Best Kodi Sports Add-ons 2018

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One thing that makes Kodi so popular is its ability to provide an easy and free way to watch live sports without needing cable subscription. This makes Kodi the ultimate solution to cutting-the-cord since you can enjoy all television content live and on-demand for free.

However, the fact that Kodi is used to stream live and on-demand sports illegally has seen a crackdown on some of the best and most popular add-ons. The developers have not, however, relented and they continue to produce new and updated add-ons. This is why you should always keep in touch to check the latest sports add-ons.

Kodi sports add-ons are varied and can be installed depending on the sports that interest you. You can find add-ons for football (soccer), NFL, Cricket, UFC, Boxing, WWE, etc. However, you should also note that live stream Kodi add-ons may sometimes not work well as those that provide on-demand content. The quality of streams varies from one add-on to another, depending on how well-maintained the add-on is.

Caution: 3dinsider doesn’t promote the use of Kodi add-ons to stream illegal content. The information provided here is only meant to be educational, and so you should take your security and privacy personally.

Stay Safe, Use a VPN

Since streaming copyrighted content may be illegal depending on your country, we advise you to use a VPN if you need to stream sports on Kodi. This especially applies if you need to use third-party add-ons as they may greatly compromise your security. You may end up receiving a DMCA notice in your mail or face legal charges. Private Internet Access is a great choice.

Best Kodi Sports Add-ons

With that said, let’s dive right in and explore the best Kodi sports add-ons for 2018. In this list, we divide the add-ons into two categories, one for the official ones and then third-party add-ons.

Best Official Sports Add-ons

These are add-ons that are entirely legal and can be installed from the official Kodi repository. You don’t need to do anything to gain access, as Kodi automatically installs the repository during software installation.

However, some of these add-ons require a subscription, and you may have to go for third-party add-on options if you need to watch live sports free of charge.

NBC Sports Live ExtraNBC Sports Live Extra Kodi Add-on

NBC is a major sports broadcaster and with this Kodi add-on you will be able to access content from NBC’s official online broadcasting sources. The quality of streams you get with NBC is super good, and you can enjoy a wide range of sports. These include Premier League action, Super Bowl, NHL, NASCAR, Olympics, and even the PGA tour. Remember that to use this add-on, you will require a subscription.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go Kodi Add-onThis is another official Kodi Sports Add-on that guarantees fast and high-quality sports streams. Fox Sports Go gets its content from the official FOX’s online TV Everywhere service and relays it to your TV, Laptop or Smartphone through Kodi. Fox Sports Go Kodi add-ons gives you content from the NBA, NHL, and MLB games. You will also need a subscription to use this add-on. Kodi Add-onThis is an add-on dedicated to streaming baseball action live or on demand. This content is sourced from, and you can enjoy any MLB content from the huge library of MLB action. This is almost essential for any baseball fan, but you will also need to have an active subscription.

Here’s the simple procedure of accessing these add-ons:

  • Start Kodi and go to the Main Menu. Here, choose “Add-ons.”
  • Click the open box icon on the top left side and select “Install from repository.”
  • Scroll down and click “Kodi Add-on repository.”
  • Choose “Video add-ons.”
  • Search for the add-on you desire and then click it. You will get an “install” option. After it’s fully installed, you will get a notification.

Best Unofficial Sports Add-ons

These are add-ons that are either illegal, or they just haven’t been added to the official Kodi repository. A lot of care should be taken before using such add-ons, and you should ensure that you always have your VPN turned on before using Kodi.

Project Mayhem Sports

Project Mayhem Kodi Add-onProject Mayhem Sports is a relatively new Kodi Sports add-on from the Maverick team. This add-on has quickly become a powerhouse in sports streaming, and it can provide you with sporting action from all around the world. With Project Mayhem sports, you can watch Live Premier League streams, Sky Sports, Super Bowl, Live European Football streams, MLB, NFL, Sports Highlights, Fitness channels, and many more. This is one add-on you should check out.


Supremacy Sports

Supremacy Sports Kodi Add-onSupremacy Sports is a relatively new sports-dedicated Add-on from Supremacy developers. This add-on provides a great source for live game streams, IPTV channels, and sports-related documentaries. With Supremacy Sports, you can watch live streams and on-demand content from BT, Acestream Sports Channels, Reddit Soccer streams, UKTV Sports, Sport Movies, and WWE TV among others.

The add-on can be installed from the Supremacy Repository.


Mobdro Kodi

Mobdro Kodi Add-onMobdro has for long been used as a popular Android app that offers users quite a huge selection of live streams. The good news is that Mobdro now has an add-on for Kodi. With this add-on, you can get access to thousands of streams categorized into Sports, Shows, Movies, News, and Music. The Sports category has a huge list of popular TV channels that broadcast live matches. With Mobdro, you can catch up on all types of sport free of charge.

Repo URL:


Mobdro Kodi Add-onSportsDevil is one of the most famous Kodi add-ons, and it can actually be referred to as the “granddaddy” of Kodi sports add-ons. The add-on provides users with a fantastic sports stream selection, giving you free and unlimited access to Soccer, NBA, NFL, Hockey, Tennis, Golf, UFC, Boxing, and more. The add-on is continually maintained, and though it used to have a few bugs and errors, it now operates smoothly.


cCloud TV

cCloud TV Kodi Add-oncCloud TV is one of the most loved Kodi add-ons by users all over the world. Though not a dedicated Sports add-on, cCloud TV has a rich sports section with more than 150 sports channels. These channels have content from the US, Europe, and Middle East. cCloud TV is easy to use and provides high quality streams.

Repo URL:

Here’s the procedure you should follow to install these add-ons. Remember that you first need to enable ‘installation from third-parties’ by going to Settings> System Settings> Add-ons> Third Party.

  • Identify the repository that hosts the add-on you are interested in. In our case, we have noted the repository below each of the add-ons we’ve listed.
  • Open Kodi and click on the gear icon at the top.
  • Select “File Manager,” and then choose “Add source.”
  • In the Add File Source window, click on <none>.
  • Type the repository URL into the box. Make sure it’s correct. You can also paste it if you had copied.
  • Click OK and then type a name for your repository in the lower box.
  • Go back to Kodi Home screen. Click “Add-ons” and then the open box icon.
  • Choose “Install from zip file” and then select the repository you just added.
  • Wait for the installation notification.

If you had already installed the repository, you should jump to this section.

  • Click “Install from Repository” under Add-ons.
  • Identify the repository that hosts your desired add-on and click it to open.
  • Select “Video Add-ons.
  • Scroll down and select the add-on.
  • Click “Install.” You will get a notification that the add-on has been installed.

Note: Some of the add-ons listed here offer content depending on your location. It is therefore advisable to use a VPN and connect to a region like the US or UK, where a particular add-on works well. The VPN will also help you stay secure and private while using Kodi. Otherwise, you can now enjoy an unlimited world of sports streaming with Kodi.