Black Friday Deals on Monitors

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Black Friday is well-known for fantastic monitor sales. You can get hundreds of dollars off a monitor on Black Friday and save some serious money. Big brands like Samsung and HP have released their monitor deals. Let’s take a look at what is available.

Samsung 27 inch FreeSync Curved Monitor CF591

First up on our list is a the Samsung CF591 monitor. The original retail price is $349, but the discounted Black Friday deal brings it down to $199.99. It’s worth mentioning that this deal is currently active, and ends on Black Friday while supplies last.

This curved LED monitor is a 27-inch 1080p setup that’s 60Hz, so if you want something that can display a true 120 frames per second, you’ll want to choose a monitor that’s upwards of 144hz.

Samsung S32351FUN 32 inch LED Monitor

You may be thinking, “I’ve never had a monitor over 24-inches!” Thanks to this Black Friday special now you can. With an original retail price of $199, you can pick up this monitor for $169.

This unit is available at OfficeMax and Office Depot until the end of Black Friday. This is a full HD monitor with a technology called vertical alignment. The size and the crisp, clear quality is more than worth the price.

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HP 24uh 24-inch LED Backlit Monitor

Next on our list is a product from HP that’s around $130 off retail price. Originally priced at $249, you can now buy the HP 24uh 24-inch monitor for only $119. Available right now and tomorrow on HP’s website, you can reap a ton of benefits from this compact monitor at a cheap price.

Samsung 23.6 inch LED Monitor

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller and more within your price range you will want to take a look at the Samsung 23.6 inch monitor. Originally priced at $149, you’ll be able to get this monitor for $99 at BJs. In fact, this is the cheapest we have seen any Samsung monitor this Black Friday season.

Dell 32 inch Monitor D321H

We can’t pass up on letting you in on this deal. An ultra-wide IPS monitor from Dell, this is originally priced at $349, and is now available for $169. The deal is going on until the end of Black Friday. The 31.5 inch monitor boasts a sleek aesthetic and a full HD resolution at 1920 x 1080.

Dell 27 inch Monitor SE2717HR

We can’t even contain our excitement about how much you are going to save with this monitor. Available only on Black Friday at Staples, this originally priced $249 monitor will be available for one day only at the cool price of $99.

For those gamers that want a monitor catered directly to them, this unit apparently uses AMD’s FreeSync for reducing the amount of input lag you may receive. You can get a little more than 60 frames per second out of this, as it’s a 75HZ monitor.

Don’t miss out on getting a great monitor for gaming or working needs this Black Friday. With monitors as cheap as $99, there’s no reason not to pick one up.