Microsoft Surface Black Friday Deals

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Microsoft is back and they’re making a big splash this Black Friday. This page lists five of the best Black Friday offers from their Surface family that they recently announced.

Let’s take a look at these Black Friday savings available while there are still supplies left. You can save up to 20% on Microsoft Surface products with their amazing new sale.

Surface Pro + Black Type Cover Bundle

Intel Core i5/128GB SSD

Microsoft has polished the Surface Pro to perfection by way of looks, feel, and functionality. You can use it as a laptop or tablet depending on if you have the keyboard attached. With the touchscreen you can use a pen to draw and illustrate as well.

This bundle has a retail price of $1,128.99 but for Black Friday you can get it for just $899.00. That’s an instant saving of 229 bucks. It’s an all-new and impressive Surface Pro that comes with a 7th Gen Intel Core processor. The best feature of the Surface Pro is its all-day battery life.

The Surface Pro is the ideal lightweight portable device for work, study, or play. The fact that it looks gorgeous is a bonus. The bundle comes with an innovative Black Surface Pro Type Cover. The Surface Pro Type Cover is a unique design with a spread-out keypad. The keyboard spacing makes typing easier and more time efficient—like a conventional laptop. People love having the ability to angle their keyboard to the perfect position.

Everything about this bundle is state-of-the-art. It has a beautiful design that you can get for a few hundred bucks less while supplies last. The Black Friday deal on this computer is better than we were expecting.

Surface Pro + Black Type Cover Bundle

Intel Core i5/256GB SSD

If you’ve been longing for a Surface Pro with a Black Type Cover but haven’t been able to justify the cost—now’s your chance. This Black Friday bargain is going to save you a $329 off the retail price. For just a little extra, you get upgraded RAM and storage compared to the model above.

Like all products from the Surface family, the Surface Pro provides busy folks with the perfect balance. It’s not only super-powerful but it’s beautiful and versatile at the same time. It looks professional, feels great, and is easily luggable.

This is by far the fastest and most versatile Surface Pro yet. It’s has an almost silent cooling system and newly designed front-facing speakers. The super-fast startup and resume time will save you a ton of time thanks to high-quality SSD hard drive storage.

13-inch Surface Book 2 – Essentials Bundle

The Surface Book 2s have great ergonomics and smooth function. For a limited time, you can build your own bundle and save up to $129. The Black Friday deal includes the 13-inch Surface Book, a Surface sleeve, Microsoft Complete, and a year of Office 365.

Time becomes ever more precious with our increasingly busy lifestyles. That’s why Microsoft has embraced the latest facial recognition technology. That means you’ll be able to quickly sign in to your brand new Surface Book 2 without fussing around with passwords.

The Surface Book 2 has a customary 30-day return policy when purchased from Microsoft, free training, in-store help, and technical phone-in support.

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Surface Studio Bundle

Ever fancied turning your desk into a purpose-built studio work area? That’s what the Surface Studio was made. You can get a $99 discount on it during Black Friday. While $99 doesn’t seem like much, it was not expected that Microsoft would even have a Black Friday deal on this high-end PC. The Surface Studio is Microsoft’s response to the iMac, that the company has managed to exceed in every way. The Surface Studio Bundle is a gorgeous looking setup with its adjustable 28″ PixelSense Display that acts as a virtual canvas.

The way you use the Surface Studio has few limits other than one’s own imagination. It’s bright, powerful, flexible, and a pleasure to work with. With this bundle you get a few extras. In this case, you get Microsoft Complete, a year of Office 365 Home, and a 90 day free trial of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. You’ll also get 1TB of cloud storage with this discounted purchase.

Surface Laptop Bundle & Harman Kardon Invoke Speaker

Microsoft has released a bundle for their well-built Surface Laptops for Black Friday. The bundle includes a Surface Laptop (256GB SSD or higher) and Harman Kardon Invoke Speaker. The limited time discount price saves you just under 200 bucks. What you’ll get here is a high-end laptop and a personal electronic assistant with $199 knocked off the usual retail price.

This deal provides a computer that’s elegant, fast, portable, and includes the best of MS Windows and MS Office software. The Harman Kardon Invoke Speaker that Microsoft is including has 360° sound with super-reliable voice activation. For a limited time, Microsoft will also be offering free Skype calling to landlines and mobile phones from anywhere in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Microsoft has released some good deals for the Surface family. Surface products are the best in their class, so any savings are appreciated.