Nest Thermostat Black Friday Deals

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Nest is company that develops smart home solutions that capitalize on the most advanced technology currently available applied in creative and innovative ways. We have covered their line of security cameras (that are also available at a discount this coming Black Friday) in a separate article. Today, we are presenting the Black Friday deals on their smart thermostat system.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Retail Price:$249.99
Discounted Price:$199.99
Savings:$50 (20% OFF)

The Nest Learning Thermostat, as its name implies, is designed to learn from your habits. Now at its 3rd generation, it performs better than ever in adapting to your patterns and to its environment.

Everything you need to install is included right in the box of the thermostat, and the installation is so simply that you can finish it in 30 minutes. You only need to use the thermostat for a week before it starts to learn your patterns and implement automatic settings. Do you like to set the temperature higher right before you go to bed? You only have to set the temperature manually once or twice before Nest does it for you. The thermostat can even be controlled by an app in your mobile device so you can set the temperature from anywhere.

Nest can sync with your phone so it knows when you’re away. At this time, heat can be kept low to save on energy. You can expect Nest to warm up your home by the time you arrive at the end of the day.

The display of the Nest Learning Thermostat has vastly improved in its third generation. The viewing screen is now 40% larger and the resolution has been enhanced. The Farsight feature makes the display light up when you walk into the room, allowing you to see the display from a distance. It can even detect when you are within 20 feet of the unit and illuminates accordingly.

The aesthetics of the thermostat is miles ahead of any other thermostat available in the market. The design is sleek, stylish, and sharp, and will fit right into any modern household. Customization options of the external ring are even available to suit your style: rings come in stainless steel, black, copper, or white finishes.

Installing the Nest Learning Thermostat will help you in saving energy by rewarding you with a leaf icon whenever you use a setting that will give you 10% or more savings on your bills. Through the app, it even shows you a summary of how much energy you use every day or every month.

The Nest Learning Thermostat even keeps you safe by detecting abnormal temperature fluctuations which may be caused by a malfunctioning HVAC or furnace system. The thermostat will send an alert to your phone at moments like these, so you can rest easy no matter where you are.

The one feature lacking in the Nest Learning Thermostat is an interface with remote sensors that can be placed elsewhere in your home. This means that the location of the thermostat itself will be the sole basis of its temperature readings.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is the best smart thermostat available in the market today, and having it in your home will totally revolutionize your home heating experience. For only $199.99 this Black Friday in several stores, the Nest Learning Thermostat is great deal that you will certainly not regret.