Kindle Paperwhite Black Friday Deals

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Amazon has cut the price on their Kindle Paperwhite by 25% for Black Friday. The device is selling for $89 right now, which is a $30 savings. This is a great deal especially considering the quality of the device.

The Kindle Paperwhite is an upgrade on the standard Kindle. Amazon has set their standard Kindle on sale for Black Friday for just $49 (a big 38% savings). So what is the difference between the two?

The Kindle Paperwhite has twice as many pixels on its beautiful 300 ppi screen. This makes for a more pleasurable reading experience. It also has a built-in adjustable light that makes it possible to read day and night. It also has a free cellular connection so that you can download books on the go.

People who have tried both devices know the Paperwhite is a big upgrade on the regular version. Both versions come with special offers that you can pay $20 extra to remove. The special offers are not that disruptive so many people choose the cheaper price.

Amazon has two other Kindles that they decided not to release Black Friday offers on. The Kindle Voyage is $199 and it features 2 more LEDs for easier night reading than the Kindle Paperwhite. It also lets you switch pages without moving a finger.

The all-new Kindle Oasis is selling for $249. It has a 1 inch larger screen and has twice the amount of storage as the other Kindles (8 gb vs 4 gb). It also has 6 more LEDs than the Kindle Voyage making it the easiest to read at night.

Overall, the Kindle Paperwhite is the best value-for-money not least of all because of the Black Friday special. Kindles can last for years so it might be a worthwhile investment for you.

With a Kindle you don’t have to haul around big books when on vacation. Your spot in the book will automatically synch across all devices including your phone. The battery life on a Kindle lasts for weeks, which is incredible.

There really isn’t any competition to Kindles other than heavy and hard-on-the-eyes tablets. If you are looking for an E-reader now is likely your only chance for the year to get it at a discount.