Monitor Black Friday Deals (4K, UHD, HDR, Curved, Gaming)

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There are a lot of reasons to get a better monitor – to reduce eye strain, to help you work better, or to better enjoy playing your favorite video games. Monitors are certainly one of the most important pieces of hardware of any PC setup, and one that you should not cheap out on.

The good news is that there are loads of deals for high-quality monitors for this year’s Black Friday. No matter what type of monitor you’re looking for or how much budget you’re working with, there’s probably a heavily discounted monitor available this Black Friday with your name on it. Let’s dive right into this super-long list of great deals on monitors.

FHD flat monitors

Full HD (1080p) monitors may be old, but they still dominate the market right now because of the balance of quality and friendly prices that they offer. These monitors should be good enough for basic home and office use, especially if your use case is limited to documents and simple images. They aren’t bad for gaming or media use, although the resolution isn’t likely to blow you away. If you have a tight budget, these FHD monitors should be worth considering.

4K / UHD flat monitors

UHD or 4K monitors are the next frontier of screen resolution. They offer superior visual quality that can greatly revolutionize your gaming or movie viewing experience. Right now, several streaming sites already offer 4K quality videos, such as Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes. UHD monitors are also suitable for professional work that involves image or video editing.

Curved monitors

Curved monitors are a bit of a special case since they aren’t necessarily restricted to a screen resolution value. Instead, they have screens that curve inwards towards the user, effectively increasing the field of vision and reducing distortion. This is particularly suitable for extra-wide monitors, as distortion becomes heavily pronounced on the far lateral edges. The curved shape of these monitors also reduces eye strain, which is great for when you spend way too many hours working on your PC.

Gaming monitors

It’s really not surprising that the gaming monitors portion of this list. There’s a huge market of gamers out there, and besides, a gaming monitor is also perfectly useful for other professional applications.

Compared to standard monitors, gaming monitors are known for having higher refresh rates and response times. This means that the pixels in the monitor can more quickly change colors, resulting in fewer framerate drops and reduced blur. If you’ve ever played a fast-paced action game, then you probably know how frustrating it can be to miss that particular shot or dodge your enemy’s attack just because your monitor can’t keep up with the pace of the game.

Aside from speed, gaming monitors are also heavily focused on visual quality. More than the resolution (gaming monitors can be either FHD or UHD), gaming monitors can have either of two LCD screen types: in-plane switching (IPS) or twisted Nematic (TN). By choosing one over the other, you can prioritize better image quality and contrast over response time, or vice-versa.

Final thoughts

You can either pick the monitor that’s just right for what you need or go for something a little more luxurious. The good news is making that upgrade does not have to be so expensive with these Black Friday deals that you can grab right now.

It’s worth knowing the difference between FHD, UHD, curved monitors, and gaming monitors, so you know exactly what you’re getting with your hard-earned money. We’ve listed down almost a hundred deals in this article, so you won’t need to scour through pages of Black Friday deals. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick one!