Weight: 5.3 Pounds
Frequency response: 50-15KHz
Carrying case: yes
The Pros
100 preprogrammed frequencies
Carrying case is included
Wireless freedom
The Cons
Frequency range could be extended

2. Xtuga BK510

Xtuga BK510View on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

The Xtuga BK510 is a competitive in-ear monitor system that has plenty of advanced features without charging a premium price. You’ll love the combination of the long-range, accurate audio representation, and reliable 3 year warranty deal. Take a closer look at what’s implemented here to figure out if there is enough value for the asking price.

The wireless system allows you to walk around the stage without feeling the restriction of wires. There are 40 frequencies that you can use via the 32MHZ band, and they make use of the latest high-frequency transmission and audio signal dynamic processing technology. Therefore, you can count on reliable audio that allows you to hear each instrument in a lifelike fashion.

The body pack unit has a sturdy design, which means you can drop it a few times without fear of damage. There is an LCD screen that gives you the status of the unit and the connection range to the transmitter is 250 feet.

The frequency range is 50-15KHz, which is around average for in-ear monitors of this price bracket. Furthermore, the setup results in no noticeable distortion or audio hiccups that can lead to a frustrating experience.

XTUGA is a well-trusted brand, which means you can buy in confidence knowing that you’ll get what’s promised. The combination of reliable technology, innovation, and attention to detail is what makes the XTUGA brand one to consider.

To summarize, the Xtuga BK510 is a competitive option that’s highly rated in the marketplace. The combination of the comfortable in-ear design, sturdy body pack, long range, and practical wireless implementation means you’re getting one of the best in-ear monitor systems out there.

Tech Specs
Weight: 5.51 Pounds
Frequency response: 50-15KHz
Carrying case: no
The Pros
40 preprogrammed frequencies
Good wireless implementation
Comfortable in-ear fit
3 year warranty
The Cons

3. XTUGA EW240 $150

XTUGA EW240 $150View on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

XTUGA is a trusted brand for musicians that consistently manufacture some of the best audio products in the marketplace. There is plenty of versatility since you can choose between microphone and body packs with in-ear monitoring capability. Take a closer look at what’s offered to figure out if there is enough value for the asking price.

The professional wireless microphone systems allow for excellent audio quality and clarity. You can opt to choose 2 or 4 microphones in the package. However, if you choose 4, then you’ll have no body packs to take advantage of an in-ear monitor setup. The included microphones are ideal if you have none within your current instruments.

There is a 30 day no reason to return deal, which means you’ll get your money back if you aren’t happy with the in-ear monitor system from XTUGA. Also, the package is insured for 10 years, and there is a 2 year warranty deal.

The XTUGA EW240 is ideal for KTV, parties, hosted events, and church. The complete package means there is no need to buy additional accessories to get going. The simple to use implementation means amateurs can get started in a short amount of time.

The wireless handheld transmitter comes with a headset setup, so you’ll need to buy earphones to achieve the in-ear wearing style. Also, the battery life is 8 hours, and the use of lightweight materials means you won’t feel fatigued after wearing it for a long time.

To conclude, the XTUGA EW240 is a good choice for the amateur that wants a complete setup. The inclusion of body packs and microphones means you can get started with an event right away. The value for money is off the charts, and you’ll be buying from a trusted audio brand.

Tech Specs
Weight: 9.13 Pounds
Frequency response: 50-15KHz
Carrying case: no
The Pros
Microphones are included
Trusted audio brand
Comfortable body packs
The Cons
You need to buy earphones for the in-ear wearing style

4. Pyle Audio in Ear Monitor and Receiver System (PDWMN49)

Pyle Audio in Ear Monitor and Receiver System (PDWMN49)View on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

Pyle is a reputable audio brand that consistently releases highly rated products across various marketplaces. The PDWMN49 is a complete system that allows you to monitor the audio coming out of your musical instruments. The combination of the clarity, easy to use setup, and durability means you’re getting a good deal. Take a few moments to take a closer look at what’s offered to figure out if it matches your needs.

The compact and practical design means the Pyle monitor system is suitable on any stage. The main box is relatively compact, and you have up to 330 feet of range, which means you can freely walk around without losing the audio signal.

The comfortable in-ear fit means you won’t feel burdened by using the monitor system. Furthermore, the in-ear setup boosts noise isolation, which is ideal if you want to block out ambient noise and focus in on the feedback.

The Pyle in-ear monitor system is built for simplicity and efficiency. Therefore, amateurs can get going without a long setup process. It’s ideal when you want to focus more on the music rather than fiddling around with the controls. The dials are intuitive, and you can change the volume to safe levels to avoid ear damage. Changing the frequency is also straightforward, which means you can get the setting that best matches your needs.

