Best Logitech Headphones Comparison

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Are you in the market for Logitech headphones, but have no idea what model best matches your requirements? In this buyer’s guide you’ll be presented a bunch of the top Logitech headphones that are highly competitive in the marketplace. This comparison guide will save you time so you don’t have to do the research yourself.

Logitech headphones are primarily used for gaming and they have a number of features that facilitates this use. This includes surround sound, long lasting comfort, deep bass to bring action packed moments to life, and a decent microphone for online communication. In this guide we have compared the highest rated Logitech headphones that are worth considering. By comparing the features you can figure out the best choice for your requirements.

Wireless connectivity

Logitech makes some excellent wireless headphones that offer freedom of movement and no noticeable lag. However, the downside of a wireless design is the battery maintenance that constantly needs to take place – otherwise you’ll run out of battery life when you want to play.

Logitech has implemented the kind of wireless connectivity that doesn’t degrade the audio quality, which means you can enjoy rich audio that brings games to life. The bass sounds impactful and the balance across the frequency range is excellent.

Make and ModelBattery life
Logitech G231Wired
Logitech G230Wired
Logitech G93312 hours
Logitech G430Wired
Logitech G53315 hours
Logitech G433Wired
Logitech H8006 hours
Logitech H340Wired

As you can see from the box above there is a mixture of wired and wireless Logitech headphones so you have the freedom to choose what works best for you. You’ll also notice that the battery life varies from 6 hours all the way up to 15 hours.

Audio quality

Logitech headphones sound great for gaming, but by no means can they be considered audiophile grade. The audio drivers are manufactured to be suitable for explosive gaming sounds that give you the feeling like you’re actually there.

You’ll also notice that a number of Logitech headphones have made use of surround sound technology. This ensures you have a sense of directionality, which means you’ll be able to figure out the location of objects in the gaming world via sound alone. This can be highly advantageous in online games where you need to figure out where enemy opponents are coming from.

Make and ModelFrequency ResponseSurround Sound
Logitech G23120Hz-20KHzNo
Logitech G23020Hz-20KHzNo
Logitech G93320Hz-20KHzYes
Logitech G43020Hz-20KHzYes
Logitech G53320Hz-20KHzYes
Logitech G43320Hz-20KHzYes
Logitech H80030Hz-15KHzNo
Logitech H34020Hz-20KHzNo

From the table you may assume the audio quality across all models is the same due to the constant frequency response. However, the execution of the audio drivers differs, which in turn produces a different sound. You’ll also notice that there are plenty of surround sound headphones to make a selection from.

Extra features

All Logitech headphones have a microphone so that you can communicate with others while playing online games. Furthermore, the microphones can be swiveled away from your mouth while not in use. This is convenient if you don’t need to use the microphone often and want it out of the way.

With regards to comfort all headphones have an over-ear design apart from the Logitech H800 and H340. The over ear design means you’ll have a comfortable fit that doesn’t put much pressure on the ears. Also the majority of headbands have plenty of padding on the underside and can be adjusted to fit the size of your head.

The compatibility is not equal across the models as some only cater to the PC and PS4 platforms such as the G430. However, if you’re looking for a Logitech headset that’s compatible with all platforms then opt for the G433 or G231.


The weight somewhat determines how comfortable you’ll be while wearing the headphones. Heavy headphones can be cumbersome to wear for long periods of time. In the table below you’ll find the weight of all Logitech headphones for your convenience.

Make and ModelWeight
Logitech G2318.99 ounces
Logitech G23010.6 ounces
Logitech G93313.19 ounces
Logitech G4309 ounces
Logitech G53313.4 ounces
Logitech G4333.68 ounces
Logitech H8004.2 ounces
Logitech H3404.2 ounces

From the table above you’ll notice that the heaviest headsets are G933 and G533, which are the wireless models. They are heavier because the battery needs to be housed within the headphones and it adds a significant amount of weight. The lightest gaming headphones are the G433, which is a budget model that lacks any premium features. The H800 and H340 models are primarily designed for the office and are relatively light.


  • Logitech G231: these Logitech headphones are ideal for gamers that want compatibility with the top platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. The headphones have a comfortable design and a microphone that can be used for communicating with others online.
  • Logitech G230: these headphones are a good choice for the user that wants an all-rounder at a budget price. However, these are mainly compatible with the PC, so if you have traditional consoles then you’ll need to take a look at the G231.
  • Logitech G933: these headphones are the choice if you need a good wireless gaming headset that’s going to provide surround sound audio. You don’t have to deal with wires and get to enjoy directionality. However, they are on the bulky side and also weight more than most other gaming headsets.
  • Logitech G430: the surround sound technology implemented here means you get a good sense of your surroundings. Also the comfort is excellent and the visual design is attractive. The audio is bass boosted so you’ll love the impactful moments of the gaming experience.
  • Logitech G533: this is a budget gaming headset that provides a wireless experience for 15 hours of gaming. It’s aimed at the PC user so if you’re after compatibility across all platforms you’ll need to look elsewhere. The visual design is a plain black, but you’ll love the durable feel at the competitive price.
  • Logitech G433: this model is a wired gaming headset that provides a sense of directionality via the surround sound. The headset is compatible with all the top platforms and the audio performance is competitive in this price bracket.
  • Logitech H800: these headphones are primarily suited for the office worker that requires a low key design and a microphone. However, they can also be used at home while playing games online. The 40 feet range is great, but the 6 hour battery life is limiting.
  • Logitech H340: this is another office suitable headset that can be used to get a lot of work done in a productive manner. You can execute calls without the cumbersome feel of a heavy headset. The on-ear design is comfortable to wear, but there is a lack of noise isolation.