Best Kodi Add-ons of 2018

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Kodi has grown remarkably over the years. It was created by the XBMC foundation in 2002 and wasn’t named Kodi till 2014. Within its 15 years of existence, the mighty and open-source software has received input from over 500 developers worldwide.

Though in itself it’s a complete software that vastly improves home entertainment, there’s one factor that has made Kodi what it is today; its acceptance of third-party Kodi add-ons from different developers.

What are Kodi Add-ons?

Kodi add-ons are what make Kodi the sensation that the software is today. They are the actual programs that give you access to stream various types of media from the internet.

Kodi add-ons are divided into two categories;

  • Official Kodi add-ons
  • Third-party Kodi add-ons

Official Kodi Add-ons

These are add-ons that have been vetted by the Kodi development team and passed as legal. The content provided by these add-ons is either freely available from the official website or requires a subscription to play on Kodi.

Official add-ons have been added to the official Kodi repository and can be easily installed. We shall show you how.

Third-party Kodi Add-ons

These are add-ons that have not yet been added to the official Kodi repository. This is either because they are not legal, or they just haven’t been reviewed yet. However, most of them lie in the first category. This is because they make free content available that should otherwise be paid for.

These add-ons are illegal in most countries, and therefore if you have to use them, exercising caution is necessary.

Note: At 3dinsider, we do not promote the use of illegal Kodi add-ons. The information provided here is only meant for educational purposes. You are solely responsible for your online activities.

If you have to use Kodi to access copyrighted content, then you need to have a VPN running before you can even start streaming. Failure to do this may have you receive a DMCA notice from your ISP.

What are Kodi Repositories?

Simply referred to as repos, Kodi repositories can be likened to the Google Play Store or the App Store because they house many add-ons. When the various add-on developers create their add-ons, they add them to these repositories for easy access.

Kodi repositories are in the form of Zip files, but instead of actually housing add-ons, they just include a pointer or location to the add-on. You can then easily download it from the internet.

Apart from making add-ons easy to install, you can also easily update your add-on from the repository. You can also have it updated automatically by configuring Kodi to check for updates.

Kodi repositories usually come in the form of a ZIP file. Third-party repositories require you to install them first.

Installing a repository is simple and straightforward.

  • Launch Kodi
  • Open Settings by clicking the gear icon on the top left sideKodi Add-ons
  • Go to “File Manager” then double-click “Add ”Kodi Add-ons
  • Type in the repository’s URL in the box that appears and give a name to the new repository.Kodi Add-ons
  • Click “OK.”

Installing Add-ons from the Official Kodi Repo

The official Kodi repository is usually pre-installed in the Kodi software, and therefore it’s easily and quickly accessible. Any add-on listed there can be installed without the worry of accessing illegal content. However, it’s important to note that some add-ons included there, e.g. Netflix requires a subscription to work.

Here’s the procedure you need to follow to install an official Kodi add-on;

  • From the Homepage, select “Add-ons.Kodi Add-ons
  • Click the open box iconKodi Add-ons
  • Select “Install from repository ”Kodi Add-ons
  • Go to “Video add-ons”Kodi Add-ons
  • You will now have hundreds of add-ons to choose from. Let’s start by installing YouTube. The add-ons are arranged in alphabetical order.Kodi Add-ons
  • After opening it, click “Install”Kodi Add-ons
  • You will get a notification ‘YouTube add-on installed.’ Let’s now go back to the Homepage.Kodi Add-onsYouTube is ready to use.

Installing third-party add-ons

Third party add-ons are mostly free, and they give you access to a lot of content ranging from live TV, movies, TV shows and even live sports.

However, Kodi usually restricts installation from unknown sources, but that can be turned off from settings.

Here is how to turn it off;

  1. Click on the Settings Icon in the top left corner.
  2. Go to System SettingsKodi Add-ons
  3. Select “Add-ons” and then turn on ‘Unknown Sources.Kodi Add-ons

A warning box will pop up. Click ‘Yes.

You can now go ahead and install any third-party add-ons you need.

Installing third-party add-ons is usually considered a difficult task, but it actually isn’t. The process gets simpler after you install a few add-ons. To simplify the process, we have broken it into three parts.

The first part of the procedure is installing a repository, which has been described earlier.

Adding a repository

  • While on the Kodi Home screen, click the gear Icon to open the system
  • Click File Manager, and then double-click “Add-Source” to open a panel.
  • Type the URL of the add-on repository into the window that opens.
  • Type a custom name for the repository you’re about to add and then click “OK”.

Installing the repository

  • Go back to the Kodi Home page and select “Add-ons.”
  • Click the open box icon at the top of the menu bar.
  • Select “Install from Zip File
  • Select the repository you just added.
  • The repository should now install. A notification will appear when it’s ready.

Installing the add-on

  • Go back to the Add-ons menu and click the open box icon again.
  • Choose “Install from the ”
  • Find the add-on you’d like to install from the repository.
  • Wait for it to give the notification, ‘installed.’
  • Add any other add-ons you may need from the same repository. Enjoy!

Some of the Best Kodi Add-ons to get you started

Now that we have known almost all we need to know about Kodi Add-ons, let’s have a look at some of the best add-ons that you can install to enhance your Kodi experience. The list below has been selected in regards to the popularity of an add-on, online votes from Kodi users, and the quality of content streams.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Movies

Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising is a Poseidon fork from the Blamo Repository. The add-on has been continually improving, and it now tops our list of the best Kodi add-ons for movies. This is because of its constantly updated fork which continues to pull many links to provide users with lots of content in HD. Neptune Rising gives access to an extensive database of movies and TV shows that you can watch on demand. The fact that it’s regularly updated means that you can always count on the add-on’s reliability.

