Kespry Drones Transform the Insurance Business

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Kespry sets the standards when it comes to providing aerial intelligence. To create a mission using Kespry you just press a few buttons on the iPad you’re supplied with and the drone flies autonomously to complete the mission and uploads the data it collects on the Kespry cloud. The Kespry cloud then analyzes the data and gives you the analysis within a few minutes.

Kespry Enters the Insurance Business

This June Kespry has entered the insurance sector. This allows it to capture images and videos inspecting the damaged property to provide analysis as to the cause of the damage.

Extensive field tests and improvements specifically designed to suit the insurance sector have been made with cooperation from companies such as AMCAT Roofing, Hancock Claims Consultants, Superstorm Restoration, and CRU Adjusters.

The CEO of Kespry has stated that the new features allow Kespry drones to collect more accurate information in a safer and more efficient manner. He said that insurance companies can improve customer satisfaction through their use of Kespry drones. This is because Kespry drones will help provide shorter claim cycles as well as limiting risks for field staff.

Part of a Bigger Plan

This is only possible thanks to the features being added to Kespry’s cloud. Kespry has improved security and reliability, but  also has expanded their data analysis on the images collected by drones.

This is just the start as the company has announced it will allow third party software developers to build upon its current capabilities to improve them.

A Unique Service

Only Kespry has the technology and resources to provide immediate analysis to insurance companies allowing them to shorten their claim cycle. The images captured by Kespry drones are of high quality with 1 mm per pixel resolution. This allows Kespry to detect physical damage and granule loss.

In addition to the quality provided by the drones, the cloud is also unique as it acquires artificial intelligence allowing more accurate reports and analysis of incidents.

Founded in 2013 in America, Kespry has now spread all over North America, Europe, and Australia. It is the only company that can provide not just autonomous drones, but also a fully integrated system that allows for actual interpretation and not just the simple acquisition of imagery. This has allowed the company to provide services in the fields of mining, architecture, and engineering and construction.

Kespry has served over 200 customers. As the company keeps expanding, this looks like just the start.