Lego Cyber Monday 2019 Deals (Batman, Star Wars, Jurassic)

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Lego toys are both fun and educational. They teach children the value of patience and planning forward, not to mention spatial orientation. Moreover, they’re available in so many different themes and styles that you’re bound to find something that appeals to your child.

The best part is that they’re on sale right now on account of Cyber Monday. In fact, some of the Cyber Monday deals are ridiculously customer-friendly. Just have a look below.

Cyber Monday Discounts on Lego Movie Franchise Sets

Lego has a history of launching toy sets based on trending movies. If your kid is in love with a movie or even a movie franchise, he would love these movie franchise-based Lego toy sets.

Cyber Monday Discounts on Lego Vehicle Sets

Most kids love vehicles. While the majority go gaga over cars, there are many that love construction vehicles, boats, and airplanes. These Lego vehicle sets are made for such children.

Cyber Monday Discounts on Various Other Lego Building Sets

Lego boasts of an eclectic range of toy sets ranging from Lego Friends-based sets to their Classic blocks. They even have toy sets for specific events such as race day or mobile stunt show. The choices are truly endless.