How to Install the Covenant Kodi Addon

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The closure of the famous Exodus add-on left a big dent on Kodi movie lovers. However, that was not to be for long as we have seen many add-ons forked from this celebrated add-on. However, the winner of the succession battle was only one: the Covenant Kodi add-on.

This is mainly because covenant is developed Lambda, the same developer as Exodus. This, therefore, makes it the best alternative for Exodus add-on.

Covenant sports the same user interface as its predecessor, and not only does it fill up the shoes, it is even better than Exodus. It is far much stable, and offers more features and a wide array of content.

In this guide, we will show you a simple way of how to install covenant Kodi add-on. Note that you can similarly install other Kodi video add-ons using the same procedure. All you need is the right repository.

Covenant Add-on Repository

For quite some time, Covenant had been hosted by the Colossus repository. However, that repo was shut down in October 2017, leaving the add-on homeless. It has since been picked up by the kodil repository and a few other repositories. These include Lazy Kodi Repo (New Repo), All Eyes on Me [New Repo] and XvBMC [New Repo].

In this guide, we shall be using the Kodil repo to install covenant Kodi add-on.

You will need a VPN

Some of the streams where the Covenant add-on gets its streams contain copyrighted material that may be illegal in your country. This is what lead to the shutdown of its predecessor.

Depending on where you live, accessing copyrighted material without paying for it might be a big issue that can land you in trouble. You will therefore need to exercise some bit of caution with the Covenant add-on. This can only be done using a VPN. However, the VPN you select should be able to offer you great streaming speeds as well as top-notch privacy and security. Private Internet Access can be a good start.

Remember that at 3D Insider, we do not support the access of illegal content, and we in no way related to either Covenant add-on or Kodi. The guide here is therefore only informational.

Installing Covenant Add-on from Kodil Repo

If you haven’t yet, the first thing you need to do is allow Kodi to install third-party add-ons. This can be done from the settings. To do so:

  • Proceed to the Kodi Home Screen. On the top left side is a gear like icon. Click on it.How to install covenant Kodi Add-on
  • In the system menu, select “System Settings
    How to install covenant Kodi Add-on
  • Select “Add-ons” and then turn on “Unknown sources.How to install covenant Kodi Add-onFrom here, you can go ahead with the actual installation procedure. The above steps do not need to be repeated every time you need to install a third-party add-on.

Adding Kodil Repository

  • Navigate to the Kodi Home screen and click the gear Icon to open the System Menu.
  • Select File Manager, and then double-click “Add-Source” to open a panel.
  • Double-click <None> and type the URL into the window that opens.
  • Under ‘name,’ type “Kodil” You can then click “OK”.How to install covenant Kodi Add-on

Adding Repository Add-ons

  • Go back to the Kodi Home screen and select “Add-ons.”
  • Click the open box icon on the top left side.
  • Select “Install from Zip File
  • Select the repository you just added in the previous stage. The repository is displayed using the name you typed.
  • The repository add-ons should now install. A notification will appear when it’s ready to use.

Installing World Cup Kodi Add-ons

  • While on the same screen (Add-ons menu), click the open box icon again.
  • Now choose “Install from the repository.”How to install covenant Kodi Add-on
  • Select “Kodil Repository” and then “Video Add-ons.How to install covenant Kodi Add-on
  • You will get an interface with very many add-ons. Scroll down till you find Covenant.How to install covenant Kodi Add-on
  • Select it, and you will be given an option to “Install” the add-on. Hit it.How to install covenant Kodi Add-on
  • Wait for it to give the notification, ‘Covenant Add-on installed.’How to install covenant Kodi Add-on

You now have Covenant add-on installed on your streaming device. You can enjoy the unlimited streaming power of Kodi with the Covenant movie add-on. Remember to start your VPN before you install covenant Kodi add-on.