How to Install Kodi on Firestick

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Kodi is arguably the most powerful and versatile home media management system and player. With the software, you can access and organize local video and music files that are already in your possession, or you can install add-ons and enjoy a new world of unlimited online streaming.

The good news is that Kodi is highly versatile, and you can install it on your Amazon TV Stick to use Kodi on the big screen! Here, we are focusing on the Firestick because the Amazon product has taken the streaming market by storm. It has some superb features and offers lots of entertainment, albeit most of it not being free. Best of all, it now comes with Alexa support, which means you can navigate just by using your voice. All these make the idea of using Kodi on your Fire Stick even more appealing. You can now combine the power of fire stick with Kodi and enjoy lots of entertainment for free on your TV.

In this Kodi guide, we will show you various methods of how to install Kodi on Amazon fire stick.

Installing Kodi

Unfortunately, you can’t just install Kodi on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick right from the Amazon App Store. The store doesn’t host the software, but we’ll show you alternative methods of getting the software running on your Firestick.

Enabling “Unknown Sources”

Since Kodi is not hosted in the official Amazon App Store, you need to make it possible to install apps from other sources. Just like all other devices and software (including Kodi), Fire Stick needs to be configured to accept these apps. Here’s the procedure you need to follow:

  • From the Home screen, go to “Settings
  • Click “Device
  • Select “Developer options
  • Click “Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Click “Turn On.”

Amazon fire stick can now install apps downloaded from the internet.

Method #1: Install Kodi on Fire Stick using the Downloader App

This is the first method we are going to discuss, and it’s by far the simplest. It helps you install Kodi within just 5 minutes, and it’s applicable to all versions of the Amazon Firestick:

  • Go back to the Fire TV/ Firestick Home screen
  • Click the search icon on the top left side of the screen
  • Enter “Downloader” and click to search
  • Downloader should appear as the first search result. Click the icon. It’s Orange in color.
  • Click “Get” and the app will begin to download and install
  • Click Open to launch Downloader
  • The app will ask for some permissions. Click “Allow
  • On the welcome window, click “Allow
  • Click Select button on the remote to open the keyboard
  • Enter “” and hit Go.
  • You will be provided with Kodi apps for a variety of platforms. Since the Amazon fire stick is based on a fork of Android, we are going to download the Android version. Select it.
  • On the next stage, choose the 32-bit installation It works best for Amazon Fire Stick, but you can still explore other versions if you so wish. After selection, the download will begin.
  • When the download is complete, click “Install.”

After the installation is complete, don’t go back to the Home screen yet. If you let the process go back to the Downloader app, you will be given an option to delete the Kodi install file, which will free up some space (the file is about 87 MB):

  • You can now go to Fire TV/Firestick Home screen
  • Press down the Home button on your remote until you see the “Shortcut to your Apps Library” screen.
  • Highlight Kodi and click “Move” to bring the app to the front of the application
  • Press the “Select” button on your remote in the spot where you want to place Kodi shortcut.
  • The shortcut should now be available on your fire stick Home screen under the ‘Apps & Games’
  • You can now launch Kodi.

Method #2: Install Kodi on Fire stick using Adb Debugging

The ADB debugging method involves downloading the Kodi APK file to your laptop, and then installing it from there. This is made possible by the use of an ADB (Android Debug Bridge). Though it may sound complicated, it really isn’t. Don’t run away.

Before you get down to the process, you need to download the Kodi apk file. You can get it from Choose Android and then the 32-bit version.

After that, you need to download the adbLink program. Here are links for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Install the program.

You will also need to enable apps from “Unknown sources,” on your fire stick, following the process that was discussed earlier on.

After that, you can then follow the procedure below:

  • Get the IP address of your fire stick by going to Settings> System> About> Network.
  • Open adbLink and press “New
  • Name your Fire Stick, enter the IP Address, and click Save
  • Now click “connect” Your Fire Stick’s IP address will be listed under ‘Connected Devices’
  • Select the device and then click “Install APK.” Browse to locate the apk you downloaded and then select it.
  • When prompted, click “Yes.”
  • The installation will now begin, and you will get a notification when it’s Press “OK.”

Kodi should now be installed on your Amazon Fire Stick. If this method is not your favorite, you can still try using your Android phone in the method below.

Method #3: Install Kodi on Fire Stick using Apps2Fire

This method involves using your Android smartphone. It is made possible by Apps2Fire, an app that is freely available on the Google Play Store. The app sends Android packages from your phone to the Amazon Fire Stick, and then triggers the ADB command-line tools to install them automatically.

Before you start, you also need to enable apps from “Unknown sources” on your Fire Stick.

You can then follow the procedure below:

  • Download and install Apps2Fire from the Play Store.
  • Get the IP address of your Fire Stick by going to Settings> System> About> Network.
  • Download and install Kodi on your Android phone.
  • Open Apps2Fire, tap “Setup”. Enter the IP address of your Fire Stick and tap Save.
  • Open “Menu” and tap “Upload Apps.”
  • Select Kodi and it will be installed on your Fire TV Stick.

It’s important to understand that without third-party add-ons, you can’t do much with Kodi. The software doesn’t come with any media and without add-ons, you can only use media that you already have on your hard disk. It’s therefore important to know how to install various Kodi add-ons, and for that, you can check our guide on Kodi add-ons.