10 Best Robot Kits for Your Kids

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Robots have always fascinated children for all kinds of reasons. Today’s options have come a long way from the battery-draining humanoids of yesteryear. My guide looks at some of this year’s best robot kits and the things that make them attractive. They’re not simple toys that waddle across floors with flashing lights and annoying sounds. No, these robots are so much more than that.

Robot kits are incredible toys because they entertain and educate at the same time. Interacting with these machines helps youngsters develop better hand-to-eye coordination, but that’s not all.

Model Type: Automobile
Suitable Age: 10+ years
Customizable through Arduino programming, 100% open source.
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Best Value
LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox
Model Type: Multiple
Suitable Age: 7+ years
Build/Code/Play, unique features and commands for each model, phone control.
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Top Pick
Makeblock DIY Programmable Robot Kit
Model Type: Multiple
Suitable Age: 14+ years
10-in-1 DIY robot kit, block and text-based programming.
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Robot Kits and STEM Skills

Someone once said that failure to prepare is preparing to fail—wise words indeed. The jobs of the 21st century need different skill sets from those of previous times. Robot kits for kids can indirectly help to develop those abilities. Some advanced models can teach in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It’s something educators refer to as STEM skills (see below).

Robots can use any or all the four technologies below:

  1. Arduino
  2. Scratch
  3. Blockly
  4. STEM

You may see these terms in the product descriptions of some robot kits. Below is an outline of what they are and how they benefit users. The appeal of any successful robot is its ability to educate.

How to Choose a Robot Kit for Your Kids

There are several areas to think about before you buy an educational robot kit. Avoid anything that’s all-singing and all-dancing if it doesn’t meet specific needs. No two kids are the same. Know what appeals to them and find a robot to match their age, interests, and skill level. I add the maker’s recommended age in each review though it’s only there as a guide.

Consider the interactive charm of a robot and how that can relate to the child. Also, what area(s) does the kid need the most help with? Every robotic product list the benefits they bring to the table and I highlight those in the reviews.

About My ‘Best Robot Kits’ Review Guide

There are 10 robot kit reviews below for all skill levels, interests, and budgets. There are robots from the very simple to the highly-sophisticated and everything between. This shortlist is the result of personal thoughts, user feedback, and the opinions of industry experts. The first three are Best Budget, Best Value, and the Top Pick. The reviews below those are by price order, lowest to high.

This table shows the robot kits as they appear on the page along with model type and age. The suitable age are suggestions only from the manufacturers. Parental discretion is advised.

Best Robot Kits Comparison Table

1. OSOYOO DIY Robot Smart Car Kit | Best Budget

OSOYOO DIY Robot Smart Car KitView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5

The Best Budget robot kit goes to the OSOYOO robotic car. It’s designed for kids with no experience to learn Arduino programming (see intro). This is a fun, hands-on, multi-functional robotic car.

  • Best feature 1: Designed for kids with no programming experience
  • Best feature 2: 4-wheel project w/ 14 modules
  • Plus points: Customizable through Arduino programming, 100% open source, phone control
  • Minus points: Instructions vague in parts

OSOYOO Smart Car’s Educational Reach

No programming experience? No problem. The makers have created this project for children of 10+ years. It’s a 100% open source project that gives endless creative options. Young builders love the sense of achievement they feel after building their custom car. The 14 modules keep kids interested and stimulate critical thinking and hand-to-eye coordination.

Some of the modules include ultrasonic sensors, tracking, infrared (IR) remote control, Bluetooth and many more. It’s a great DIY robot kit for introducing kids to the world of coding.

The Not So Good

Some may have problems with the user manual as it’s vague in parts. The factory is in Shenzhen, China, which most likely translates the guide into English. Poorly translated instructions are common for electronic products from the Far East. It’s not a serious issue, though. OSOYOO has some helpful YouTube videos for this project where you can watch a real person build the car.

