SD and MircroSD Card Cyber Monday 2018 Deals

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Cyber Monday is here and it’s the perfect time to shop for a SD or microSD card. Some microSD cards are selling for less than 25% of their retail prices.

There are even better deals on microSD cards this Cyber Monday than there were on Black Friday. B&H Photo in particular has discounted their models by even more.

MicroSD Cards

SD Cards

You must likely don’t need an SD card. SD cards are pretty rare these days. Instead, manufacturers have opted to use microSD cards because they can hold almost as much data while taking dramatically less space. You can usually use an adapter to use a microSD card in a SD slot. This gives you the most options.

Not all microSD cards are created equal. You need to pay careful attention to the read and write speeds of the card. If you are shooting 4K video you will need speeds north of 100 mbps. MicroSD cards are rated to different classes. Look up your your equipment to see what the manufacturer recommends. You can’t go wrong purchasing an extra fast SD card because this will future proof your purchase.

Overall, there are phenomenal deals on memory cards this Cyber Monday. This is your last chance to get storage at a cheap price ahead of the holidays. If you are purchasing a camera, drone, or any other electronic device as a gift, it’s a good idea to get a microSD card with it too.