How to Watch PPV on Kodi

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PPV (Pay-Per-View) is a television service in which the subscriber pays for a broadcast at the same time they are viewing it. PPVs has become quite common since most of the high profile entertainment companies have turned to online streaming services as they offer more profits and can reach a wider audience. PPVs are mostly used for broadcasting live events like sports such as martial arts, professional wrestling, and boxing.

With the rise in internet use, media players have made it possible for people to stream live events on TV through Pay-Per-Views. Kodi is now the most widely used platform for streaming PPV events. This is because there are so many add-ons that have been developed to help users access free and paid live stream of these entertainment events. Further, Kodi runs on a wide range of devices such as Windows, Android, Mac iOS, Linux and many more.

You will need a VPN

Unless you plan on using paid services to watch PPV on Kodi, you will need a VPN. Add-ons that stream PPVs free of charge are not legal, and use of such may result into you receiving a DMCA notice or facing legal charges.

Remember, 3D Insider doesn’t promote the use of illegal streaming services, and this guide is only meant to be informational.

If you have to use third-party streaming services, get yourself a secure and private VPN. The VPN you choose should also be fast enough to ensure that you can watch PPV on Kodi without annoying buffering. A good start is Private Internet Access.

Best Add-ons to watch PPV on Kodi

Below is a list of the best Kodi add-ons for PPVs.

SportsDevil Kodi Add-on

SportsDevil is one of the oldest Kodi add-ons, having been developed 5 years ago. The add-on is the leader of sports add-ons in terms of number and quality of streams. It’s actually a search engine that queries the net and returns live media.

With SportsDevil, you can watch any PPV event live and free.

Maverick TV

This add-on is used to watch live TV programs, and these include PPV. Using Maverick TV add-on, you can either watch Maverick Live Sports or IPTV Extra. Maverick TV is the best for PPV events because it is updated on a daily basis.

Fight Tube

If you love boxing, UFC, WWE, boxing, kickboxing or any similar sport, then here you have the best add-on to use. The advantage of Fight Tube is that it has a long list of different categories. In Fight Tube you can find HBO Boxing or Showtime Sports. Fight Tube has a wide range of replays of PPV.

Planet MMA

Planet MMA is one of the best add-ons covering anything related to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Mixed Martial Articles. For best performance of the add-on, a Real Debrid account is necessary as it will optimize the Internet connection and uses fast-performing servers. Planet MMA has a wide range of more than 30 categories making it a superb option for watching live programs like PPVs and on-demand videos.

Rising Tides

Another add-on that you can use to watch PPV is Rising Tides. Rising Tides provides a wide range of sports categories when launched. It has a special category called Live PPV Events, which when opened gives access to the most recent and trending PPV events. It also shows upcoming sporting events.

With these add-ons, you can get the best PPV experience out of Kodi. To know how to install them, you can check out our Kodi add-ons guide. Remember to throw in a VPN before you stream on any third-party add-on.