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Tech Specs
Robot Type: Functional robotic car
Dimensions: 10.9 x 7.1 x 3.1”
Product weight: 2.75 lbs.
Battery: 2x 3.7V 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable (not included)
Makers recommended age: 10+ years
The Pros
Designed for kids with no prior experience
Functional 4-wheel robotic car
14 exciting modules
Customizable using Arduino programming
100% open source project
Smartphone remote control
Online tutorials available
The Cons
Instructions vague in parts

2. LEGO Boost Creative Robot Building Kit | Best Value

LEGO Boost Creative Robot Building KitView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

Our Best Value robot kit goes to a product from the world-renowned LEGO company. This is the Boost Creative Toolbox 17101. It’s an incredible 5-in-1 learning toy for building and coding robots.

  • Best feature 1: 5-in-1 (five inspiring models from one set)
  • Best feature 2: Simple coding via the free app
  • Plus points: Build/Code/Play, unique features and commands for each model, phone control
  • Minus points: Needs a tablet, no printed manual

LEGO Robot Kit’s Educational Reach

There are 5 fun projects in this kit. They include Vernie the Robot, Frankie the Cat, Guitar 4000, M.T.R. 4 Rover, and Auto Builder. Kids get to build each interactive, motorized robot and code each one via the free Lego Boost App. Users control the models with a tablet or smartphone. Each model has unique features and commands. It’s a superb kit for developing STEM skills with endless play opportunities.

The Not So Good

You need an Android or iOS tablet or smartphone for this project. A tablet has a larger screen and is therefore preferable. It’s an extra cost if the kids don’t already have a mobile device. There isn’t a printed guide included either. I found an option to download a PDF guide from the Lego website. It’s accessible using a buyer’s code or keyword. Make sure you check it out if you want written guidance.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Brand: LEGO
Robot Type: 5 projects, STEM toy
Dimensions: 21.3 x 11.1 x 3.6”
Product weight: 3 Lbs.
Battery: 6 x AAA (not included)
Makers recommended age: 7-12 years
The Pros
5 inspiring models to work on
Simple coding via the free app
Build, code & play project
Unique features for each model
Tablet or smartphone control
The Cons
Needs an Android/iOS tablet or smartphone to build & play
No printed manual included

3. Makeblock DIY Programmable Robot Kit | Top Pick

Makeblock DIY Programmable Robot KitView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

The Top Pick is the Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit. This 10-in-1 robotic project has a lot going on and exists to help with STEM education. Kids get to learn about robotics, coding, and electronics.

  • Best feature 1: Software learning; hardware creation
  • Best feature 2: 160 mechanical parts and modules
  • Plus points: 10-in-1 DIY robot kit, block and text-based programming, wireless control
  • Minus points: Instructions fall short, price

Makeblock DIY Robot’s Educational Reach

Makeblock’s DIY Robot kit is a perfect choice for kids with a hunger for learning. It uses Arduino and Python—block and text-based programming. This Ultimate Robot Kit encourages software learning and hardware creation. There are 160 mechanical parts and modules with easy-to-assemble threaded-slots. The 10 robotic models present learners with new challenges and creative opportunities.

Building and coding these robots is hugely rewarding, but the real fun is controlling the new creation. The onboard Bluetooth module integrates wireless communication with any smartphone or tablet.

The Not So Good

The Makeblock DIY Programmable Robot Kit comes with a set of written instructions. The problem is they only cover 3 of the 10 robots. There are online animated video tutorials for the other 7 projects. Some users may prefer video guidance. But others prefer written help and should have that choice. The cost of this 10-in-1 project is high if you don’t exploit all that it has to offer.

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Tech Specs
Brand: Makeblock
Robot Type: 10-in-1 STEM projects
Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 6”
Product weight: 7.96 lbs.
Battery: 6 x AA
Makers recommended age: 14+ years
App: Makeblock
The Pros
Family Choice Award, 2018
Software learning
Hardware creation
160 parts and mechanical modules
10-in-1 unique robot designs
Wireless control
Block and text-based programming
The Cons
Instructions fall short
High price

4. 4M Tin Can Robot Educational Kit for Kids

4M Tin Can Robot Educational Kit for KidsView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

Meet the 4M Tin Can educational robot kit, a simple yet fun assembly project. It teaches kids about recycling, basic mechanical principles, and creativity. Best of all is that it only costs around $10.