There are a few drawbacks to the Audio in Ear Monitor and Receiver System that you must read to have a good overview of the purchase. Firstly, the simple controls do not provide enough customizability for advanced users. Also, the earphones could have a more comfortable design for long wearing sessions.

To conclude, the Audio in Ear Monitor and Receiver System is a great choice for amateurs that need wireless freedom, simple controls, and a reputable brand. However, advanced users may struggle to be inspired by the simplicity.

Tech Specs
Weight: 3.65 Pounds
Frequency response: 50-17KHz
Carrying case: no
The Pros
Reputable audio brand
Easy to understand controls
Setup allows for freedom of movement
The Cons
Advanced user may need more flexibility

Top In-ear Monitor System Under $1,000

The systems in this price bracket represent the best of what the marketplace has to offer. The combination of the extra features, strong durability, premium use of materials, and excellent audio reproduction means you’ll love wearing using these for your next music event.

However, they are expensive, so you’ll need to determine if the quality that’s offered is what you need. The careful implementation of the systems here means even the amateurs among you can get started.

5. Best Value: Shure P3TR112GR PSM300

Shure P3TR112GR PSM300View on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.9/5

Shure is one of the best audio brands out there, and this in-ear monitor system offers some of the best performance and versatility for the professional. The attention to detail here means nothing has been left to chance. Every aspect of the user experience is considered to ensure you’re able to get a good end result. Take a closer peek at the features implemented to figure out if there is enough on offer for the high asking price.

The noise isolating Shure earphones provide a noise isolating experience that allows you to focus in on the music. You’ll accurately hear each note in a way that provides realistic feedback. The earphones come with several eartips that can be used to get a fit that matches your ear size.

The system can operate across 3 bands depending on the one you choose. Therefore, you can choose the band that doesn’t interfere with the other equipment that you have set up around you on the set. Setup is built with beginners in mind, so it’s easy to get going. Therefore, you can get started as a new user without a lengthy installation process.

The package includes a zipper bag, user guide, power supply, BNC cable, BNC bulkhead adapter, ¼ wave antenna, rack mount and hardware kits, SE112, P3T, and P3R. The asking price is relatively high, but it’s justified when you consider the quality.

To conclude, the Shure P3TR112GR PSM300 in-ear monitor system does a good job of reproducing audio that is accurate and lifelike. The Shure earphones have a comfortable fit and superb drivers. However, it a relatively expensive piece of kit, so you’ll need to be sure that the quality provided here matches your requirements.

Tech Specs
Weight: 6.61 Pounds
Frequency response: N/A
Carrying case: no
The Pros
Reputable brand
Comfortable in-ear fit
Plenty of versatility to change the settings
The Cons

6. Top Pick: Galaxy Audio AS-1100-4

Galaxy Audio AS-1100-4View on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

Galaxy Audio was launched in 1977 and was run by concert professionals Brock Jabra and Jim Pearce. Their direct experience of the trade means the audio products have the attention to detail that other brands are not capable of. Take a closer look at the features included in the package to determine if there is enough value for the premium asking price.

You’ll receive 4 body packs in the package, which comes with in-ear headphones for a noise isolating experience. The LCD screen contains information such as the input level and channel. Add an unlimited number of receivers when you want, which means the system is ideal for musicians that are expanding. However, you don’t receive extra eartip sizes with the earphones. You’ll need to buy additional ones to achieve the right fit for your ear size. The body pack range is 300 feet, which is more than enough for any stage.

The main unit is sturdy since it’s built from premium materials. Therefore, you can expect longevity and is the ideal system for musicians on the road. The transmitter provides mono and stereo modes, and has 120 selectable channels. The included LCD screen can display vital information while on a dark stage.

Before adding the Galaxy Audio AS-1100-4 to the virtual shopping basket consider a few of the drawbacks that might be a deal breaker. Firstly, the high price tag means value for money is not great. Other in-ear monitor systems in this guide provide comparable quality at a lower price. Furthermore, a sturdy carrying case should be included to protect users that are constantly on the move.

To summarize, the Galaxy Audio AS-1100-4 is a great choice for amateurs and professionals alike. The simple setup means you can get going in a short period. The combination of the sturdy build, well-implemented body packs, and practicality means you’re getting a good in-ear monitor system.

Tech Specs
Weight: 5.84 Pounds
Frequency response: N/A
Body packs: 4
The Pros
Simple to setup
Strong build
Well-implemented body packs
The Cons
0/50 ratings