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It’s been a decade since Amazon first launched the Kindle. Back then, choosing which Kindle to buy was easy and straightforward. After all, there was only one Kindle in the market and only two versions (Wi-Fi and 3G) to choose from. Today, the collection of Kindles has grown to four different models each with different versions that support various features. It is safe to say that making the same choice today requires a little more understanding of what the various devices have to offer and their feature set.

With the diversity that Kindle has built over the years, making the choice on which Kindle will work best for you is no longer a cake walk. With all the new models and new features, it can be somewhat confusing. To help you make the right choice, we will compare the different Kindles, what they have to offer, and how their features hold up against each other.

If you’re still having problems making up your mind on what Kindle will work best for you, here is a table that will summarize everything for you and make it easier to settle on the best choice.

Kindle Kindle PaperwhiteKindle VoyageKindle Oasis
Starting Price$79.99$129.99$199.99$249.99
Dimensions160 by 115 by 9.1mm169 by 117 by 9.1 mm162 by 115 by 7.6mm159 by 141 by 3.4 to 8.3mm
Weight 161gWi-Fi – 205g

Wi-Fi + 3G – 217g

Wi-Fi – 180g

Wi-Fi + 3G – 188g

Screen size6 inch6 inch6 inch7 inch
Built-in backlightNoYes (4 LEDs)Yes + ambient light sensor (6 LEDs)Yes + ambient light sensor (12 LEDs)
Page turn


TouchscreenTouchscreenTouchscreen + PagePressTouchscreen + Page turn buttons
Pixel Density167ppi300ppi300ppi300ppi
ConnectivityWi-Fi OnlyWi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3GWi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3GWi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3G
Battery life


Charging coverNoNoNoYes


One of the most influential aspects when buying any gadget is how it looks and feels. Over the years, Amazon has continuously worked to improve the design, feel, and weight of Kindles.

The 8th generation Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite have a 6” screen and a bland design to say the least. While you might enjoy the comfort of an e-reader that fits in your palm (if you have a sizeable palm), you will have to contend with walking around with a chunky and heavy device.

The Kindle Voyage and Kindle Oasis have a more appealing design with a thinner body. Unlike the Paperwhite and the Kindle Budget reader, these two boast of better aesthetics, better build quality, and a better feel. The only problem with the Voyage is that it packs the same small 6 inch screen but, it scores highly with regards to design. If you are looking for premium materials, better design and larger display the Oasis is the best pick for you.

Kindle Voyage +1

Kindle Oasis +1


Being the most affordable Kindle, the 8th Generation Kindle had to sacrifice most of its flare especially with the display. The Kindle e-reader has a display resolution of 167 PPI (Pixels per Inch) and a 6” screen. Unlike the Paperwhite, Voyage or Oasis, it has no backlight, and the typography is relatively weak.

The Paperwhite has more advanced features with regards to the display with a 300 PPI resolution, better typography, and a backlight. The size of the screen is still 6” which has allowed for a super-sharp display with plenty of clarity and no glare even under direct sunlight.

Even though the Kindle Voyage has the same screen size, a lot of effort has gone into improving the quality of the display. It has six LED backlights for better vision, a 300 PPI resolution and a Carta e-paper screen type for crispier and sharper display. However, with so much focus on display, the Paperwhite has one glaring shortcoming; the display is touch-sensitive to liquid. If you spill on the screen, it will register the liquid on the screen as touch. However, it does make up for this with the addition of an ambient light sensor which saves you the trouble of having to adjust the brightness every time you change locations.

If you are an avid user of Kindle and you take the experience seriously, the Kindle Oasis is the best with regards to display. It has a 7” screen, a Carta E-Ink screen type, a 300 PPI resolution, it has a backlit screen with up to 12 LEDs, and the best part is, it has an anti-glare feature. No matter where the rays of the sun land on the display, you will still be able to carry on with your reading with no trouble. To seal the deal, the Oasis has an ambient light sensor that controls the backlight depending on the intensity of light in your location. The Oasis provides with better quality and bigger display for easier and more intensive reading.

Kindle Oasis +1


All Kindles come with Wi-Fi connectivity as a standard feature. However, if you prefer not to wait for a Wi-Fi connection to access the Bookstore, you need to choose your Kindle carefully. The Budget Kindle does not have a 3G version but, the Paperwhite, Voyage, and Oasis all have 3G versions at an extra cost.

Kindle Voyage +1

Kindle Paperwhite +1

Kindle Oasis +1

Battery life

The one feature that is uniform with the four Kindles is that they have incredibly long battery life. All the devices have a standby battery life of several weeks. Depending on the intensity of use the devices can hold charge for up to one week with all factors like intensity of the backlight constant.

While all the devices have a respectable standby battery time, the Oasis does have an edge. It offers a better experience with a broader range of features and its battery still keeps up with the other models which gives it a huge advantage.

Kindle Oasis +1


For ease of use especially when flipping around the pages, the Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite allow swiping, or you can tap on the screen. The Voyage goes a step further to introduce capacitive buttons for flipping pages, while the Oasis has the most innovative option of page-turners that allow you to flip forward or back with ease and while using one hand.

Even though all the Kindles are user-friendly, the Oasis is highly preferred mainly because of its thin and unique design which makes it easier to use with one hand and gives the user that traditional reading experience with plenty of comfort maneuverability, and control.

Kindle Oasis +1

Unique features

Initially, Kindles were not meant to offer much comfort or cutting-edge features. They were just a gadget where you could catch up with your favorite e-book. That is why the earlier models like the Kindle 8th Generation and the Paperwhite do not have standout features.

Over the years and with competition mounting against the Kindle, Amazon had to pull out all the stops with the Kindle Oasis. It is jam-packed with plenty of exciting features that make e-reading fun and exciting. The most popular of these is being waterproof for up two meters, and it can remain immersed in water for up to 60 minutes. It makes it the perfect e-reader to bring to the pool or tub. It also has other impressive features like an accelerometer, audio book support, and it can be paired to bluetooth headsets or speakers to listen to the audio books or use the Audible account to listen to music.

Also, if you decide to buy the charging cover, you get a back-up battery that will extend your battery life significantly. It is a vital addition especially if you use your kindle on the road most of the times.

Compared to the other Kindles, the Oasis is by far the most feature-rich device on offer from Amazon, and it is easily noticeable.

Kindle Oasis +1

Which Kindle is better?

Each of the Kindles is designed and built to appeal to different users with different needs and budget. This means there is no Kindle that is a one size fits all. You need to consider what you need and pick a Kindle that is able to match those needs.

The budget 8th Generation Kindle is perfect for casual readers who prefer to do their reading at home. It is quite affordable but can only be connected via Wi-Fi. So, you are restricted to using it in areas that have internet connection. Nonetheless, it is a worthy purchase for a user that is getting familiar with the e-reading scene.

For users looking for a midmarket option and are conscious bookworms but want an affordable yet capable e-reader that will keep up with their reading habits, the Kindle Paperwhite is the most practical choice. It is budget friendly with more advanced features for a more advanced user.

The Kindle Voyage is perfect for dedicated readers that have a history with the Kindle brand and most importantly, prefer a Kindle that they can take out regularly for their reading. To enjoy the advanced features and sturdy build that the Kindle Voyage has to offer, you should be ready to dig deep into your pockets.

For the tech-savvy and refined readers who tend to treat their e-readers like a tablet, the Kindle Oasis is the best choice. It has long battery life and is light enough for you to take it on all your trips. It is best suited for users are avid readers who don’t mind paying extra for quality and convenience and want an e-reader that is flexible and responsive to their needs.