  • Best feature 1: Affordable, educational fun project
  • Best feature 2: No special tools or skills needed
  • Plus points: Easy to assemble, cute, 3 robot options from 1 kit, only needs 1 AA battery
  • Minus points: Tiny parts, vague instructions

4M Tin Can’s Educational Reach

This tin can robot is basic yet still challenges a child’s imagination. Being able to convert a regular soda can into a moving robot is a fascinating concept for youngsters. The builder can use the included parts to create a monster, funny robot, or a combination. The only things you need to bring to the table are a Phillips screwdriver and one AA battery. It’s a great stepping stone to more advanced STEM toys.

The Not So Good

Parental supervision is necessary with younger children because of the tiny screws. They are also fiddly to work with because of their small size. The other con is the vague instructions. It’s the typical inadequate translation issue again, and most kids find them hard to follow. It’s better to discard the instructions altogether and watch a YouTube tutorial instead.

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Tech Specs
Brand: JanzonStudios
Robot Type: Tin Can Robotic project
Dimensions: 6.8 x 3.2 x 5.2”
Product weight: 7 oz.
Battery: 1 x AA (not included)
Makers recommended age: 8-15 years
App: N/A
The Pros
Educational and fun project
Affordable toy
No special tools or skills needed
Easy to assemble with video tutorial
Cute appeal
3 robot configurations
Only needs 1 AA battery
The Cons
Tiny parts
Vague instructions

5. Teeggi Robot DIY Robot Assembly Kit for Kids

Teeggi Robot DIY Robot Assembly Kit for KidsView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5

Teeggi is an educational DIY electric robot kit with an affordable price tag. It’s an excellent first-time product for kids 8+ years. It has a charming appeal which is one of its attractions for youngsters.

  • Best feature 1: Affordable and fun first-time robotics project
  • Best feature 2: Hand gesture control
  • Plus points: Cute, excellent parent/child project, develops creative thinking, 2 walking modes
  • Minus points: Lots of parts to assemble

Teeggi DIY Robot’s Educational Reach

This hi-tech kit is an interactive parent/child project. The toy helps to develop creative thinking and teach about energy. The parts are made from an eco-friendly Polyolefin (PP) material. The instructions are clear which is just as well with around 80 pieces. Controlling the assembled robot with hand gestures fascinates young builders. And the model’s 2 walking modes add some functional variety.

The Not So Good

There’s not much to fault considering what the Teeggi robot offers for the price. There are lots of pieces, though, and that’s worth thinking about. It’s not hard to assemble, but the many bits may confuse or frustrate some kids and adults. Others are sure to enjoy the challenge.

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Tech Specs
Brand: Teeggi
Robot Type: Educational Robot
Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.7 x 4.7”
Product weight: 1.25 lbs.
Battery: 4 x AAA (not included)
Makers recommended age: 8+ years
App: N/A
The Pros
Affordable robot kit
Great first-time robotics project
Hand gesture control
Cute appeal
Excellent parent/child project
Helps develop creative thinking
2 walking modes
The Cons
Lots of parts to assemble

6. Robotikits 14-in-1 DIY Solar Robotic Car

Robotikits 14-in-1 DIY Solar Robotic CarView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5

Keep reading if you want a multi-functional, educational, solar-powered robotic kit. Young builders can transform this car into 14 robot models, each with distinct designs and unique functions.

  • Best feature 1: 14-in-1 solar-powered robot
  • Best feature 2: Two levels of complexity
  • Plus points: STEM learning, transparent housing, works on land or water, versatile head
  • Minus points: Lots of parts to organize, needs sunlight to function

Robotikits Solar Car’s Educational Reach

The 2 levels exist for raw beginners and those with some experience. Both levels have 7 different robotic projects to build. The kit is well-thought-out with STEM learning consolidated into each working model. The transparent housing is a smart idea that lets the young builder see all the moving gears. Another neat feature is that the assembled robots can move across land or water.

Even the robotic head is out of the ordinary. Builders can choose to install it at the top, front, or rear of the gears. The head also retracts which makes it less prone to damage when stored away.