Repo URL:


Placenta is another top add-on from the Blamo repository. The add-on was developed as another fork of Exodus, but it’s even better with more options and links. Placenta offers a huge selection of TV shows and movies with constantly updated code to fix broken links. The content is well organized into categories to make selection easier. If you have already installed the Blamo repository, then installing Placenta should be a no-brainer.

Repo URL:

Genesis Reborn

Genesis, a famous Kodi add-on, was taken offline by law enforcement agencies some time back. The developers, however, didn’t take that laying down, and we now have Genesis Reborn. The add-on follows closely on the path laid by its predecessor, and it’s doing even better. In terms of content, the add-on is built specifically for movies and TV shows. It gives access to many media streaming links while allowing you to browse various categories seamlessly.

Repo URL:


Covenant is another fork of Exodus. The add-on maintains much of the functionality, but it’s also different in its way. This is one of the most popular add-ons according to data from various add-ons. Covenant had been thought dead for some time when its original repository Colossus was shut down in late 2017. It has however been picked up by both Lazy Kodi and Kodil repositories for maintenance. The add-on contains a lot of unofficial content providers, but it’s still an excellent source of movies and TV shows.

Repo URL:


Incursion is a new add-on which strikes a great resemblance to both the Exodus and Covenant add-on, and it’s available on the Incursion repo. The add-on gives users access to all the latest movies and TV shows. You can scroll comfortably in an orderly manner and even filter existing content. However, this add-on has only a few official content providers, and so it remains to be seen what the future holds.

Repo URL:

Best Kodi Sports Add-ons


Mobdro is quite famous, and it has rightly made a name for itself over the years. The streaming source has for long existed as an Android app, but now there’s a Kodi add-on for streaming. Mobdro is not focused on any particular type of entertainment but rather offers diverse content categorized into Sports, movies, TV shows, News, Music etc. Mobdro is however popular for providing big-name sports channels free of charge.

Repo URL:

Project Mayhem Sports

This is another new sports add-on developed by Maverick. Within the short time that it has been in operation, Project Mayhem Sports has gained a lot of popularity majorly due to its reliable streams, and the fact that it’s from a respected development team. It offers a range of sports obtained from reputable sources such as Sky Sports.


Supremacy Sports

Supremacy Sports is a new Kodi add-on from Supremacy. The add-on focuses on sports, just like its name suggests. It offers one of the best sources for live streams, on-demand sports action and other sports-related videos. Supremacy sports will ensure that you get a wide range of content source from both official and non-official streams.



This is an add-on that has been around for many years. During that time, SportsDevil has become one of the best and most popular sports streaming add-ons. With it, you get sports content ranging from NBA, Soccer, NFL, Tennis, Hockey, UFC, Boxing, Golf and more. SportsDevil is also one of the add-ons found in most of the repositories.


Best Kodi Add-ons for Live TV


USTVNow is an official Kodi add-on, and one of the best at watching live TV. The add-on allows you to watch all your favorite content from American TV channels. It’s quite easy to use, and its content diversity makes it attractive. However, USTVNow requires you to sign up. If you don’t feel like paying up, there’s still a free plan that allows you 6 live TV channels in HD, free.

USTVNow is available on the official Kodi repository.

iPlayer WWW

iPlayer WWW is BBC iPlayer’s Kodi add-on. It is an official add-on available in the Kodi repository, and it streams content from official BBC streams. This means that iPlayer WWW is one of the most reliable Kodi add-ons and their quality is always in HD. Whats more, all that on-demand content and live streams are free! However, players outside the UK are blocked from accessing the service. Don’t worry though as you can still circumvent this using a VPN.

cCloud TV

cCloud stands for Community Cloud, and it’s a Kodi add-on dedicated to streaming live TV. It is a popular add-on that offers all-around quality content from Europe, the US and the Middle East. IPTV streams are free, and you can browse them in terms of categories. cCloud is also well maintained, making it a reliable Kodi live TV add-on.

Repo URL:


Midian is a relatively new Kodi add-on that has a wide range of content. One of its rich categories is IPTV, which has many international channels that you can enjoy free of charge. Median gets its content from many sources, and though not all streams are guaranteed to work at any particular time, its rich list will guarantee you working links.

Repo URL:

Stay Safe, Use a VPN!

While Kodi third-party add-ons present a wonderful world of free entertainment, they can easily put you on the wrong side of the law. In the UK, there have been numerous arrests connected to the illegal use of Kodi. This is in a move spearheaded by the government and aimed at stopping illegal access to copyrighted material.

By using a VPN, you can hide your real online identity and also remain secure regardless of the sites that you visit. By giving you a new IP address, any activity that you do while using a secure and private VPN can’t be traced back to you.

Further, some Kodi add-ons present content that is geo-blocked. You, therefore, can’t stream the content unless you are in the specified country. A VPN helps overcome geo-restrictions ay giving you an IP address from a region of your choice. If you want to stream BBC iPlayer on Kodi, you need to connect your VPN to a server in the UK, and you will gain access.

However, all VPNs are not made the same, and some are just not good for Kodi. A good Kodi VPN should offer you high speeds to allow HD streaming, bypass geo-restrictions of various streaming sites and provide solid security and privacy. If you don’t have a VPN subscription, you can get Private Internet Access. It’s one VPN that meets the above criteria.

With a good VPN, you can then dive into the world of Kodi VPNs and enjoy the unlimited home entertainment!