How to Be Well-Prepared for Microsoft 70-486 Exam

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Microsoft is a leading name in the IT sector. The company provides various professional certifications as verification of the candidates’ technical skills. One of these is Microsoft 70-486 certification exam which lead to getting MCP or MCSA certifications. This certificate is primarily meant for the professional developers. To obtain this certificate, candidates have to take the Microsoft 70-486 exam. Microsoft has been conducting this exam since 2012. It tests the examinee’s skills related to the Microsoft technology.


Microsoft 70-486 exam is a paid test priced at $165. It is available in a number of languages such as English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese (Brazil). The main audience of this exam is the professional developers who are involved in designing web platforms via Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and ASP.NET.

There are certain minimum requirements for the candidates to appear in this test. The applicants are required to have at least 3-5 years working experience in Microsoft ASP.NET MVCand Microsoft Azure Web Apps. They should have an aptitude for designing solutions for the user interface as per the requirements of various businesses. They are also required to be versed in multi-tier designing environments. A complete knowledge of the developmental life cycle of web application software will also help in the exam. The test is structured into 4 sections, A-D. There are ‘multiple-choice’ questions as well as ‘drag and drop’ questions. These questions are framed around three different case studies related to the topics listed.

The objectives of the exam are listed below along with their weightage. These objectives include sub-topics around which the questions are asked.

  • Design the application architecture (15-20%)
  • Design the build and deployment architecture (10-15%)
  • Design the user experience (15-20%)
  • Develop the user experience (15-20%)
  • Troubleshoot and debug web applications (20-25%)
  • Design and implement security (15-20%)

How To Pass Microsoft 70-486 Exam?

The first and foremost step towards passing Microsoft 70-486 exam is to read and understand all the test objectives. It is imperative to properly familiarize yourself with these objectives before starting the preparation. You will find a detailed list of these objectives under the “skills measures” section on the official portal.

In order to pass Microsoft 70-486 exam, you have to use the right study materials. Exam Ref 70-486 is the official guidebook for this exam. It contains comprehensive coverage of all the objectives listed on the official website. It will help you cover a major portion of the exam prep. You can also refer to Pro ASP.NET MVC 4 to continue the preparation. This book gives you great detailed analysis of every topic alongside exercises. It will help you understand the concept through learning and practice as well. Furthermore, it will help you all the way after you pass the exam. The Pro ASP.NET MVC 5 Platform is another book you can read to get surmised knowledge regarding the exam objectives. It is different from other sources that contain detailed information on every topic. It focuses on the MVC platform, which makes it stand out from other books.

Top Web Resources For Microsoft 70-486 Exam Preparation

There are plenty of options to prepare for and pass Microsoft 70-486 exam. Microsoft’s official platform lists a few options:

  • Instructor-led Training – A five-day training with an instructor is one of the options to prepare for the exam. This online classroom training contains various modules as per the requirements of the exam. The candidates will be able to learn the complete operation of Microsoft Visual Studio and the development of web applications. It gives the facility of asking individual questions from the instructor. You can attend the live class from anywhere in the world and in person as well.
  • ExamSnap – ExamSnap also offers preparatory videos and Microsoft MCSD 70-486 practice test. These videos include tips from certification experts as well as study materials. They also provide discussions on the skills tested in this exam. Although these videos are not a complete means of preparation, they are important from an applicant’s point of view.
  • Practice Test – You will also find a link to ‘70-486 Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications Microsoft Official Practice Test.’ This product is available at USD 99. This test kit contains a question bank of 158 questions along with complete explanations. Candidates will be able to prepare for the exam via these questions with quality content. All the exam objectives are covered under this question bank. The candidates will get a complete report of their results alongside the score.
  • Self-paced Training – Microsoft provides the applicants with the option to continue the preparations on their own accord. For this purpose, the company offers various online courses related to the exam objectives. The candidates can pursue these courses as and when they feel right.
  • Community Guidance – In addition to all the study materials, Microsoft community will greatly help you with the preparation. There are two platforms named Exam 70-486 wiki and Exam 70-486 forum to seek any help. This community includes those who are preparing for the test as well as those who have already acquired the certificate.

In addition to the official preparatory options from Microsoft, you can prepare with the help of other web resources as well. One of the widely used online platforms for Microsoft 70-486 exam is Pluralsight. This is a paid platform offering study materials through subscriptions. The starting price for the subscriptions is USD 29. You can also get a free 10-day trial. The main source of training at this platform is videos. You will get all the study materials in the form of video tutorials. They cover all the topics listed for the exam. They will teach you everything from the basics to the core of every topic.

Microsoft 70-486 certificate verifies your skills in working with the MVC network. It will open new opportunities for your career progression and enhance your skillset as well. With this certificate, you have verification from a recognized industry expert. It is a medium difficulty level exam. The above-listed study sources will help you clear it with flying colors.