The Not So Good

There are lots of parts to snap out, and some of them are tiny. Younger kids will need help to get all the bits organized, and that can take a while. You can expect a couple of hours for the initial set up time. The robot only functions using solar power, so it needs real sunlight to work. That means you can only play during daylight. Unfortunately, it doesn’t store energy.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Brand: OWI
Robot Type: Educational solar car
Dimensions: 7.5 x 12.5 x 3.2”
Product weight: 1.05 lbs.
Battery: N/A
Makers recommended age: 8–15 years
App: No
The Pros
14-in-1 solar-powered robot kit
Two levels of complexity
Aids STEM learning
Works on land or water
Transparent housing
Versatile robot head
The Cons
Lots of parts to organize
Needs sunlight to function

7. Meccano-Erector Kid’s MeccaSpider Robot Kit

Meccano-Erector Kid’s MeccaSpider Robot KitView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5

The Meccano-Erector Kid’s MeccaSpider Robot Kit is a fun project for older children. It’s a cool programmable learning toy equipped with a few built-in games (see below).

  • Best feature 1: Programmable spider robot with built-in games
  • Best feature 2: 3 behavior modes
  • Plus points: Interactive fun, STEM learning, programmable modes, IR sensor, app control
  • Minus points: Needs adult assistance, vague instructions in parts. power hungry

MeccaSpider Kit’s Educational Reach

The best robot kits provide interactive play as part of the appeal. This MeccaSpider comes equipped with a bunch of activities and built-in games. A couple of examples include ‘Repeat After Me’ and Venom Attack. STEM learning is at the heart of this product with its rewarding challenges. There’s also a choice to choose between 3 behavior modes, so play never gets boring.

These programmable modes and customizable options keep young builders entertained for hours. The spider robot has a built-in infrared (IR) sensor so that it can navigate around obstacles. And the free app gives full manual control using a regular Android or iOS device as the remote.

The Not So Good

The Meccano-Erector kit is not ideal for kids under 10 years of age. It’s too complex, and there are too many parts to work with. Even the over 10’s may need parental help if it’s a first-time robotic project. The instructions are also vague in parts, so allow plenty of time for the build process.

Finally, this toy is power-hungry and doesn’t use rechargeable batteries. It should run for around 45 minutes with Polaroid C batteries (not included).

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Tech Specs
Brand: Meccano
Robot Type: MeccaSpider STEM toy
Dimensions: 3.9 x 19.7 x 11.8”
Product weight: 6.53 lbs.
Batteries: Polaroid C (not included)
Max Playing Time: 45 minutes
Makers recommended age: 10+ years
App: Meccano
The Pros
Built-in games
3 behavior modes
Interactive fun
STEM learning toy
Multiple programmable modes
Infrared (IR) sensor
App control
The Cons
Build needs adult assistance
Vague instructions in parts
Power hungry

8. UBTECH JIMU Mythical Unicornbot Robot Kit

UBTECH JIMU Mythical Unicornbot Robot KitView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5

The UnicornBot is an app-controlled robot kit with animal appeal. It’s buildable, codable, and provides a lot of interactive fun. Kids can either assemble the default robot or create new designs.

  • Best feature 1: Step-by-step, 3D, 360° animated instructions
  • Best feature 2: Blockly coding
  • Plus points: Intuitive JIMU app, smooth motions, navigates, emotions, sound effects
  • Minus points: Lots of parts and connectors, needs time

Mythical Unicornbot’s Educational Reach

This kit uses snap-together parts, so you don’t need any tools to assemble it. Blockly drag-and-drop coding gives young builders control over customizable systems. They can program the UnicornBot to pick-up objects and navigate around obstacles. Blockly also lets kids control emotions, sound effects, lights and much more. There’s a lot to play with, and it’s never dull.

The Not So Good

The maker’s recommended age is 8+ years though I think it’s a tad challenging for the under 10s. There are 440 parts and connectors in all, some of them small. The last thing parents want is for the kid to lose interest before they’re even halfway through. This robotic kit is heaps of fun for the learner, but it’s better as a family project. Make sure you have time to assist if the child needs help.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Robot Type: Unicornbot Blockly Coding
Dimensions: 10 x 12 x 2.5
Product weight: 3.13 lbs.
Battery: LiPo rechargeable (included)
Makers recommended age: 8+ years
The Pros
3D, 360° animated instructions
Blockly drag-and-drop coding
Intuitive JIMU app
Smooth motions
Navigates obstacles
Picks up objects
Shows emotions
Sound effects
The Cons
Lots of parts and connectors
Needs time to assemble
May need adult assistance

9. Codey Rocky the Programmable Robot Kit

Codey Rocky the Programmable Robot KitView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

Makeblock’s Codey Rocky is a programmable robot that teaches young learners about coding and AI. It’s a fun project that introduces kids to the essential skills needed for the 21st century.

  • Best feature 1: No assembly or batteries needed
  • Best feature 2: STEM educational robot
  • Plus points: Easy to use, mBlock & Python, AI functionalities, 1000s of emotions, music
  • Minus points: Scant details on advanced functions, gets boring if not fully exploited

Codey Rocky’s Educational Reach

Codey Rocky is a ready to run (RTR) robot, so no assembly. It’s a STEM educational tool that starts to teach right out of the box. The built-in rechargeable battery is another convenience and one less thing to worry about. Kids get to learn about basic programming as they play yet they don’t know it’s happening. The robot uses mBlock which supports Python as well as blocked-based programming.

Young learners can switch between Scratch 3.0 and Python with a single click. It’s a pressure-free approach that allows kids to see the code behind their blocks. The AI functionalities are also an essential learning function for this generation of kids. AI functions encourage interaction with the robot via voice and image recognition. All this education is thanks to a fun toy that kids love to control.

There are hundreds of Codey Rocky emotions to experiment with too. This cute, little robot can also play music, follow bright lights, and a whole lot more to boot.

The Not So Good

Codey Rocky comes with some advanced functions like AI, which is great. What’s not so good is that there’s very little information on them. The robot has a lot to offer, but it’s not for everyone. Kids who don’t exploit all the creative programs available may soon get bored.

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Tech Specs
Brand: Makeblock
Robot Type: STEM educational robot
Dimensions: 4 x 3.7 x 4”
Product weight: 1.43 lbs.
Battery: Built-in rechargeable LiPo
Makers recommended age: 5+ years
App: Makeblock
The Pros
No assembly or batteries needed
Movements, songs, actions
STEM educational robot
Easy to use at basic level
Switch between mBlock & Python
AI functionalities
1000s of emotions
Built-in rechargeable battery
10 programmable sensors
Built-in WiFi
The Cons
Scant details on the more advanced functions
Gets boring if not fully exploited

10. Robobloq Qoopers Robot Kit W/ Building Blocks

Robobloq Qoopers Robot Kit W/ Building BlocksView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

The last of our best robot kits is the Robobloq Qoopers DIY Robot. This interactive tool uses the Arduino board. It’s a 6-in-1 advanced educational STEM toy for programming and code.

  • Best feature 1: 6-in-1 transformable robot
  • Best feature 2: Drag-and-drop graphical programming
  • Plus points: Fun and easy, multiple modes, remote control, endless learning activities
  • Minus points: Instructions need work, tiny parts

Robobloq Robot Kit’s Educational Reach

The 6 projects include Captain Alloy, Scorpioid, Voyager, Dozer, Cavalier, and Li’l Guardian. Each one is quite different from the other. Young learners can also create unique designs once they gain a little experience. Drag-and-drop programming and coding is fun and addictive using scratch 3.0. There’s no stopping the kids once they get to see how they’re in full control of robotic operations.

Custom controls include remote functions, playing music, LED lighting, and obstacle avoidance, etc. Robobloq App provides endless learning activities, limited only by the imagination.

The Not So Good

The Robobloq app holds all the instructions which are straightforward in most cases. However, first-time robot builders and younger kids could find the tutorials vague. Some parents may need to set aside time to help with the building. The kit also has small screws and nuts that some will find awkward to work with. Everything fits as it should—it’s just that small parts can be fiddly.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Brand: Robobloq
Robot Type: STEM 6-in-1 robot
Pieces: 174
Dimensions: 9.7 x 8.4 x 6.5”
Product weight: 3.97 lbs.
Battery: 6 x AA (not included)
Makers recommended age: 8+ years
App: Robobloq
The Pros
6-in-1 transformable robot
Drag-and-drop graphical programming
Fun and easy learning tool
Aluminum body
Robust finish
Remote control
RGB lights
Endless learning activities
Multiple playing modes
The Cons
App instructions need work
Tiny parts
0/50 ratings